Steve Lesnard’s Keys To Product Marketing Success

Steve Lesnard has been seen as somewhat of an innovator in the integrated marketing and consumer field for the last several years. Because of that, he’s been able to successfully market some products across digital media in a variety of niches. Due to this success, he’s developed a keen eye for how to properly and effectively market products online; his success has led him to focus on two key principles to make sure a companies product marketing is as successful as possible.

The first of these is keeping the message simple. When it comes to the likes of social media and other digital advertising, many people only pay a fraction of attention to ads unless their attention is grabbed. A simple, attractive message not only grabs their attention but doesn’t waste their time; having an overly detailed ad will put off many potential customers which is why companies desperately need to avoid it. Because of that, a simple message focusing on the core benefit of the product that you’re selling is essential. Companies may be able to get away with two or three benefits, depending on how they’re able to craft the overall message. The main point Steve Lesnard makes, however, is to keep it as simple as possible.

Steve Lesnard’s second fundamental principle of online product marketing is to show off your product in action. Words will only get you so far, but videos and images will go a lot farther than the written word could. A picture is worth a thousand words, so the appropriate use of media can be extremely effective. Many customers want to see a product in action before they buy, especially if they’re going to be purchasing it online. Once you’ve crafted your core marketing message and singled out the benefits of your product that you’ll be focusing on, it’s time to create some high-quality images and videos in order to properly show the product off.

With digital media, companies have all the tools they need to take advantage of the likes of images and videos. Using the right blend mixed in with other content can prove to be extremely effective in marketing your product.