OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe

OSI Group is the largest food production company in the world. It supplies its food products to over 25 countries. It is led by CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald. The leadership of these two experienced executives has been the main reason the company has been growing very fast in the recent decades. Sheldon Lavin has been with this company for the past four decades. He is the person who has been with this company for the longest time. For the past four decades, he has made sure that the company realizes growth. In the past three years, the company has expanded its operations both locally and internationally.

In the domestic market, the company has acquired the former Tysons Food production plant in Chicago which measures 200,000 square feet. This facility will help OSI Group to meet the high demand for its products that is coming from the local market. The plant offers ample space for the company to produce more product an even meet future growth in demand. OSI Group acquires Baho Food.The other benefit that the company will realize is that this plant is located close to another plant that it has been operating. It will, therefore, be easy to switch operations to the new firm.

OSI Group has also been talking about the expansion of company’s operations to other markets in the world. In Europe, the company has been doing acquiring some of the well-established firms as it prepares to take over European market. It has started the onslaught by acquiring Flagship Europe which has since been renamed “Creative Foods.” Flagship Europe is a company in the United Kingdom, and by acquiring this firm, they look set to take over the European market in future. Flagship Europe deals with the production of frozen poultry, pies and sauces among other products. The acquisition will improve the food business in the United Kingdom and make the operations of OSI Group and Flagship Europe more established. This expansion will help Creative Foods to reach out to its customers better than it did before. They will improve services delivery as well as widening the European Food Market.

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