A man who Directed two Banks at the same time, Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg is a very passionate and hardworking man holding several positions in several high profile companies. He is the head of the board of directors, the current president and the Chief Executive Officer at the New Residential Investment Co-operation.Besides being top personnel in this company Michael Nierenberg is also a managing director at the famous Fortress Investment Group. at this company, he plays significant roles to see the company succeed in all its endeavors.

Michael Nierenberg has also worked in many other companies before working for these high-end companies. He served the Bank of America Merrill Lynch as a managing director and in charge of mortgage and the product securitization. He was responsible for all the sells activities in the entire Division. He started to work in this bank from 2008 November.

He has also worked for JP Morgan as the head of the Global securitized products. He was also a member of the management committee of this investment bank. This is a position he took based on his performance in the previous posts with Bear Steams.

At Bear Steams he worked as the head of interest rates plus the operation of the exchange rates, the member of the company’s board. He also co-headed mortgage-backed security business and the structured products.

He was also a member of the board of directors at Bear Stearns for two years from 2006 to 2008. He was very instrumental in the building the adjustments of mortgage of the company which later prompted the company to declare him the company’s director at Lehman Brothers. This skill has made him feature in various media houses as a person with tremendous leadership skills.


Michael Nierenberg is well known for his exceptional leadership skills. He has climbed the ladders of leadership in high profile companies over a short period. It is even unusual to find that he worked as the director of two different firms at the same time yet the banks realize great profits simultaneously. He also served ass the board member OF Lehman Brothers and on seeing his advanced and professional leadership skills, he was wholeheartedly declared their director.

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