New Residential Investment Corp is a leading firm in real estate investments. It is a company based in the United States and listed in the stock market. This company helps identify and seize investment opportunities in the market. It has a stock portfolio that is diversified and consists of financial assets and mortgages. It helps minimize risks and consequently provide high returns to the investors.

Since New Residential Investment Corp became publicly traded firm in 2013; the company has managed many real estate investments. Its primary objective is to grow its dividends and maximize the returns of its shareholders. Initially, New Residential Investment Corp was a subsidiary of the Newcastle Investment Corp.

New Residential Investment Corp has a highly diversified and qualified management team. It has contributed immensely in identifying opportunities in the real estate and mortgages industry. One of the key strategies employed by the company is providing risk-adjusted rates and projects with stable cash flows.

Over the years, New Residential investment corp has enjoyed tremendous growth and expansion — this due to investing and managing profitable ventures in the real estate industry. Currently, New Residential Investment Corp is a top employer with a qualified pool of trained financial analysts and experts.

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