Class Dojo – Connecting Teachers, Students and Parents

Class Dojo is an amazing concept that allows parents, teachers and students to work together to create the most successful classroom a student can have! Class Dojo is a communication app which can be used on any device and in any language.


Just imagine a child being able to share their triumphs big or small right when it happens. Class Story which is included with the Class Dojo app allows students to share videos, stories and many other moments on the same school day it happens. The app also can be used by teachers and parents to privately message each other without the necessity of phone numbers being exchanged.


Student Stories allows students to create a portfolio of pictures and videos of their work to be shared with their parents. Class Dojo offers the ability to allow incredible classrooms to be created by using the ideas and needs of the teacher, parent and student involved. Basically, the classroom using this app is based on the individuality of that particular class. Class Dojo offers simple ways to make this a reality by giving good people the connection they need on a daily basis to bring their ideas into the classroom.


Just a few quick facts about Class Dojo:

1) It is actively used in 90% of K-8 schools in the US, and in over 180 countries.

2) 20% of team has a teaching background

3) Series B funding in 2015 (this funding is given by entrepreneurs and private investors to new companies that have already reached certain milestones in their development).


Class Dojo is always offered free to the teaching community. It is an exciting option that allows parents to be more involved in their student’s education as a daily and “right at this moment” experience!