The Custom Companies, Inc.: An Entrepreneur, Perry Mandera, Who Seeks Better

Perry Mandera is the founder of The Custom Companies, Inc, a company dedicated to providing customer-oriented personalization and a full-service transportation. As a chief executive of the company, Perry Mandera uses his vast experience and friendly personality to drive the company forward. Throughout the years, Custom Companies, Inc. has earned its spot on the highest floor amongst the industry’s best transportation based services.


Perry Mandera is heavily involved in the company’s day-to-day operations. In fact, he oversees more than three-hundred employees in locations such as Chicago and Los Angeles. Moreover, he ensures their well-being by equipping top-tier technology and safety instruments. This care for employees goes further to his customers. Perry Mandera is always seeking standards for his company and workers, which results in a premier service for the customer.


Although transportation is the staple of the business, the Custom Companies, Inc. also administrates other ventures (Chicago.CBSLocal). The Custom Companies, Inc. works on distribution and warehouse operations, distinct from other companies in the industry. Currently, with Perry Mandera’s leadership, there are more 300 power units and 5,000 truckload carriers.


Even as an owner and president of Custom Companies, Inc., Perry Mandera can be seen spending his time helping other individuals in his community ( Throughout his life, Perry Mandera has constantly aided charitable organizations and projects, including the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation, AIDS research, and Special Olympics. More recently, Perry Mandera and the Custom Companies Inc. gave their support to the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC), an organization which ensures that crimes are minimized, all the while encouraging clear communication between police officers and the public. Furthermore, the organization provides combat services (hand-to-hand combat, firearms, martial arts, etc) to the public for additional public safety and management. In addition, the ISCC progresses government legislation that supports the reduction of crime and the advancement of safety. The support for this Commission displays Perry Mandera and the Custom Companies’ goal of providing safe communities across America.