Boraie Developing To Enhance New Jersey Skyline And Lifestyles

The State Theatre in New Jersey is a non-profit venue that has been known for some quite notable events over the years. It holds a prestigious position in New Brunswick, and ever since 1921 many people have vied for the chance to perform for the audience that can number up to 1,800 according to the capacity limits. Last summer was an excellent one for the location as free movies were shown throughout the season.

Sam Boraie is the vice president at Boraie Development, and she had a say in putting the event on by providing support from her company. As in the years before, and likely 2017 as well, there were six movies shown to the community so that the young people in the area could get a chance to experience the venue up close and personal with some movies that intrigue them. It is all part of the mission to continue to provide affordable entertainment to the families in the area who might not otherwise have a chance to get out and enjoy themselves in such a manner.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, Hiam is the daughter of Omar Boraie who serves as the president of the firm, and her father is a visionary who had a plan to help revitalize the New Brunswick area. He has made many steps in that direction through a constant collaboration with others in the community in order to provide excellent urban real estate development to the city. One of the latest ventures is a residential high-rise named The Aspire. That is certainly something that more people need to be doing (aspiring) as Omar has brought forth many projects from his beginning in a time when there were few people and not much interest in building spectacular properties that could be the envy of neighboring locations. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

It is partnerships like this one with the State Theatre that continue to push for progress in New Jersey, and this has made Boraie Development one of the most in-demand real estate names in the state. Another great project of the firm is betting that millennials will continue to make Atlantic City their destination, and he has built The Beach at South Inlet for a price of about $81 million. There are 250 luxury units that are outfitted with some of the latest in high-tech gadgets and appliances while being close to the casinos that so many enjoy. There should be many great things ahead for the urban real estate magnate.

Ohio Homeowners Benefit From a Booming Real Estate Market and Tammy Mazzocco’s Expert Advice

Homeowners across the country have benefited in the past several years from a thriving real estate market, but those looking to sell their homes in Ohio have been particularly fortunate. Thanks to a low cost of living, ample opportunity for middle class jobs and a thriving technical sector, Ohio is a desirable place to live for many. As a result, the Buckeye state has seen an increase of 8.1 percent in the median selling price of homes and condos in the Central Ohio region within the past year.

In addition to a continually prosperous market, Ohio homeowners stand to benefit thanks to the recently announced plans of a national home-builder to expand their market in Central Ohio. The city of New Albany is expected to benefit from an approximate 240 new homes and experts predict that this will in turn cause a rise in businesses. The establishment of more businesses is expected to result in even more homes, thereby guaranteeing a continuance of Ohio’s market growth. Visit Ideamensch to know more.

Tammy Mazzocco is a real estate agent who focuses within the New Albany area. However, clients all over Ohio have benefited from her experience in the real estate field. Her career, which has spanned over two decades, began at The Edwards Realty Company, where Tammy Mazzocco worked as a secretary. Her next move took her to Scotland Yard Condominiums where Tammy Mazzocco specialized in condominium management before becoming a licensed real estate broker. Check out LinkedIn for the details.

Although condos still make up 13% of Tammy’s properties, the bulk of her properties consists of single-family homes. The average price of properties listed under Tammy Mazzocco is $129,000. She sells real estate in Delaware, Fairfield, Licking, and Franklin counties.

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The Impressive New York City Real Estate Market

New York city remains one of the world’s centers of commerce, industry and the arts. In addition to offering employment, the region also offers many amazing and exciting places to live. This is why people also want to live here. They know that the real estate in this area often allows them the opportunity to live in a luxurious area where they can dine out in fine restaurants, visit some of the world’s best museums and see many new happenings each and every single week. Living in Manhattan can be fun, exciting and amazing all at the same time.

In a recent article in the New York Times, the writer points out that many people are still looking for just that right New York City apartment or townhouse. The writer also points that many buyers at the upper end of the market are happy to pay very high prices for the right to live here. This has lead to properties on the market often going for extremely high sums as buyers seek out luxury living and the right kind of amenities. High end buyers are happy to pay a lot of money to buy into the Manhattan real estate market and have the apartment they really want here.

Working with a company that has staffer who know the New York City residential real estate market such as those at TOWN is often one of the best ways for any buyer to locate the right apartment for them in New York City. Staffers at this New York based real estate agency often work closely with sellers and buyers to help them connect and get the best deal for their Manhattan property.

An apartment here will often involve many kinds of transactions, making it imperative that any buyer fully understands each particular aspect of buying an apartment in this region of the country. Staffers here know this and often do their best to provide highly skilled advice for their buyers to help them figure out the real estate price they can expect to pay for a property as well as well as any additional costs such as common charges that may include service charges each month.