Walden Is Keeping Herself In Balance

Dr. Jennifer Walden was featured on mdmonthly.com and she spoke of all of the challenges and successes of being a world-renowned surgeon and a single-parent mom. Dr. Walden is native to Austin Texas, and she graduated from Anderson high school. After she graduated from the University of Texas, she got a bachelors degree in biology. Walden was able to receive her medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch. After completing her residency, she moved to New York in order to work at the Manhattan Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital. Walden was able to have the privilege of working with Dr. Sherrell Aston. She stayed at that practice for eight years. In 2011 Doctor, Walden decided that she wanted to move close to her family. Having her twin sons helped her to gain her own perspective, and she learned the importance of balance in her life.

Dr. Walden now has her own practice in Austin Texas, and she also has her two boys in a school that is close by to her home. Walden has a full-time nanny that lives in her home, so if there are any emergencies, she has ample help. Even though Walden has always focused on her career, she wants to make sure that her two boys are the most important thing in her life.

It is rare for a female doctor to going to cosmetic surgery, and of the 8,100 board-certified plastic surgeons, only 851 of them are women. Walden has a true commitment to plastic surgery, and because of that she has been able to develop some of the most technologically advanced instruments for plastic surgery. Many females that are seeking plastic surgery are very sensitive about the subject. Plastic surgery has a lot to do with the person self esteem and also with their body image. Walden believes that plastic surgery gets bad representation, and people often have a distorted idea of the results. The majority of people that get plastic surgery done are not people that are very rich or obsessed with their looks, but they are normal people.

Walden takes pride in the help that she is able to give to women all around the world, and she believes that it is important for any doctor to always be willing to expand their knowledge, their experience, and to keep up with the technical advances that come with their practice.


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