Talkspace, Therapy By Text And More

There are lots of great and amazing things to come out of New York and one in recent times is the invention of a company called Talkspace. Perhaps you have saw a commercial for this service or told about it by a friend. There is also the remote posibility that you know nothing about it at all. If this is the case, you are in for a real treat. Talkspace is bringing every day people the therapy sessions they need without the high costs of office visits, daily or weekly commutes and other stress related conditions. With this new way to reach your therapist you simply use a cell phone, computer or tablet.

These plans are cost effective and seem to be working like a charm for so many people who live busy lives. In the old fashioned world of therapy sessions you may have had to fight tooth and nail with your insurance company to cover the visit, find time to see the therapist, take off work, wait in traffic and make the stressful drive to the mental health provider’s office. Not today, you simply pull out your cell phone and text a highly qualified mental health service provider. How cool is that? From the mouths of the people who use the service daily, it is such a blessing.

It is so much easier to talk with a licensed clinical social worker or psychotherapist in an online format. It saves people all the other stresses associated with the visit and it is much more cost effective. Because the issues that people face are the same, it is only where the conversation takes place that changes. Instead of an office, the patient is in one location and health provider is somewhere else. It really is that simple. This is one service that will continue to grow and it is a service that is much needed.