Clayton Hutson: event production manager

Clayton Hutson operates his own business in the music industry. He renders services to musicians and event planners. Having registered for theatre design courses at the university, he has skills in the field. Successfully, he became a project manager in the live music industry. After gaining experience, he resolved to form his firm dealing with logistics and stage management, production and more. His work pertains rock music and has worked with artists like Pink, Kid Rock among others. Mainly, his firm offers various services. These services are likely to please clients and are pocket-friendly. He has an ambition of widening his network to satisfy himself and his fans. His major achievement is managing talents in the music industry. At a certain concert which took place in North America and Asia, he had an opportunity to answer various questions about his life and the music sector.


Clayton Hutson responded to questions saying the following: he ventured into the music industry because of his experience in the field, and his talents made him begin the firm. He said he takes certain procedures in turning an idea into reality; he begins by coming up with audio and later design concepts. Having driven various DiGiCo, he was interested in getting his hands to SD11 during his tour. With these experiences, he was able to distinguish realistic concepts from dreams. Additionally, his dedication and commitment allure people and some recommend others to him. As an organized manager, his business has succeeded due to his dedication. He makes plans and checks if there are any mistakes before the event and manages his team well. Clay Hutson reveals that the recent trends are of help but prefers when an artist comes up with something creative. He mentions the likes of Lady Gaga who came up with acrobatics and other new ways to the stage. Occasionally, he goes to the venue to revisit his schedule or come up with a list of activities to be done. His staff work closely with him in ensuring the place is decorated and organize it, at the end arrange everything in order. Every human at times needs encouragement, so does Clay Hutson. He said that the personal quotes he writes at times keep him going.


During OneRepublic Honda tour in the USA, Clay Hutson agreed with Bill Rings on Kinesys system. As Clay Hutson says, the system is much safer, and the various repeatable movements are of help since their cues are timed. As he worked with Maxwell, he praised SD 7. He said it could do whatever you needed it to do. Learn more: