FreedomPop Means It When They Say They Have Unlimited Services

Too many companies are using the word ‘unlimited’ when their services are anything but unlimited. FreedomPop has unlimited cell phone service that is pleasing many of their customers and is giving unlimited data, text messages, and talk time to their users. Many phone companies that claim to have unlimited services will still have limited data, even if their talk and text services are unlimited. FreedomPop has a similar plan with unlimited talk and text but with limited data, and this plan only costs $10.99, but other companies charge up to $50 or more for the same plan.

The unlimited plan that FreedomPop has with unlimited data only costs $19.99 and includes 1 GB of 4G LTE data. Any additional 4G LT data that is added to an unlimited plan will cost another five dollars per gigabyte, but the 3G speeds are unlimited on the plan after using up the 4G data. FreedomPop truly has unlimited services for their cell phone plans, so it’s best to choose their company for service as opposed to other wireless services that limit things data. A very well-known wireless carrier has unlimited talk and text but only offers a few gigabytes of data on their unlimited plan.

Those companies that have limited data will charge for every megabyte or gigabyte that’s used, which can easily cost the customer a lot of money, especially when they are constantly using the data on their cell phone. FreedomPop welcomes any customers from other carriers who are tired of overspending for their wireless services, especially for their so-called ‘unlimited’ wireless services. Bring any cell phone that is unlocked from its original carrier, except for Sprint phones because Sprint phones can be used with FreedomPop, and the phones don’t need to be unlocked. Many like the fact that they can bring their own phone to FreedomPop.

Anyone using their own phone can bring it from just about any carrier, and anyone who has no phone can purchase one from FreedomPop. There are many convenient places to purchase FreedomPop services and products, such as on the website as well as in many different retail locations. Being able to find FreedomPop services makes it a lot easier for people to get started using the service, especially since anyone can sign up for the service if they have access to the Internet. FreedomPop wants to be the wireless carrier of everyone in America.

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