Doe Deere’s Take on Fashion Conventions

Doe Deere is best known as the CEO and creative voice behind Lime Crime cosmetics. The company is named for Doe’s favorite color (lime green), and features vivid hues of eye shadows and lipsticks that are all-natural and vegan. Deere, who is also a musician and makeup artist, is also pretty outspoken when it comes to fashion and style. She follows her own rules and definitely turns heads no matter where she goes.

It’s common knowledge that most fashion and beauty magazines release an issue each September, giving readers pointers on what to wear for the upcoming season. Doe Deere says that these fashion rules don’t necessarily have to be followed. For instance, she doesn’t believe that you have to wear nude colors or black when you dye your hair a bright shade. Deere often wears her hair in vivid shades of green, pink or blue, and pairs these outgoing hair choices with colorful outfits all the time.

Doe Deere also shares that wearing several different patterns at one time is completely acceptable. It’s a great way to show off your personal style and send the message that you’re a fun and upbeat person without having to say a word. Deere is also a fan of wearing socks with open-toed shoes. This is normally considered a fashion no-no, but Doe says it’s just one more way to add more texture and color to an outfit.

As far as makeup rules go, most fashion magazines advise against wearing a bold lip and eye at the same time. However, Doe Deere says that it’s OK to wear a brightly colored lipstick with a smokey eye. There are several ways to do this, and Lime Crime provides a variety of colors for makeup lovers to experiment with their look.

Finally, Doe shares that people shouldn’t be so stuck on wearing clothing that is occasion or age-appropriate. What’s most important is that people wear what they’re comfortable in. This can serve as an instant confidence booster.