Career Highlights of Ashley Lightspeed – Partner at Lightspeed Ventures

For an individual so young in her career, Ashley Lightspeed has chalked up an outstanding rundown of accomplishments. Among them is her essential input in the creation of top rated companies in the last decade. From an early age, she was obsessed with new product development processes, business models, and services. She was inspired by her father’s work in the architectural field, and she would spend hours with him on the drawing table to learn more. While she has wandered away from the original architecture, she is still using skills she acquired to design the future of business.

Ashley Lightspeed is an essential member of the Lightspeed ventures investment team, a prestigious venture capital firm that has broad diversification. Her vast knowledge and enthusiasm help her come up with new products each day. As a Lightspeed Ventures partner, she has introduced a remarkable knack and perspective in trends creation as well as spotting. With her unique abilities, she has managed to assist Lightspeed to diversify its operations on a broader margin. She offers invaluable insights regarding the female-driven consumer market which is a significant economic driver in the US. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.

Ashley Lightspeed is quite modest about her accomplishments; however, she has worked with a variety of influential personalities in the avant-garde tech finance industry. Immediately after graduating from Duke University, she joined Bain & Company, a leading consulting firm. While working here, she learned how to use sophisticated tools to help model actionable business intelligence besides her insight and foresight.

After serving at Bain& Company, she landed a job at a tech startup known as Thumbtack that aimed at linking the local clients with professionals. She specialized in designing Thumbtack’s Weddings and events platform that resulted in the company becoming a premier online resource for hiring event organization services. After leaving Thumbtack and her graduation at Stamford Business School, she decided to try new adventurous careers. This saw her join Lightspeed Ventures where she works currently.

Lightspeed Ventures allowed her to continually work closely with initial-stage startups, solving challenges, and offering her expertise. She is delighted working in this new environment and hopes to achieve much more. Learn more:

HGGC Continues to Lead the Middle-Market Private Equity Industry

For a good number of years now, HGGC has led middle market private equity firms and this trend is not about to change anytime soon. The firm has put together a multi-talented team of professionals who have propelled them to unmatched success. Their top managers share years of experience in operations and collective deals.
The firm has also made the most of their partnerships to have a lasting impact in the industry. They have successfully incorporated their partners’ interests in their action plans. Success for the partners results in the success of HGGC. They have created a win-win situation that continues to draw admiration from different quarters.
Middle market businesses had to deal with the monopoly of multi million companies for a long time. The entry of HGGC into the fray marked the start of a revolution in the private equity industry. The firm has a deep understanding of the practices of global corporations. They introduce these practices to middle market businesses which go on to leave an impressive trail of remarkable results.
The Palo Alto based firm has cumulative capital commitments that are in the excess of $4.3 billion. Their ‘Advantaged Investing’ model has ensured that they have remained at the top throughout their illustrious history. HGGC works with sponsors and founders to acquire scalable ventures. Management teams also form part of their indomitable partnerships.
Their aggregate transaction value is equally impressive. In less than five years, HGGC has taken part in deals that are valued at $15 billion. These transactions have come in the form of platform investments and recapitalizations. The firm has also tried out its hand in liquidity events and add-on acquisitions to great success much to the delight of their partners.
In 2017, they invested heavily in FPX in a bid to help the firm increase its global reach. Having acquired the Configure Price Quote solutions company in 2016, the middle-market private equity firm had every intention of capitalizing on numerous opportunities. This transaction is one of the many that highlights the firm’s aptitude in investment.
E-commerce platforms are the greatest beneficiaries of their activities. HGGC has shown no signs of slowing down and partners can still look forward to greater days ahead.

SoftBank Group Acquires Fortress Investment Group For $3.3 Billion

SoftBank, a Japanese technology-oriented company has finalized its acquisition of Fortress Investment Group. The transaction which was completed on 12th July 2017 at $3.3 billion saw Fortress Investment Group became the first US Company ever to be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. SoftBank Group struck the deal to acquire Fortress Investment Group for $8.08 per share. The price offered per was actually 39% more than its price a day before the announcement of the acquisition.

The completion of the acquisition comes after both parties satisfactorily met the conditions necessary to the closing of the deal. Such conditions include the approval from the Fortress shareholders as well as receipt of all regulatory approvals. The proceeds of the merger were to be shared according to the agreements outlined in the Fortress’s Definitive Proxy.

In the acquisition, it was agreed that the FIG will operate independently under SoftBank Group and its headquarters will remain in New York. The company will also retain its management including Randy Nardone, Peter Briger and Wes Edens. SoftBank Group also committed itself to allow Fortress retain its personnel, culture, brand and business model. This are the factors which have seen Fortress Investment Group grow to its current position and hence SoftBank doesn’t want to alter this growth trend.

This transaction is in line to SofBank’s aspirations to drive Information Revolution. In this plan, SoftBank rolled its 93 billion dollar Vision Fund in committed capital. Vision Fund aims at investing globally in firms and state-of-the art technologies that will achieve Information Revolution. The purchase of FIG marks SoftBank’s direct investment in alternative investment. This investment will enable SoftBank attain the requisite investment expertise necessary in its information Revolution agenda.

About SoftBank Group

SoftBank Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SoftBank Group Corp. SofBank is an international high-end technology company that aspires to lead the Information Revolution. It has an international portfolio of companies in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Internet Services, smart robotics, clean energy technology and telecommunications.

About Fortress Investment Group

FIG began in 1998 courtesy of Randal Nardone and Wes Edens. Currently, it is led by three able co-principals namely; Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Peter Briger. This company is in the business of alternative investment. FIG has three major divisions including Private Equity, Alternative Credit and Permanent Capital. Today, the company currently manages assets worth $30.1 billion for over 1750 corporate and private investors.

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Shervin Pishevar Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar immigrated to the United States when he was young. His family moved from Iran to pursue various economic opportunities.

Shervin is one of the most prominent investors in Silicon Valley. Throughout his career, he has made wise investments in new companies. He was an early investor in both Uber and Airbnb. He made millions of dollars from these investments. His latest success occurred when Unilever purchased Dollar Shave Club. Shervin had a significant investment stake in Dollar Shave Club.

Shervin recently made the news when he predicted various aspects of the future. Most of the predictions were grim. He tweeted for nearly an entire day about various economic issues facing the United States.


Shervin Pishevar believes that the United States is headed for a massive financial crisis. He thinks the primary contributor of the next recession will be the debt levels of the United States government. He tweeted about how much debt the United States adds each year. He has no hope that any politician will make tough decisions to reduce the annual deficit.

Consumer debt levels are also rising. After the recession in 2008, many people paid down debt and increased their savings. However, consumers have returned to spending a large percentage of their income.


Another major issue facing the United States is young people moving to other countries in search of jobs. Shervin Pishevar believes that automation will destroy multiple industries in the United States. He concludes that millions of young people will move to other nations in search of jobs. If this prediction starts coming true, it could signal a substantial economic problem in the United States.


Shervin Pishevar thinks that the education system in the United States is ineffective. As a result, he proposed various changes to government leaders. He believes that technology should be a much larger emphasis in schools than it is today. He also suggested making coding classes mandatory for anyone attending high school.

Stream Cares is a Huge Part of Stream Energy

Stream Energy and its new philanthropic wing were recently featured on Stream Energy is a Dallas based company that provides their associates with energy, who then market it to various companies. Stream Energy, its employees, and its associates are passionate about the communities they work in, and they want to be involved in charitable causes. For that reason, Stream Energy has set up a foundation called Stream Cares to help causes around Texas.

They were moved to action after seeing the devastation from Hurricane Harvey in Houston, but they have been giving to charities for over a decade. They are focused on issues that affect Texas, but they are most focused on the problems faced by the Dallas community. They have formed a partnership with Hope Supply Co to offer help throughout Texas. Stream Energy is using its profits to give back some much needed help to their customers.

They see homelessness as a huge problem in Dallas, and it is one that has only become worse in the last few years. They are particularly moved by the plight of homeless children in Dallas. Stream Cares raises money for everything from diapers to school supplies for children, but they do much more than just donate money. They and their employees want to give up their time to help the children, and they recently took a group of kids to a water park. For children like this it is a rare opportunity to have some fun. Stream Energy’s employees also enjoyed the experience, and they are always looking for ways to help those less fortunate. They know that donating time and effort is just as important as the money they give.

Stream Cares has also done work with veterans and their families, and they recently invited ten daughters of veterans to a function in which they all received toys.

Recap of Information on HGGC

HGGC hired Dan Stanko as principal and also hired three executive directors: Chad Clawson, Bennett Nussbaum and Scott St. Clair. Matt Roesch got promoted to Vice President. The company merged its portfolio with General Atlantic in 2018 in order to counteract the “Amazon effect”. HGGC had a direct dialogue with the companies under General Atlantic instead of an auction process. Under General Atlantic is the company Mi9 Retail, who they will merge with its portfolio company, MyWebGrocer. As companies such as Sears keep filing for bankruptcy protection, HGGC found it imperative to find a solution to the Amazon effect that brick and mortar stores are experiencing. According to Pitchbook, HGGC is taking over HelpSystems for $1.2 billion and was in talks to complete a $555 million patent purchase of RPX, before it closed the deal.

HGGC was co-founded by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young. HGGC is a leading middle-market private equity firm and has more than $4.3 billion in cumulative capital commitments. It’s based in Palo Alto, California and believes in an “Advantaged Investing” approach. The company has completed more than 90 investments and acquisitions. THey typically invest between $50 and $100 million into its new investments.

Colin Phinisey has joined the team to lead capital market efforts and Christopher Guinn joined as Executive director. These additions to their team come from financial and business brands, which they believe will help it to execute its investment strategy that has helped the company to become so successful in recent years. The company has tripled its revenue and EBITDA, and doubled its staff since July 2016. They have plans to continue to build their team with excellent people that will have the ability to help the company execute its business model.