Isabel dos Santos Enlightens EU Officials As To The Difficulties That Currently Exist In Africa Today

Of all the world’s continents, Africa remains a place that faces unique challenges in the 21st Century. These issues were a major topic of the Africa Summit 2019 that was recently held in the European Union capital of Brussels, Belgium. One of the highlighted speakers at the summit was famed Angolan businesswoman Isabel dos Santos. The major focus of the talk that Isabel dos Santos gave to European Union leaders was in regard to the need for a revolution of a digital and technological type in the continent. She also highlighted the unique challenges that Africa faces and that must be overcome in order for this to happen. The reality is that the development of a better technological infrastructure is critical in order to encourage growth as well as diversification in various parts of the continent.

Among the areas that Isabel dos Santos has pointed to is the agricultural sector. Revolutionary new technology is one of the primary ways that Isabel dos Santos believes in Africa can become more competitive in the agricultural sector from a global perspective. Technology can go a long way toward helping to optimize the costs associated with doing business in the African agricultural industry. Education plays a crucial role in this because it will help to convince people to embrace these new concepts rather than fearing them.

Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan philanthropist and businesswoman of Angolan and Russian descent who currently holds the distinction of being the wealthiest woman in the continent of Africa. She is also the first woman from Africa to ascend to the status of billionaire. Isabel dos Santos is known for her passion that she has in helping to empower women and the underprivileged of the world. She commits a great deal of her time to charitable work and is known for her investments that she is involved in globally. Her work has also included a number of positions in the managerial sector of companies that trade on the stock exchanges of Europe. Isabel dos Santos comes from one of the locations most well-known political traditions and her father was Angola’s President for many years.

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Alastair Borthwick the Renowned Author

Alastair Borthwick is a renown writer who has authored two very famous books namely “Sans Peur” and “Always A Little Further”. Being born at Rutherglen and raised at Troon, he got an opportunity to get his high school education when he finally relocated to Glasgow. When he was finally 16, he left school to be employed at Evening Times where he was given the job of a copytaker. Later on, he was promoted to Glasgow Weekly Herald where he worked with some of his colleges to editing the newspaper. Here, he got an opportunity to write articles about women and children which he included in the newspaper.
It was later on that he became interested in rock climbing which was a sport that was considered to be practiced by the rich in those days. Alastair Borthwick was intrigued and soon he began writing about it where he incorporated humor and created a clear description to his readers about what was going on. He soon documented his writings in his famous books known as Always A Little Further. It received a lot of public appreciation and is still read up to date.
Alastair Borthwick later relocated to London where he got a job at Daily Mirror but unfortunately left the company in the same year. However, this created another opportunity for him to join BBC where he discussed many topics concerning outdoor activities in Scotland. He later joined the army during the war. His hard work and determination made him earn ranks in the army and he was finally made captain. He worked with the intelligence battalion in the army.
One of his greatest achievements that he will always be remembered for was his victory against the Germans. He led a battalion of 600 soldiers without a compass and only relied on his sense of direction. He finally emerged victoriously and defeated the Germans. The events during the war inspired him to write a book known as Sans Peur which documented all the activities that happened during the war. After the war, Alastair Borthwick moved to a new place with his family and went back to his former broadcasting job.

Shared Office Spaces Are Here To Inspire


There is one thing that could be said about today’s society. The vibe of today’s society is that of run down and tired people. A lot of people have been put through the ringer because of a ton of different incidents that have gone down. For one thing, there is a lot of pressure that people are under because they are not sure what is going to happen next. For one thing, people are faced with working a job that they don’t like. They are also faced with all of the politics and the fear of losing their job. What a lot of people know is that there is an alternative.


One alternative is a shared office space such as Workville in New York City. Workville has shown people to be the opposite of the traditional workplace. It is an environment that consists of productivity and effectiveness. Workville is one of the shared office spaces that entrepreneurs and freelancers go to in order to generate income in their own way. However, the productivity and effectiveness of this environment has proven to be so great that even large corporations are using these spaces. It is quickly having an influence in the way that work is done.


When people decide to make the leap and try and get their business off the ground, they will find that they have much less pressure than they are used to. To make things even better, they have a greater earning potential than they did at their last job. Many people that land at Workville and other shared office spaces find that they have no reason to go back to a regular job. They do not have to worry about as much as they did when they were working for other companies. They have more freedom over their schedule and what they can do in order to make sure that they get the work done.