Securus Technologies, Making Advances for Society as a Whole

GovPayNet has recently joined the Securus Technologies family in a recent acquisition. Securus Technologies, having been in business for over 30 years and headquartered in Dallas, Texas has done this to increase technology and services in their industry of correctional facility support. Among the more popular services provided by Securus is calling, video visitation, voicemail, and email. GovPayNet has been in business for over 20 years and provides payment processing for many government agencies. Among the types of payments they process are probation fees, traffic citations, court costs, background checks, and many more.


Over the years, Securus Technologies has purchased several other companies to add to its portfolio. The benefit of doing this is that they can provide more services, at a much more affordable cost. The technology is used for things like wireless containment systems, and monitoring has yielded much more favorable and safer conditions inside correctional establishments. The monitoring systems alone have helped to crack many cases and resolve unethical behavior of facility employees. While connecting inmates with their world outside is a top priority, the other innovations benefit not only the correctional process but society as well.


JPay is another recent acquisition and provides similar services to GovPayNet. The company has made it possible for inmates to purchase tablet devices to use while incarcerated. Aside from a limited amount of entertainment, the tablets are loaded with educational software. This affords inmates the opportunity to sharpen their skills prior to being released. As finding gainful employment is known to be among the top concerns of released inmates, this should make the challenge a bit easier. Safety in facilities is also increased with enhanced technology. Wireless containment systems crack down on contraband communications. Phone calls and text messages are intercepted prior to being sent. The acquisition will most likely be beneficial for not only the companies but also those involved throughout the process.


How Securus Technologies Phone System Caught a Fugitive

When my fugitive task force has to locate a dangerous suspect, we will go to any length to ensure no one in our city is harmed. We were dealing with a very dangerous individual this week, and he was using his deep ties with family and friends to stay one step ahead of us.


Each time we started to zero in on his next target, we would get tips from informants sending us to locations where nothing was happening. He had is family calling in fake leads to keep us off the trial, knowing that we had to follow each tip that was called in.


We put his entire family under surveillance, but by now they were very good at never going anywhere that would tip us off to the fugitive. The only solid lead we had was that his brother was recently arrested for a crime and serving 3 months in a local prison. We decided this may be our only chance to get some solid information.


Securus Technologies placed the monitoring system in that jail, it is used by the corrections officers to listen to when inmates are using the telephone. My thoughts were if we could get the brother upset, he may hit the phones and give us some type of lead. The LBS software can do the work of several officers, allowing the officers to have access to all the calls in a seconds notice.


When we finished interrogating the brother, like we expected, he ran to the phones to call his mother. What we discovered was the mother was playing the police, acting frail and weak, but she was cunning and doing everything she could to keep her baby on the streets and out of custody. Her conversation with her son that was in jail revealed more than they hoped, and we made the arrest later that night.


Securus Technology Thrives To Give the Best services

The rate of crime is slowing going down in the country due to the efforts of Secures Technology. The firm is known to use innovations and technology system to deal with crime and criminal activities. It is one of the major suppliers of communication in prison, tracking of parole, and the solution of government information. It serves over 2600 correctional facilities across 45 states and more than one million inmates nationwide.


The company whose headquarters are in Dallas, Texas was founded in 1986. It has regional offices located in Allen, Atlanta, Carrollton, Georgia, and Texas. It has employed of 1000 workers and has contracted with over 2200 correctional facilities across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They focus on making of products that are used by the correctional facilities and law centers to gain any information of criminal activity taking place. When they get the information on time, the law enforcement can take action. Thus, this helps to reduce crime.


Since the company strives to give the best when it comes to matters of security by using technology and electronics, it acquired Jpay Inc. Securus, for a long time, has been admiring the work that Jpay Company was doing in the prisons. Jpay is a champion technical firm that has launched emails, electrical payments, as well as educational applications and a host of entertainment to over 33 state prisons.


The merge has turned Securus into the wildest rising segments in corrections. It offers all that is a high tech software based, which aid the correction agencies to be able to run a modern prison. The products that Securus make have a tremendous value to the government, prison, relatives, and the inmates. The focus of the new merger is to improve quality products and gain the espousal on a huge scale.




How Rick Smith has transformed the Telecommunication Industry

Rick Smith is recognized as one of the executives who serve in the inmate communication industry. He is a talented telecommunication specialist and has worked in the industry for more than four decades. The management board of Securus Technologies appointed him to serve as its CEO and president in 2008. He still holds the position and has been striving to ensure that it develops innovative products that can fulfill the demands of the clients. Rick also makes sure that the technologies that the company offers meet all the standard that have been set by the corrections sector. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Securus Technologies has been growing over the years by making mergers and acquisitions. In 2004, the firm absorbed two technology giants that were known as Evercom and Netix. Rick Smith guided the company in acquiring a top offender management systems firm that was called Syscon Justice System. The company has been able to increase the scope of services that it offers since making the purchase. Smith is an electrical engineer and was awarded his bachelor’s degree at the State University of New York. He also holds an associate degree and masters in the field.

Smith has helped Securus Technologies in making significant progress. He has led the enterprise in the development of several cutting-edge products that are used by correctional facilities in solving communication problems. Rick has ensured that innovation is a major factor in the creation of Securus Technologies’ products. Under his leadership, the firm has increased the number of clients that it serves to over 3450. Its customers are located in both the United States and Canada. Securus Technologies has built an excellent reputation with its clients over the years, and Rick has been working to maintain it. He has also been striving to ensure that all the innovative technologies that the company develops are well protected. Securus Technologies currently has a patent portfolio that cannot be matched by its key rivals in the industry.

Rick Smith has been an employee of various top corporations since he started his profession in 1972. The first firm that he served was Frontier Corporation. He was an administrator at different departments of the company, and they include finance, information technology, business development, and operations. Smith worked at the firm until 1997. In 1998, he was offered a job at Eschelon Telecom. He served the as the COO and CFO in different years. In 2002, the firm noticed his excellent performance and promoted him to act as its CEO. Rick made significant accomplishments as the head of the company. He raised its revenue from $30 million to $350 million, its EBITDA to $80 million, and CAGR by 48 percent. Smith’s term as CEO of Eschelon Telecom ended in 2007, but he is still a board member of the company. Read more on Wikipedia.Org

Securus Technologies Helps Staff Members Reduce the Time That They Spend On Paperwork

Securus Technologies is a company that offers criminal and civil technology services to correctional facilities. The company has been around since 1986. Securus has always been focused on making things easier for inmates and correctional facility staff members. The company has just released an Inmate Forms And Grievance application on ConnectUs.

Most facilities rely on paperwork to handle grievances. However, that can be very time-consuming. Securus’s Inmate Forms And Grievance application can help customers save time, money and frustration. Securus processes and automates 13.8 forms per month for every inmate.

Not only does the Inmate Forms And Grievance application make things easier for staff members, but it also makes things easier for inmates. They can easily access the self-service forms. They can also view the status of grievances and forms.

Russell Roberts is the Vice President of Marketing And Strategy for Securus. He has stated that the Inmate Forms And Grievance application is just one of the many ways that Securus is modernizing the incarceration experience.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies serves 1.2 million inmates and 3,400 facilities in 48 states. It has a technical support team that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company has several services that are designed to meet the unique needs of their customers.

Securus Inmate Phone Call System Changing the Face of Communications

When it comes to revolutionizing technology that centers around inmate communications, there are few companies that are capable of accomplishing what Securus Technologies has accomplished. In reality, the company has worked tirelessly to completely revamp a communications system that was largely archaic. Prisons and correctional facilities around the country typically used similar methods when it came to communication between individuals outside of the correctional facility and those who were inmates. Many times, this limited the amount of communication that loved ones could have at one time. It also made it far more difficult to ensure a higher level of security because of the foot traffic that was coming through the correctional facility itself.

This is a company that has taken a relatively simple idea like communications and turned it on its ear.  Essentially, it has created a system that allows communication with inmates through things like smartphone video visitation apps, video conferencing and state-of-the-art communication systems that are set up within the facilities themselves. Register here for this technology or download it here: Without a doubt, the company has set itself apart from any competition by beating them to the punch. As a result, it has basically solidified itself as the legitimate company that most correctional facilities find themselves going to when they realize they need to update their systems.

This may be the first time that many people are hearing about Securus Technologies, but the company has actually been around for quite some time. While it has seen competitors come and go, this is the company that has managed to remain at the forefront of technology development when it comes to inmate communication systems. They have been able to have the vision needed to see where potential problems existed and they have found effective solutions to those problems from the perspective of virtually everyone involved.

Today, almost every correctional facility has some type of technology produced by the company that it is utilizing. Many of the facilities that are incorporating state-of-the-art communications systems rely almost exclusively on Securus Technologies. It is easy to understand why. Using this technology is effective and it works to the benefit of the inmates as well as those who are close to them, yet are not capable of visiting the facility each and every time. It also works very well for corrections officers because it makes the entire process more secure.