Isabel dos Santos Enlightens EU Officials As To The Difficulties That Currently Exist In Africa Today

Of all the world’s continents, Africa remains a place that faces unique challenges in the 21st Century. These issues were a major topic of the Africa Summit 2019 that was recently held in the European Union capital of Brussels, Belgium. One of the highlighted speakers at the summit was famed Angolan businesswoman Isabel dos Santos. The major focus of the talk that Isabel dos Santos gave to European Union leaders was in regard to the need for a revolution of a digital and technological type in the continent. She also highlighted the unique challenges that Africa faces and that must be overcome in order for this to happen. The reality is that the development of a better technological infrastructure is critical in order to encourage growth as well as diversification in various parts of the continent.

Among the areas that Isabel dos Santos has pointed to is the agricultural sector. Revolutionary new technology is one of the primary ways that Isabel dos Santos believes in Africa can become more competitive in the agricultural sector from a global perspective. Technology can go a long way toward helping to optimize the costs associated with doing business in the African agricultural industry. Education plays a crucial role in this because it will help to convince people to embrace these new concepts rather than fearing them.

Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan philanthropist and businesswoman of Angolan and Russian descent who currently holds the distinction of being the wealthiest woman in the continent of Africa. She is also the first woman from Africa to ascend to the status of billionaire. Isabel dos Santos is known for her passion that she has in helping to empower women and the underprivileged of the world. She commits a great deal of her time to charitable work and is known for her investments that she is involved in globally. Her work has also included a number of positions in the managerial sector of companies that trade on the stock exchanges of Europe. Isabel dos Santos comes from one of the locations most well-known political traditions and her father was Angola’s President for many years.

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Weight Loss Is Already Difficult Without Habits That Make it Even Harder


Weight loss is a major priority for millions of people. We do look better and feel better about ourselves after losing a lot of weight, but being healthy is one of the biggest benefits of either a major weight loss or even losing that persistent extra 10 pounds. A recent article online from points out a plethora of habits that many of us have that make it harder for us to lose the pounds than it already is. It is important to discover and eliminate such habits from our daily lives.

Sergio Cortes says one of the most important habits to help keep the pounds off is to stay consistent with your sleep schedule and that this include getting enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep can cause an increase in appetite. Many of us also drink a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. There is not necessarily anything wrong with this, but water is the first thing we should drink upon rising because we are more dehydrated after waking up than at any other time. Cereal is another breakfast staple in America that may not be a good idea unless it is a very healthy type. Protein is very important for curbing our appetite, but most cereals are mainly full of carbohydrates. There is a total of 20 habits listed in the article that anyone who is concerned about their weight should be sure to avoid.

Spend Your Golden Years In Luxury

Assisted living facilities are often mentioned with disdain as their reputation is less than ideal. However many seniors who can still live independent lives need a little bit of help, which is why they or their family members begin to look into assisted living facilities. For those who are living in or plan on moving to the central region of California you should take a look at Manse on Marsh.

Owned and operated by Chris Skiff for the past 15 years Manse on Marsh has become one of the most highly recommended living facilities for seniors. Skiff himself has been dedicated to senior care since he was in his early twenties. After graduating UCLA with honors Skiff worked with a top developer to create affordable senior apartments at the age of twenty-three. Now his facilities are award winning communities known for their excellent care, variety of options, cleanliness and great staff. Manse on Marsh has been the consistent award recipient for ‘Premier Independent and Assisted Living Community’ on California’s central coast.

What sets the Manse on Marsh apart from all other assisted living facilities is their style of living. While there is a general list of things senior facilities come with, Manse on Marsh goes an extra step to ensure their residents live their life to the fullest. Assistance is dependent on the resident’s own needs and the boundaries are set by the individual. There is also the completely independent living option for those who want to retire in a private little community. For those who need assistance they are given a pendant they can use any time 24/7 if they are in need of help or medical attention. There is a registered nurse on sight constantly as well as a certified medication technicians.

Daily services including laundry, bed making, and trash removal are included in every program. Each resident is given three meal tickets which can include a dessert if requested. Instead of eating in a hospital style cafeteria, Manse on Marsh offers a bistro-style dining experience hosted beneath atrium skylights so you can enjoy a meal under the stars or morning sun. Hot beverages and fruit are also offered all throughout the day as well as water bottles.

They provide a myriad of exercise classes, relaxing neighborhood walks, bible and prayer services daily, and bingo. Manse on Marsh recreates the negative vision of assisted living facilities and truly wants their residents to retain as much independence as possible.  They can be contacted online, and are one of the nation’s most award winning facilities.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Levenson’s generous donation promotes philanthropic studies to the next generation.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Levenson of UCG promote philanthropic studies to the next generation. Maryland hosts the leading center for philanthropic studies in the Nation’s Capital. The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership is funded by Bruce Levenson and Karen Levenson. Bruce Levenson is a businessman, philanthropist, and co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks. He is a leading contributor for the Jewish Federation and other Jewish causes. Including being a founding donor of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.. Mrs. Karen Levenson is a teacher who runs programs for the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute. Mr. and Mrs. Levenson believe in giving students the skills and experiences they need to be leaders in the nonprofit sector. Local and international community benefit from the center, while providing students with the skills and experiences they need to be leaders. Students from the University of Maryland take part in the Do Good Challenge. This challenge is a campus wide competition that inspires students to make the biggest social impact they can for their favorite cause. This form of higher education ensures each student attending the University graduates as an informed and motivated philanthropist. None of this would be possible without the generous contributions and a firm belief in education from Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Levenson.