Huffington Post Writes About Slyce And Their Technology

Slyce Expansion Could Help Wedding Industry

The field is relatively new, but it is used by a large portion of the people who enjoy online shopping. Online shopping and the online retail industry have changed immensely over the last few decades. Online shopping itself is rather new, but it grew significantly once home computers became a staple in most households. Then, the invention of the smart phone created an online market place that did not have the same rough edges that the home computer placed upon it. The smart phone made it so that any person with an internet connection could conduct their shopping any place they choose.

Slyce takes the online shopping industry one step further by allowing consumers to search for their purchases without even typing a single word. The user can simply open up the Slyce application in order to conduct their online shopping purchases. The application allows the user to take a picture of any object in their immediate surroundings in order to conduct their search. The user has other alternatives to typing keywords besides just taking a picture of the object. The user can simply take a picture of a barcode or QR code, or the user can take a picture of an actual picture of the object. With all these options to choose from, online shopping just got easier and more convenient than ever before.

An article from the Huffington Post discussed what uses the visual search company Slyce could employ for the wedding industry. Folks who are about to get married often will set up a gift registry. This can be a fun experience, but it is often tiresome because most retailers that have gift registries don’t know how to use them.

If Slyce was able to enter the wedding registry arena, they could seriously upgrade this industry. Imagine going into a store to register for your event, and instead of getting a scanner from the front desk, you use your phone because it has scanning capabilities. It won’t be long until Slyce has entered this market, and they will surely make it better with their state of the art tech