Ryan Seacrest- A Man On a Mission

Most people recognize Ryan Seacrest as the handsome face co-starring alongside Kelly Ripa every morning on Live! With Kelly & Ryan, or even for his early morning syndicated radio show. He certainly entertains us with his calming voice and dreamy presence on both of these platforms and many people look forward to seeing them on their television screens and hearing his voice each morning. But, there is another side to Seacrest that is just as admirable and lovable as his roles in the spotlight. Do you really know Ryan Seacrest and what a busy man he is?

Did you know that Ryan Seacrest has his own menswear line sold exclusively at Macy’s? Every man needs clothes but not every piece will help him look his very best. The Macy’s spokesperson says that it is their best-selling line to date. Seacrest knows how to dress and his phenomenal flair is easily seen in his stylish clothing line. There is little wonder that it is so popular for men who enjoy style. Also sold at Macy’s is the men’s skincare line that Seacrest created with the help of Dr. Lancer. The skincare line includes several dermatology products that help keep his skin looking its best.

These ventures are just a few of the many that Ryan Seacrest enjoys on a daily basis. There is little doubt that he lives a full life with plenty taking place each and every day. He also enjoys giving back to other people. Founder of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which supports broadcast journalism for underprivileged children, Seacrest always goes above and beyond to help the organization in any possible way that he can. But, that’s just one of his many philanthropic efforts. He serves as an honorary committee member on the Grammy Foundation and is on the board of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.