Solo Capital Markets CEO Sanjay Shah Retires

Solo Capital Markets is a boutique financial services corporation that handled just under £68 million in assets by March of 2015, with an excess of £30 million in cash flow. This may sound like just another successful boutique financier but when you learn that the firm only began in 2009, the members become that much more impressive. Solo Capital did start as a solo mission, a mission of one man, Solo Capital Markets CEO, Sanjay Shah.

Sanjay Shah began his education at King’s College as a medical school student, but deciding part way through that it wasn’t a track he’d enjoy he changed directions in a sharp pivot and became an accountant. Yet that financial background would be the solid footing upon which he would once again career pivot and go into investment banking. Going to work first for Merrill Lynch, then to ING, Dutch Bank, Credit Suise and lastly Morgan Stanley he came up through the trenches of every major bank in Europe. He learned the financial services market from the ground up from the best firms in the continent, only to find himself unemployed after the crash settled in 2009. It was then he went “solo” and opened Solo Capital Markets.

By the end of March 2011 Shah had taken home over £19 million in earnings and he went forward to open over another three dozen companies spanning over England, Dubai, Luxembourg, The Cayman Islands, The British Virgin Islands, and Malta. Later that year he opened one of those businesses with the head of Solo’s foreign exchange, Mankash Jain, who had come over previously from Barclays. Today, there are two managing firms that have control over Solo Capital Markets, Solo Capital Partners, and Solo Group Holdings. Today Shah considers himself “retired” and spends most of his time involved in philanthropic pursuits.

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Madison Street Capital Serves Financial Opinions

Madison Street Capital has a long established presence in the investment and financial sector. The YouTube Channel produced by the company does a tremendous job providing effective and informative content. The videos cover numerous topics. One very interesting video is titled “Financial Opinions”.

Financial opinions are services offered by Madison Street Capital. These opinions are put forth by bloomberg business because business do find themselves in very difficult positions at times. A number of transactions require a great deal of thought and effort to complete effectively. Transactions may be incredibly complex or are connected to rules, terms, and requirements. Debt incurred by a company could further complicate a transaction.

A business should not feel it is forced to rely on its own internal team to address things. Madison Street Capital is available to help businesses with financial opinion matters.

Minor changes resulting from marginal transactions might not have much of an impact. When there are major structural changes imposed on a company with the completion of a transaction, seeking professional assistance would be extremely prudent.

Businesses do need to protect themselves to make sure that the financial situation is beneficial. Companies frequently have a fiduciary duty to other entities. These entities could be shareholders, minority partners, private equity investors, and more. Maximizing the positive outcome of a financial transaction is a must. Bringing in professionals to deliver solid financial opinions would surely be helpful in these matter.

Madison Street Capital does provide these much-needed opinions. Most importantly, the firm provides financial opinions in an impartial manner. The firm is going to put forth honest assessments. Independent, third-party opinions could reveal insights the client never had previously thought of before.

Madison Street Capital based on their crunchbase profile can serve a host of clients. Mid-sized corporations and growing firms would be among those Madison Street Capital is known to assist.

Madison Street Capital has been handling financial matters since 2011.