The Real Real: Your Own Luxury Item for Less

Fashion is the third most wasteful industry in the world. Fast fashion is also one of the industries that contributes most of the environmental damage in the Earth: through miles and miles of landfill because of unused clothing that is just thrown away and not upcycled. In a time and age that we have now, we must be aware and alert of the little things that we are doing to save the Earth little by little.

Every one has a dream of living the rich life, with a rich lifestyle with rich material things. But for some of us, it would take multiple lifetimes of working out butts off just to even try to afford luxury items. Luxury fashion items can go ridiculously overpriced, but the brand and the quality makes up for it. And for luxury fashion enthusiasts, some would go miles and miles just to get the fashion items that they want, even if it costs most of their lives’ fortune.

Some luxury fashion enthusiasts can get pretty desperate on trying to own their own fashion luxury items – some might result into buying counterfeits (which is illegal by the way), and buying counterfeits isn’t really helping anyone, or the economy ultimately. Also, some consumers are fooled and scammed by these sellers, selling these counterfeits as real, but then turning out as the opposite.

The Real Real is a platform for luxury fashion enthusiasts to get their hands on real, authentic, luxury items for less the price. The Real Real connects the original owners of the fashion luxury items to buyers. The original owners are probably tired of the items, or they don’t have any more space for these fashion luxury items that they have to dispose of them – The Real Real acts as a platform for these two parties to interact. And then, they gain their revenue by collecting commissions from the consignment that they had with the buyer.

This way, if you support second-hand items, you do not contribute to the weight of unused clothes that end up in land fills – two birds with one stone: your own luxury item and you helped the Earth!

Wolfe Herd Conquering The Dating Industry

The information age has been revolutionized by the rise of the internet which completely disrupted traditional industries. The rapidly developing technology industry has led to the emergence of numerous innovative companies such as Facebook, Amazon among others. A saddening fact is that the industry has been male-dominated. For instance, most founders of the leading technology firms are men. Bumble, therefore, attracted attention when it was founded and run by women.

Creation of the Bumble App

Bumble dating application founded by Whitney Wolfe. Prior to founding Bumble, she was the co-founder and VP of marketing at Tinder. She employed the experience she learned from Tinder to start her own dating firm. Throughout her life, Whitney Wolfe has worked hard to realize her vision of empowering women in the dating world and in the workplace.

Revolutionizing the dating industry

Tinder shot into fame by simplifying the connection between romantic partners. The company only brought efficiency but did not address some of the pertinent issues such as gender biases. However, Whitney Wolfe introduced a feature on Bumble that gave both women and men the same opportunities. She aimed to eradicate the traditional approach where men are expected to make the first move. The application gives women the freedom to start a conversation with a potential partner. The idea of women-centric approach in a dating firm has propelled Bumble to become a top dating application with almost thirty million users. Currently, the company is valued at over a billion dollars.Whitney Wolfe’s vision was to make Bumble more than a dating application. She has added new features such as Bumble BFF and bumble biz that allows users to not only connect on romantic intentions but also to develop business relationships. Just a few years after inception, the application has significantly improved to become a full social network.

Wolfe’s Background information

Wolfe’s success story can be traced back in her college years. She attended Southern Methodist University (SMU) where she majored in International Studies. While in college she demonstrated the skill of bringing fresh ideas in the market. Her first business was non-profit and involved selling bamboo tote bags to support the marine ecosystem damaged by oil spills. She partnered with celebrity stylist Patrick Aufdenkamp to develop women bags for various charity initiatives like the Help Us Project.

Building awareness and encouraging others

Bumble has partnered with the Los Angeles Clippers in an effort to build awareness of the brand. The deal estimated to cost twenty million dollars will see the NBA players wear patches that contain the Bumble logo. According to Wolfe Herd, there is no other sports team that has partnered with a women-driven brand.

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Why Amazon Available Fabletics Recommends Their Lifestyle Quiz

Athletic wear for women used to be ho-hum boring. Then Kate Hudson took charge. She has revolutionized this brand’s power with women today. Customers decide if it is good enough for Kate, it must be stylish. Everyone knows that Hollywood celebrities are known for having a good eye for fashion. Kate loves Fabletics clothing. Being a busy woman, Kate is a good example of why this brand is selling so fast. Women on the go need clothing that keeps up with their lifestyles. Fabletics delivers with superior construction, top quality fabrics and upbeat looks fit for walks down a red carpet or a neighborhood grocery store.


Now available on Amazon, Fabletics is steaming full ahead. Instead of picking showroom outfits the conventional way, Fabletics designed what is their reverse showroom business model. They encourage every welcome customer to spend a few moments taking their online revealing Lifestyle Quiz. What is inputted by the customers gets into this company’s smart data system. This is what gets onto the store’s display racks and online shop stock inventories. The bonus to this process is that Fabletics is able to rapidly change the direction at any time. Their reverse showroom strategy truly gives customers their desired wants.


The Lifestyle Quiz allows customers to narrow their clothing picks with a few smart questions. In addition, the store computer system remembers each customer’s likes and dislikes. When customers get online, they see truly individualized selections to choose. Taking the simple to do Lifestyle Quiz helps women determine their likes, sizes, color preferences and degree of activity. The computer is able to take this personal information and recommend in stock clothing options. Many of Fabletic’s lines offer easy mix and match availability to stretch wardrobes even further. Women are loving the ease of Fabletic’s personalized shopping services.


Kate Hudson has changed how Fabletics approaches their design process. As a true fashionista, Kate only agrees to approve clothing designs that live up to her high fashion and quality standards. This includes better fit, and more appealing color choices in athletic wear. Women are demanding better made outfits, and Kate is ensuring that Fabletics delivers. Nobody could have predicted the impressive success of Fabletics. Many point to Kate as a primal reason for this fashion company’s newfound market. Kate believes that every woman deserves good fitting, classy clothes that stay comfortable all day long. What will Fabletics do next?

Whitney Wolfe Journey to an Award Winning Dating App Founder

Dating apps have made it easier and simpler when it comes to matters relationships. Whitney Wolfe is a lady who is one of the great brains behind the great and awesome industry. She has persistently focused on achievements and life improvements. She has worked tirelessly towards making sure that she proves people wrong in the male-dominated field. She happens to have been the co-founder of the leading dating app called Tinder. She company was formed when she used to work at hatch labs. She also happens to be the founder of Bubble which happens to be a popular dating app and the fourth dating app in the world. According to her and getting where she is has been a very tough ride, and she appreciates her success that has been attributed by overcoming so many challenges. She is a prove to the world that we can still fight back despite challenges and come back bigger and better.

Whitney was born in the famous Salt Lake City in Utah where she grew up under the care of her loving and caring mother who worked every minute for her success. She was also raised up by a father who was quite a successful property developer, and the mother happened to be a great housewife. She had an awesome childhood and was normally a social child. After she left high schools, she went on to join the University of Southern Methodist and majored her specialization in International Studies.

Whitney Wolfe has done so many businesses, and by 19, she had a successful dating business that she used to sell bamboo tote bags that used to help those people who used to be affected by the spill and the BP oil spill. Within a very short period, she partnered with celebrity Patrick, and they both Launched a Not-for-profit organization. The desire to help and work with people has been in her blood, and she worked tirelessly towards making sure that she helps where possible. She later left for South East Asia after graduating where she started working at an orphanage. All her efforts were dedicated to making sure that she creates a better environment for people. At only 22 years, she got a job at Hatch Labs whereby they started working on a project which later was abandoned. She decided to proceed with works of innovation, and that is when they developed Tinder app.

Whitney Wolfe info:

Whitney Wolfe Is Taking Online Dating To New Heights

Bumble, a popular female dating app will be opening a physical place for dates to meet. Popularly known as the Hive, the facility designed for bumble and everyone else willing to meet their online dating partners. Although some dating apps are considered as taboo, Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble is going beyond just dating. Individuals using Bumble for dating or not will soon have something they are proud to be associated with, the Hive. A physical meeting place marks the first step in an attempt to formalize and commercialize Bumble brand.

The demand by the community to have the Hive corresponds with Bumble’s plan to expand on BumbleBIZZ ultimately. This plan aims at helping users with both social professional networking while retaining users who are not in search for dates.

Other Services

While the Hive will give couples and friends an opportunity to meet, other activities will also be undertaken in the space. Some of these activities will include female entrepreneurship and activities focused on relationships among many others. Whitney Wolfe, the founding CEO of Bumble and Drybar, theSkimm founder, will be hosting a style session panel. Moreover, Forbes is expected to use the space to host Mentor and Mingle sessions.

A coffee shop and a bar will also be open in the space. Philanthropy will not be left out as Bumble merchandise will be open and all the proceeds directed to charity. These plans will help Bumble run for a month as they plan for extension and expansion to other cities.

The Hive

The physical dating space will be located in Soho at 158 Mercer Street and will be open from 8 am to 8 pm on Thursdays and Fridays. On Saturdays; the Hive will open from 10 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 10 pm. On Sundays, the physical dating space will be open from 10 am to 8 pm.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is an American entrepreneur and founding CEO of Bumble, a dating app that allows only women to initiate contact. Bumble has over 11 million users and is ranked amongst most popular dating sites in terms of monthly user base. In 2012, Whitney Wolfe cofounded Tinder, an online dating platform, which she later left and founded Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe graduated with bachelor’s degree in international studies from Southern Methodist University. Her entrepreneurship journey began while she was in college selling bamboo tote bags. After college, she worked with orphanages at Southeast Asia.

Fabletics: Making Activewear Popular In The Marketplace

Millions of people shop online everyday. Many look to as their source for everything retail. While Amazon may be the king of the retail industry, there is one company that is trying to push up in the ranks. This company is called Fabletics. Fabletics is a company that was co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. The company is now worth over $250 million. Fabletics is part of an activewear industry. Many people love to wear activewear to work out, to lounge in, and to go outside. Activewear is an industry that is growing and continuously making money. Fabletics is successful in the activewear industry because of their business model. Fabletics uses a subscription model to garner customers and attention. This subscription model is very simple. Customers will open an account on the Fabletics website, then they will shop on the website, and every month they can get a pair of active wear from the website. Customers love the convenience of Fabletics. Customers also like high-value brands. In the past, people consider a high-value brand as a brand that is good in price and quality. Nowadays, people are considering a high-value brand based on customer experience, brand recognition, and design. Fabletics is considered a high-value brand that many young people love to shop from. Many people like to shop from Fabletics because they believe that the brand is aspirational. Many people love to shop from brands that they can relate to and have an emotional connection. The membership is growing steadily. Currently, Fabletics is planning on opening more stores, that will add to the 16 they currently have in the United States. The company is planning on opening stores in California, Florida, Illinois, and Hawaii.


Many people would love to know what is the secret behind the company’s success. The company would tell you that their success is because of their personalized service and on trend clothing and design. Fabletics does a wonderful job of figuring out what their customers want and need. By figuring out what their customers want and need, they can give their customers a great experience from the start. Another tactic that the company is using is called reverse showrooming. Many companies are losing revenue due to showrooming. Showrooming is the process of a customer going to the store to browse clothes after they leave to go to another place to buy it for a cheaper price. Fabletics has used this to their advantage. When a customer looks at clothes at a Fabletics store, they have the option of purchasing it in store or online. When a customer browses clothing in a Fabletics store, that item of clothing goes automatically in their online shopping cart. By using these tactics, 50% of people that go to a Fabletics store are already members or they become members in the store.


Fabletics has great items that young women adore. Their leggings are some of the best in the industry. Their leggings are stylish, soft, and comfortable. Their leggings come in a variety of designs and colors.

Fabletics is Making Shopping for Workout Apparel an Online Adventure

If you have ever shopped for workout apparel before online, then you know it isn’t the most exciting of things to do. Most women will drive to the mall and spend hundreds of dollars on a few yoga pant sets, without ever feeling like a valued customer at any of those retail outlets. Fabletics is changing the way women shop for sports apparel, and it might be due to the fact co-founder Kate Hudson has her hands all over this company.


Here is why women are raving about the buying experience at Fabletics. The very first order you place, regardless if it is for a high-end pair of yoga pants or a three-piece workout set, the cost is $25 with free shipping. Even if the tag reads well over a hundred bucks, you get it delivered to your door for $25!


That alone would be enough to get most ladies excited about an online shopping experience, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. After you receive your first order, you are encouraged to come back to the Fabletics website and fill out a lifestyle Quiz. This quiz only takes a short time to complete, and once done you are rewarded with your VIP membership.


The VIP membership at Fabletics allows you to buy anything you like for the low price of $49.95 with free shipping. This price is locked, so if you buy today, tomorrow, or every month for a year, each item will never be more than $49.95 shipped to your front door. No more driving to the mall, no more paying full retail prices. At Fabletics, you get high-quality and affordable prices with free shipping!


Each VIP member will have what amounts to their own personal shopper too. This Fabletics associate will match a new item based on your quiz results, and offer it to you at the top of each month. If you love it, then it ships. You have the options to not accept it and shop on your own, or skip the month. You have 100% control, nothing ships without your approval first.


Let’s see what women around the web are saying about their unique shopping experience at Fabletics;


Tami said at Krazy Coupon Lady, “I love my yoga pants! I look forward to my new pair each month!”


Jenny says at A Foodie Stays Fit, “Each order is better than the last. I must have saved $200 in shipping alone!”


Dani commented at Trust Pilot, “I am a loyal customer, and i have all my workout buddies now shopping here!”

Fabletics Does Things Differently, Defining Their Success

Fabletics is subsidiary of JustFab, renamed TechStyle Fashion Group in 2006. It is an online subscription service that sells women’s sportswear and accessories, founded by JustFab founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson in 2013.



In the summer of 2015, Fabletics launched its first men’s activewear line, FL2. FL2 was launched alongside the brother of Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson. In the spring of 2016, Fabletics began selling dresses and swimsuits in addition to its “athleisure” products.



Since its founding, Fabletics has increased its revenue every year by 35 percent and has received an estimated worth of $250 million for its first three years. In 2015, the company opened its very first retail store, stocking its apparel based on their online trends. It is reported that Fabletics will open between 75 and 100 stores within the next five years.



It is a very difficult thing to do to take on the online fashion market when Amazon controls an astounding 20 percent of the market, but Fabletics is giving them a run for their money. They use the popularity of the ‘activewear’ movement and subscription model to sell their very popular products to customers. It’s a simply idea really, customers like brands that are ambitious. Combine that with the ease of the membership and it’s a winning combination.



The most successful brands in history have typically been defined by price and quality. In recent years, there has been a shift in these economics, making the normal combination no longer as successful. More things are important to consumers now like exclusive design, brand recognition, service, and customer experience.



Fabletic’s strategy is certainly paying off for the company. General Manager of the company, Gregg Throgmartin, believes that it is the design of the company that sets them apart. Fabletics is a more modern version of the valued brand that people have always been attracted to. Their business model affords them the opportunity to give their customers personalized service and trendy fashion at a much lower price than others. Fabletics knows what the consumers want and they give it to them.



With opening up stores and plans to keep doing so, Fabletics is obviously taking a different approach to this than anyone else. They use a “reverse showroom” method. Most places suffer in a retail setting because people browse the stores and then find a much cheaper version online when they get home. Fabletics works just the opposite. The customers’ browsing is now a positive thing. Most of the customers that enter the store are already members, while 25 percent of entering customers become members while they’re there.



The company doesn’t just choose random items to be placed on the shelves at their retail locations. Fabletics uses online local data about customers’ preferences so that they can stock their stores with items that will most likely appeal to the customers in that location. They use membership preferences, store heat-mapping data, and social media sentiment for decide which products to show.

Fabletics Is Doing The Part In Bringing Breast Cancer Awareness

The FTBC foundation is a well-known foundation in the UK, but those in the United States may not be as aware of the foundation as people in the UK are. One great way that the foundation is boosting their popularity is by working with Kate Hudson and her Fabletics company. Since Fabletics is the company to shop with for those who want to buy activewear, it makes sense that she would pair with the FTBC because they work with fashion companies to help bring about breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer is something that many women will suffer from, even though some men also suffer from the disease. The FTBC is trying their hardest to help search for a permanent cure for the disease, and the fight rages on.

The best way to help fight the disease is to not only bring awareness but to also raise money for breast cancer research, which is something that FTBC does. Kate is helping the cause by putting together a set of clothes that will directly represent breast cancer awareness with the color pink, even though it’s going to be a different shade of pink. Kate is excited about being the ambassador to the FTBC because she knows awareness for breast cancer is very important, so she specifically designed Capri pants, a sports bra, and a tank top said that will be a direct representation of the FTBC for breast cancer awareness.

The trendy three-piece set is already available for sale, and those who purchase the clothing can feel good to know that they’ll be helping a foundation that is solely there for the purpose of trying to fight against breast cancer. Fabletics has set its own name in the athletic wear division, and many of their competitors are trying their best to catch up. Even though there are extremely popular athletic wear brands out there, Fabletics is now known as one of them. Fabletics is in its third year of business, and Kate Hudson is the co-founder of the company and has been its greatest ally.

Since Kate was already very popular before creating the Fabletics company, her fame has only helped to propel the popularity of the Fabletics company. Those that want to buy anything from Fabletics can do so by going into a store or by shopping in their online store. Anyone who wants to get membership to Fabletics will get all kinds of discounts, which can be up to 50% off or more. First time members of the Fabletics company will also be able to get discounts that other members may not receive, and the membership fee is only $49.95 per month, which is a fee that is spendable in the store every month.

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Fabletics and The Subscription Model

One of the advantages that @Fabletics offers people is that they get to subscribe to the fashion retailer. They then get to pick out the outfit that they want. This could include the top, pants, and accessories to go with it. Whatever the method they use, they will be able to find outfits that they get to enjoy. One thing that could make people feel better is if they have on the type of clothes they like. It makes it even better when other people like the outfit that they have on. This would encourage them to find clothes that are similar.

While Fabletics is originally an online fashion retailer, it has expanded its business to include physical locations. This reaches more customers who are accustomed to the shopping experience of walking into a store, trying on a product and paying for it at the check out. Another advantage that a physical location is that people will be able to wear the product they buy right away as opposed to having to wait a little bit to receive the product of their choice. However, the subscription model of receiving clothes is a money saver for people that try it out.

Perhaps the main draw of Fabletics is the unique products that it has to offer customers. While customers are probably bored of the same active wear products that they see throughout the different stores, they probably have thought of workout clothes as more function than fashion. However, Fabletics is showing people that one could be fashionable in active clothing. As a result, people are trying out some of the fun clothes that will also give them more energy in a workout.

is especially something to look at for someone who has taken an interest in fashion and wants to develop her own style. The products that Fabletics offers is so stylish and elegant that one would not want to limit it to getting exercise. They would also love to wear it out to places where people meet and mingle. The material and the fit of the clothing makes for a comfortable fit that will also make the wearer feel confident and beautiful.


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