Stream Energy Introduces New Philanthropy Enterprise

Stream Energy is a thriving and dominant enterprise in the marketing industry that is successful and grossed more than $7 billion in profit back in 2005. The company renders home amenities, wireless, security services to specific states compatible with the services offered. Today, Stream is one of the leading resources in the sales business that has a distinctive business structure and employs a team of qualified executives that is there to add to the growth within in the company.

The growth has enabled Stream Energy to enhance and feature new services, like universal wireless plans, virtual MD, digital voice mail and more. Another highlight is the service is not only perfect; for home or business, but you can even take, it on the go if need be.

Stream Introduces New Philanthropy Enterprise and Lends A Helping Hand

On March 5, 2018, Stream Energy appeared in a post on the Dallas Patch that highlighted the company’s new philanthropy enterprise Stream Care. The company has a good reputation for giving back to its community or just lending a helping hand. They are one of the first companies to give a helping hand to Hurricane Harvey and assist their consumers through financial hardship.

Stream has also been aiming on a new project to reduce or eliminate homeless concerns in Dallas and recently collaborated with the Hope Supply company. Also aiming for the continuance on supporting homeless youth and contributing in supplying school tools and clothes. In addition, at a former social gathering event more than 700 Texas youth residents was awarded a free pass and free lunch while at the gathering event.

Partners of Stream Energy

As a subsidiary of Habitat for Humanity, Stream Energy assist families develop and create new homes as well restore existing houses. Habitat for humanity renders useful services for volunteer personnel and cost-effective finance housing. Families who participate in restoration or help in any sort in the development of homes will receive credit applied to the mortgages given. Red Cross also a subsidiary of Stream is a company that offers emergency support for families who experienced a disaster relief, lack of education and financial hardship.

Stream Energy Moves Into Delaware

On Tuesday, December 5, the Stream direct selling company added energy to the services they provide to the state of Delaware. They previously provided wireless, protective services, and home services. Other states that benefit from Stream Energy are Texas, Pennsylvania, New York-New Jersey, Georgia, Maryland, and Illinois. They also provide energy to Washington, D.C.


Delaware Stream Energy customers have two plans to choose from: a 6-month plan and a 12-month plan. The 6-month plan features a fixed rate priced 2 percent below the state’s previous electric provider. The 12-month plan is also fixed rate and is priced competitively.


Delaware is the second state Stream Energy added in 2017 (WeeklyOpinion). Administrators at the company state that they are enthusiastic about adding new markets and states to their family.


Stream Energy is a dynamic company with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. They provide wireless, protective and home services nation-wide in the United States and are expanding their energy services territory. Their services work together seamlessly, allowing their customers to stay connected wherever they go.


Stream Energy is known for its use of direct sales to evolve into the largest direct sales energy company on the planet ( The company was founded in 2005. In just 12 years, the company has grown its comprehensive, multilevel services through word of mouth by offering incentives to its customers. They have received many awards and recognitions over the years, including an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau and Most Innovative Marketer of the Year in 2016.


In addition to its business and customer service success, Stream Energy also has a history of caring. Their Green and Clean Energy Plan allows customers to purchase 100 percent of their energy from clean sources. They also provided charitable donations and waived fees for victims of recent storms.