ClassDojo Raises Millions to Keep Teachers and Parents Connected

TechCrunch recently published Ingrid Lunden’s article “ClassDojo, an App to Help Teachers and Parents Communicate Better, Raises $35M.” The article reveals how the platform has created a way for parents and teachers to communicate about their students in an easier way through a messaging app. This allows parents and teachers to keep regular contact with each other, on large and small updates. It recently raised $35 million in funding in the Series C round.

The money gained through the funding will be used to expand the communications app. Secondly, it will be used to test ways to monetize the service through their optional subscription service called Beyond School. Beyond School allows families to complement home tutorials with school work, creating small courses on mindfulness and studying habits. It has now raised more than $65 million but it might be ranking around $400 million. It was valued at $99 million when it was first valued. The boost in value might be because of the steady growth since 2011. It expanded to more than 95 percent of pre-k to eighth grade schools in the U.S. Nearly one in six families with a child in primary school uses the app each day. The U.S. has been the biggest market, but it is available in more than 180 countries. In Australia, Singapore, Spain, the U.K. and the UAE, the app is beginning to pick up momentum. It is used by nearly 25% of all primary school teachers.

The growth has been mostly by word of mouth, which is part of the reason why it hasn’t needed more funding. They also only have 40 employees. ClassDojo has kept a focus on their mission statement, trying to identify the biggest problems the teachers might have in communicating with their students. The app was designed to solve these communication issues. The app can often bridge the time between parent-teacher meetings, which often are longer than either the parent or teacher are comfortable with. The teacher might need to communicate more often with the parents to keep the children practicing the skills at home. They reveal that learning is about building relationships.

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Victoria Doramus Gives Back

Victoria Doramus is a compassionate, giving person and has given much of her time to many different good causes including to The Amy Winehouse Foundation and Room to Read. She’s also a volunteer for the Woman’s Prison Association.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation is a charity that educates young people about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse and also helps who are addicted to break free from their addictions. Many artists such as Nas and record executive Monte Lipman support the foundation as well. Drug and alcohol abuse is a real problem not only in the United States but all over the world. It may even be a bigger problem than many people realize. The foundation has done a lot of good and has even launched a program in schools in et United Kingdom to educate children in secondary schools about substance abuse. Victoria Doramus is a recovery expert which is why this foundation really hits home with her, and she’s able to support it so wholeheartedly.

Room to Read is all about empowering children with knowledge through reading. They are a nonprofit organization and is focused on achieving equal education for all genders. So far Room to Read has over 12,000 libraries and almost 1,500 schools in ten different countries including Vietnam, Zambia, South Africa, and India, to name a few. The program has provided E to almost 14,000 girls and has been awarded many awards and has gotten recognition from prestigious organizations such as Reader’s Digest and UNESCO.

Victoria Doramus supports Best Friends Animal Society where she volunteers her time. The society is the biggest no-kill shelter in the United States and around many regional programs. Because of its efforts and the efforts of its volunteers it has been possible to reduce the number of animals that are killed in shelters across America.

The Woman’s Prison Association runs many projects to help find solutions to problems. They provide mentoring services and legal services to incarcerated women who would otherwise not have any help. They have helped women throughout in the United States over the past 15 years.

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