Southridge Capital: The Growing Recognition Of Bitcoin

Southridge capital was established in 1996. Steven Hicks is the company’s founder and CEO. He feels that much of the success that his company has enjoyed is due to experience. Other companies have sought advice form Southridge Capital on matters such as financing and going public. One area that the CEO is very excited about is cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is now a common name to most and the original cryptocurrency, however, most people still lack an understating of the cryptos or the blockchain technology everyone is talking about. Governments and corporations all over the world recognize the true potential of the blockchain technology and they are all racing to establish their own cryptocurrencies.


According to PR Newswire, Bitcoin came out in 2009. Gradually individuals started to learn of Bitcoin. One of the attractions that many originally had to Bitcoin was that it was a currency that could not be manipulated by a central bank or government. Merchants began to accept Bitcoin as a medium of exchange for everyday use. Eventually, the market cap for all the cryptocurrencies soared to $300 billion, with Bitcoin accounting for over half. Southridge took notice of how some of the largest banks in the world were eager to get in on the action. It was not long after the financial institutions started talking of adopting Bitcoin that speculators were given the option to invest in Bitcoin in the futures market. The cryptocurrencies are disrupting other industries besides finance. Rick Hilton recently held an auction to sell a mansion for cryptocurrency. The platform that he sells his real estate is called Propy. This site utilizes the blockchain technology and allows customers to get the deeds to their property instantly. You can visit their website



Steven Hicks sees a bright future for the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. He has over thirty years working in finance. He believes in investing in companies with promising growth potential. Under his leadership, Southridge Capital has invested $1.8 billion in growth companies. Another area that Mr. Hicks feels is going to offer a high return to investors is the marijuana industry.



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