Get Your Place Cleaned Up And Repaired Through Handy

The cleaning and repair staff that Handy provides introductions for are all available for very reasonable rates. Their workers are so professional, often because they are actually moonlighting in their private time, but who actually have regular occupations with positions in those professions. The total flexible scheduling Handy enables makes it easy for such pros to work only when they want to, down to the hours specific for each day. Customers like Handy to quickly order help with big cleanup jobs, small jobs, and other types of maintenance and repair work that is so important to be done right, in order to keep your property’s value as high as possible.

Handy has been in business for two years and has already built up to $1 million per week, with a total of $52 million in annual revenues. Trying to do a professional job of repairing or cleaning your property by yourself leads to exhaustion and a possibly weak solution to the problem. The smart money is on the professionals, especially when the repair or cleaning job is really tough. The Handy service is the connection between customers and professional cleaning and repair technicians.

Workers through Handy charge just one of a few rates. Some charge $15 per hour, and anywhere from that low rate and up to $22 per hour. Each worker’s experience and professional expertise determines the rate they charge. After Handy took applications from 200,000 applicants, Handy went through full due diligence with each application being put through double background checks. The result from their initial hiring was 5,000 people.

According to, Handy is now available in the United States, England, and Canada. Many Handy technicians are experts in plumbing, electrical work, and carpentry. Cleaning jobs make up 85 percent of Handy’s work introductions. That means repair and other plumbing work make up the remaining 15 percent of their work. The growth of Handy is definitely connected to their online job management and intelligent smartphone application. These improvements made Handy’s workforce completely mobile. When you need a garage, shed, or storage room cleared and cleaned, go get Handy. Whether you are in a house, a condominium, or an apartment, Handy will schedule the right workers to arrive on time and do a great job for you.