Hippeas: The New Socially-Conscious Snack

Livio Bisterzo, CEO of Green Park Brands, has recently unveiled his company’s newest creation: Hippeas. Marketed as an organic alternative to processed snacks, Hippeas provides consumers with a healthier option for their snacking needs, without sacrificing any taste.

Designed as a simple chickpea puff, Hippeas provides the same crunch and texture that is common of other puff-type treats, but with significantly more nutritional value. As a result, consumers can snack on Hippeas without feeling guilty, or taking on extra weight. Perhaps most importantly, Hippeas don’t have any unnatural additives that would normally prevent a vegan from enjoying them. In addition, Hippeas are completely gluten-free.

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In addition to designing Hippeas with the organic snacking crowd in mind, Livio Bisterzo has also gone to great lengths to ensure that Hippeas provides consumers with a wide variety of flavors. As of right now, Hippeas come in several distinct flavors, including maple syrup, white cheddar, and the always popular sriracha. Although Livio Bisterzo has invested considerably in marketing Hippeas to millennials, it’s really a healthy snack alternative that’s perfect for all ages.

In fact, the success of Hippeas has prompted others within the industry to recognize it for outstanding achievement. Food Vision USA recently revealed that Hippeas will be one of its featured guests in Chicago this year as an industry trailblazer.

For those that don’t regularly enjoy snacks, there’s still another reason to consider Hippeas. Due to a charity initiative associated with the product, whenever customers purchase Hippeas, a portion of the money is donated directly to Farm Africa. For those unaware, Farm Africa is a charity organization that is designed to help the chickpea farmers in East Africa who regularly contribute to the development of Hippeas. Everytime a person buys Hippeas, they’re helping to improve the lives of the farmers in East Africa.

For his part, Livio Bisterzo is no stranger to developing socially conscious brands. As a part of his mission to bring social awareness to food brands, Bisterzo developed Green Park Brands from the ground-up with innovation in mind. Hippeas may be a “trailblazer” for now, but it’s Bisterzo’s intent that many other products follow suit and bring a greater social and cultural impact to the world.

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