How Felipe Montoro Jens Made It To The Top Of Brazil’s Infrastructure Industry

Felipe Montoro Jens has long been seen as one of the titans of Brazil’s infrastructure world; however, nobody ever starts at the top of their chosen industry. As a result, Mr. Montoro Jens had to work hard and become extremely successful before getting to where he is. Mr. Montoro Jens’ career naturally first began when he graduated from college; in his case, he pursued an undergraduate degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation before ultimately going on to do a graduate degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Visit his website to learn more.

With this academic foundation, Felipe Montoro Jens was able to start building a solid career in the infrastructure world. To date, the industry giant has worked with a wide range of companies in the industry; throughout this time, he’s held a variety of different positions. Because of that, Mr. Montoro Jens has been able to learn the industry from the ground up. Through this time, he’s frequently been outspoken about where Brazilian infrastructure can be improved upon, and how exactly both private businesses and governments can tackle any significant issues.

During this time, he’s advocated for a variety of Public-Private Partnerships for a few different projects. Chief among these was his involvement in upgrading a children’s hospital so that it would be able to treat everyone under the age of 18; before that the hospital was only able to treat children under 16, leaving 16-18 year old’s with nowhere else to go.Throughout his career, Felipe Montoro Jens has been the Executive Officer at both Concessionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo 2 and Concessionaria Interoceanica Sur Tramo 3.

Over that time, Mr. Montoro Jens has held a variety of positions with Odebrecht Infra Estrutura Logisticas SGPS SA. These include the likes of Principal, Head of Finance and most recently Chairman. He also serves as Chairman for Arboreoland Empreendimentos Imobiliários.

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Role of Michael Nierenberg at New Residential Investment Corp

Michael Nierenberg is a well-known business professional in the United States. He has a holder of bachelor’s degree in business administration and has worked with investment companies in the country which are of high profile. He is dedicated to delivering quality and professional services, and that is what makes him be a highly prolific person in the business sector. Michael is now the Chief Executive Officer of the New Residential Investment Corp which is an in=vestment company based in the USA, and it deals with investing in Real Estates.

Michael was named the CEO of the company in 2016, and he doubles as the Presidents. He is also the chairperson of the board of directors and the one responsible for the growth and development of the fir. Michael works in conjunction with the logistics team to ensure the prosperity of the company.

As an entrepreneur, Michael Nierenberg has a partnership with the company, and he is recognized as a millionaire by Forbes with his net worth being $ 16.5 million. He owns 60 000 units of the New Residential Investment Corp. The highly experienced businessman sells more than 360 000 units in every 129 days as he struggles to leverage the productivity of the firm.

Before New Residential, Michael used to work as the Head of Securitized products at Bank of America Merrill Lynch as well as at JP Morgan. He has also worked at Bear Stearns and Fortress Capital where he still works as the Managing Director.

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HGGC Continues to Lead the Middle-Market Private Equity Industry

For a good number of years now, HGGC has led middle market private equity firms and this trend is not about to change anytime soon. The firm has put together a multi-talented team of professionals who have propelled them to unmatched success. Their top managers share years of experience in operations and collective deals.
The firm has also made the most of their partnerships to have a lasting impact in the industry. They have successfully incorporated their partners’ interests in their action plans. Success for the partners results in the success of HGGC. They have created a win-win situation that continues to draw admiration from different quarters.
Middle market businesses had to deal with the monopoly of multi million companies for a long time. The entry of HGGC into the fray marked the start of a revolution in the private equity industry. The firm has a deep understanding of the practices of global corporations. They introduce these practices to middle market businesses which go on to leave an impressive trail of remarkable results.
The Palo Alto based firm has cumulative capital commitments that are in the excess of $4.3 billion. Their ‘Advantaged Investing’ model has ensured that they have remained at the top throughout their illustrious history. HGGC works with sponsors and founders to acquire scalable ventures. Management teams also form part of their indomitable partnerships.
Their aggregate transaction value is equally impressive. In less than five years, HGGC has taken part in deals that are valued at $15 billion. These transactions have come in the form of platform investments and recapitalizations. The firm has also tried out its hand in liquidity events and add-on acquisitions to great success much to the delight of their partners.
In 2017, they invested heavily in FPX in a bid to help the firm increase its global reach. Having acquired the Configure Price Quote solutions company in 2016, the middle-market private equity firm had every intention of capitalizing on numerous opportunities. This transaction is one of the many that highlights the firm’s aptitude in investment.
E-commerce platforms are the greatest beneficiaries of their activities. HGGC has shown no signs of slowing down and partners can still look forward to greater days ahead.

FlávioMaluf’s Take On Brazil’s Food Wastage

FlávioMaluf is one of the reputable entrepreneurs and businesspersons in Brazil. Maluf was born on December 2, 1961, in São Paulo to a business and political family. Having been raised in such a family put him in a clear lane of success in business. He currently operates Eucatex, a business venture started by his father. The Engineer turned entrepreneur obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree at Armando ÁlvaresPenteado Foundation. However, Maluf did not put all his effort into engineering but instead chose to diversify his skills to entrepreneurship. He acquired his business administration degree from New York University. Before settling to work in the Eucatex, the family business, Maluf worked in different Brazilian companies like Citicorp in business management. The exposure from such companies strengthened his skills to run Eucatex professionally from 1987. Learn more at about Flavio Maluf

According to Flavio Maluf, Eucatex comes from the name eucalyptus, the raw material used by the company for making civil construction products and slabs for the furniture industry. Apart from Eucatex, Maluf owns Grandfood, a supermarket that specializes in foodstuffs. Through his experience in the two companies, Maluf has a keen eye in studying agricultural waste in Brazil as he continues to produce environmentally friendly and sustainable products. He notes that food in Brazil is wasted at an alarming rate. According to Maluf, the daily wastage of food is equivalent to three times a meal for one person daily.

Additionally, the European Union found out that 73% of the wasted food consists of beans, rice, chicken, and meat, the most expensive foods. To address this problem, FlávioMaluf is working closely with the environment ministry to educate Brazilians on food wastage. The training will primarily touch on the buying habits of the Brazilians. Additionally, they will learn about the dietary value of foods because many of them consume junk. Maluf is also working on ways to reduce the wastage of other resources like energy, water, and labor.

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Meet Peter Briger: A Titan In The Investment And Finance World

Peter Briger is one of the famous and well-repudiated businessmen. It won’t be wrong if he’s called as the titan in the sector or world of business and finance. He is considered to be among the elite 400 top businessmen and professionals throughout the world. Pete Briger is serving as a Chairman and the President of the famous, renowned investing company known as Fortress Investment Group. Once he was a partner of another company which is known as Goldman Sachs and Co, Briger. The company had played a very important role by creating and crediting to make the Investment Group bloom in every aspect. Peter Briger has served more than 15 years in Goldman Sachs. After which Briger joined this investing company known as Fortress Investment Group in the year 2002.

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Briger is looking and supervising the real estate business regarding the credit fund within the divisions of the Fortress Investment Group. The main hit and the primary concern of the company are with the miserable and distressed debt. It also shows more significant interest with illiquid installment and investment.

Peter Briger has done his Bachelors from the University of Princeton and has perused his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania and their renowned school of business known as Wharton School of Business. He gained a lot of experience and was a dedicated and a die heart professional. He was able to polish his skills and his expertise during his stay in the investment company. He is financially very stable that somewhat shows that he was able to be a partner at the renown and reputable band, as a Chief Executive Officer in the Fortress.

Peter Briger played a very important and credible role by kicking the Fortress Investment Company to the level of growth and prosperity. Fortress Investment Company is a large and huge company that manages investments in the form of assets. The assets are of more than $65 billion worth. Peter Briger being the CEO enjoys an important seat at the company.



Shervin Pishevar Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar immigrated to the United States when he was young. His family moved from Iran to pursue various economic opportunities.

Shervin is one of the most prominent investors in Silicon Valley. Throughout his career, he has made wise investments in new companies. He was an early investor in both Uber and Airbnb. He made millions of dollars from these investments. His latest success occurred when Unilever purchased Dollar Shave Club. Shervin had a significant investment stake in Dollar Shave Club.

Shervin recently made the news when he predicted various aspects of the future. Most of the predictions were grim. He tweeted for nearly an entire day about various economic issues facing the United States.


Shervin Pishevar believes that the United States is headed for a massive financial crisis. He thinks the primary contributor of the next recession will be the debt levels of the United States government. He tweeted about how much debt the United States adds each year. He has no hope that any politician will make tough decisions to reduce the annual deficit.

Consumer debt levels are also rising. After the recession in 2008, many people paid down debt and increased their savings. However, consumers have returned to spending a large percentage of their income.


Another major issue facing the United States is young people moving to other countries in search of jobs. Shervin Pishevar believes that automation will destroy multiple industries in the United States. He concludes that millions of young people will move to other nations in search of jobs. If this prediction starts coming true, it could signal a substantial economic problem in the United States.


Shervin Pishevar thinks that the education system in the United States is ineffective. As a result, he proposed various changes to government leaders. He believes that technology should be a much larger emphasis in schools than it is today. He also suggested making coding classes mandatory for anyone attending high school.

Rick Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides & InnovaCare Health

Receiving high-quality healthcare is something that everyone should have access to no matter the age, race or creed. InnovaCare Health, a leader in managed-healthcare services, specializes in meeting the demands of its clients. This particular company has been around for more than 20 years, and it has set a new precedent in managed healthcare services. In totality, InnovaCare Health has up to 120 years of experience in this exclusive field. Expertise in healthcare is what this company is all about, and it definitely lives up to the hype. InnovaCare Health does a great job of creating value-based models for the most complex populations.

When it comes to supreme leadership, InnovaCare is no slouch in this department. Rick Shinto, the company’s president and CEO, has been here since the inception of the business. Shinto has a proven track record of success. This man has more than 20 years of operational and clinical-healthcare experience. His excellence in the topic at hand has caused an increase in patient satisfaction as well as much better financial performance. Shinto has held down many prominent positions, and he has worked for numerous high-profile companies that are healthcare-related. This man was the CEO of Aveta Healthcare for at least four years, and he was the CMO for Medical Pathways Management Company between 1995 – 1997. Earlier in 2018, he was recognized as one the Top 25 Minority Executive in Healthcare. “It’s an honor to be recognized alongside of a diverse group of healthcare leaders,” said Shinto.

InnovaCare Health has another fine professional at the top of the ranks, and her name is Penelope Kokkinides. This particular woman has also put in up to 20 years of hard work at a number of prominent positions. Kokkinides is this company’s Chief Administrative Officer. Before she held down this particular position, she was the company’s Chief Operating Officer. She also has a knack for improving efficiencies and organizational infrastructure thanks to her extensive knowledge in clinical programs. InnovaCare Health has basically set the bar extremely high in managed-healthcare services, but who knows what’s next for this New Jersey-based healthcare provider.

How Peter Briger is Redefining the Alternative Investment Market

Assets management is a unique niche in the financial world. For more than 20 years, Peter Briger has been a trendsetter in this particular field due to his unmatched leadership skills and approach to work. Due to his experience and approach to this niche, he has worked for the best organizations in this financial field. As the person in charge of the Fortress oversees business expansion, Briger has proved that alternative investments in overseas market is a variable business idea. Thanks to his leadership, the company currently has active functional entities in more than three continents now. This expansion is currently one of the most interesting business venture Fortress is currently pursuing. Read the article at Wikipedia to learn more.

The Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania (MBA) graduate is, however, more synonymous with his contributions to the growth of the credit section (at Fortress). As the person in charge of this important section of Fortress, he has been instrumental in shielding the company from losses and bad business. Peter Briger has remarkably protected the company from the recent financial crisis in Asia and around the world. This success is, however, possible with the help of over 500 trained and qualified professionals under his leadership. In addition to managing one of the biggest sections of Fortress, he has been in charge of more than $100 billion worth of investment for the last 16 years.

Due to his outstanding contributions at Fortress, he is currently one of the most sorts after professionals in financial regulatory bodies in the USA. As part of the vast Global Control and Compliance Committee, he has been able to contribute to financial issues at a global level. The trust these bodies have on Peter Briger cements his position in the investment world.

Apart from excellent work in the world of numbers, he is also passionate about human-oriented projects. Tipping Point has been an organization where Peter Briger contributes to the wellbeing of many families, which do not have stable incomes. In addition to working on projects for families from lower income, he is also a believer that education is important. Through Caliber Schools, he has been able to contribute to this dream of quality education.

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Steve Ritchie Rise to Power in Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie started working as a customer service representative of Papa John’s in 1996 and used to be paid 6 US Dollars hourly. Mr. Ritchie became the operator and the franchise owner of Papa John’s in 2006. He started serving in growing capacities of leadership in operations in 2010 until he became the CEO, Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s in 2014. In 2015, incorporated into the succession plan for the top job of the company and was made the President of the Company.

John Schnatter, the founder of Papa John’s, stated that he was profoundly proud of Steve Ritchie due to his outstanding excellence at each of his job at this company. He noted that Mr. Ritchie has served in several positions which range from working as an hourly customer service representative to a delivery driver, to the general manager of the store, to the operations director and finally as the President. He also added that Steve has the full potential to put the attention on their pizza and the most critical part which involves the members of their team. He also noted that they could not have any better leader to run Papa John’s via its next stage of growth and development other than Steve Ritchie.

As the CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie is expected to lead the company through global development. He is also expected to facilitate other services such as marketing brand, the evolution of both digital and customer experience. To attain his goals and objectives, Mr. Ritchie hired various experts to ensure that his ideas are put into reality. Some of the people that he hired include Mike Nettles as the Chief Information and Digital Officer, Brandon Rhoten as the other digital-first creation agency of record and the Chief Marketing Office. He also added Laundry Service and emphasized on technology and digital marketing. However, the critical focus of the company will mainly be on the team members.

In his remarks, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns affirmed that he is greatly humbled for this position. He also noted that they would deliver the world-class services that their customers are in search of by concentrating on their team members.

See Steve Ritchie’s open letter on Facebook or Twitter.

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Dr. Mark Mckenna Founder of OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna attended Tulane University Medical school in New Orleans. He is licensed to perform surgery and practice medicine in both Florida and Georgia. After Graduating from Tulane, he went directly into practice with his father, who is also a doctor.

Before starting OVME, Dr. Mark McKenna sharpened his entrepreneurial skills as a real estate investor. He ran his business, McKenna Venture Investments, very successfully until hurricane Katrina wiped out most of the real estate in New Orleans, where the business was located. Dr. Mark McKenna’s strong desire to help people drove him back to medicine after the hurricane devastation. He also went back to school to earn an MBA with a concentration on entrepreneurship.

Using the same business model as Uber, OVME was created. OVME, pronounced,(“Of Me”) is an aesthetics company that helps to connect people with healthcare providers. Still in its preliminary stages, patients are matched according to what their aesthetic needs would be. Dr. Mark McKenna is very aware of the growing industry of aesthetics for both men and women. His new OVME platform is designed to help busy individuals who desire these treatments to schedule appointments via an OVME app. Then, when the procedure permits, a nurse practitioner would be dispatched to the patients location for procedures to be done in the comfort of their home or office. Currently, these procedures would still need to be done at Dr. McKenna’s clinic. However, the future of OVME is a virtual consultation where concerns are addresses and any questions are answered before a doctor or treatment plan is advised.

Dr. McKenna’s vision and success with past businesses has not gone unnoticed. An Atlanta bases venture capitalist firm has invested $4 million dollars into the OVME business and marketing plan. OVME is well on its way to becoming another successful business for Dr. Mark McKenna.