Background Information on End Citizens United

The End Citizens United group can be defined as having changed the landscape of the American politics. The End Citizens United is a grassroots Political Action Committee that is funded by donors. The group is keen on supporting the election of finance reformers who would help transform the USA. The headquarters of the group is in Washington DC with Tiffany Muller serving both as the director and president of the organization. The organization was created in 2013 and has been in active operations for three years. In the past, the group has secured the endorsement of politicians such as Zephyr, Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton, and Elizabeth Warren. The organization is credited for its active role in supporting Hilary Clinton.

During the 2016 elections, it was viewed as been one of the most influential outside groups supporting Maggi Hassan and Cortez Masto for the senatorial positions. In the listed races, the End Citizens United spent more than 4.4 million dollars. It milky raises its funds from donors and well-wishers. Through driving out substantial financial donations in the USA politics, the organization hopes to attain the necessary reforms in the USA. By contribution financial to its candidates, the team hopes to push for the election of campaign-finance reforms champions. Its first electing participation was in 2016 where it recorded credible performances. Read this article at Chronicle of Week to know more.

Problems being addressed by End Citizens United

The operations of the group are centered on the Citizens United VS. F.E.C. Supreme Court Ruling in 2010. The ruling created doors for cooperation, activist groups and billionaires to make unlimited contributions to their candidates. However, the group argues that the decision has led to a lack of accountability. The argument rests on the fact that many billionaires have been found t0o influence the leaders to initiate policies that are in their foamier. It holds that the sovereignty and independence of the offices are affected. Rather than pursuing the interest of the electorates, most of the candidates are keen to meet the interest of the financiers. The missions of the group are thus to end politics that are based on money that lead to rigging. By suppressing the influence the billionaires have on politics, the group helps to attain better political leaders.

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4 Ways George Soros Is Helping The Left Recover

2016 has not given George Soros much to cheer about. In America Republican nominee Donald Trump has won the presidential election and Congress remains under Republican control. In Europe political inflammation has promoted the rise of nativists and other conservative movements popular support. However Soros sees a way to help the left recover and protect its legacy. Although there aren’t many direct means of defending themselves available, Soros will find a way to help liberals survive.

He Is Leading The Progressive Donors
As the world’s most successful hedge fund manager George Soros is perhaps the most important donor to progressive causes. This year he used his $25 billion dollar fortune to its fullest. He donated more than $8 million dollars to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton and $500 million to aid the integration of recent Syrian migrants into European society. The former donations were ultimately in vain as her rival Trump managed to secure an electoral college victory despite spending less money. With the success of Brexit and the potential victories of Marie Le Pen and others of the European Right it remains unknown if his efforts in Europe will pay off.

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Finding A Way To Stop Trump
George Soros has made it clear he is opposed to the political goals of Donald Trump. Ever since Trump secured the nomination in July Soros has made speaking out against him a past time. He has called the president elect of the United States a fascist and compares his proposed policies to a dictatorship. Working with the Democratic Alliance, an organization consisting of progressive donors, George Soros now seeks to find ways to support Democrats seeking to fight against current the currently Republican controlled federal government and conservative goals such as stricter immigration laws.

Supporting The Refugee Migration
Due to the recent civil war in Syria many Syrians have left their country for the safety of Europe. Unfortunately their reception in Europe is to say the least lukewarm. Migrants are often considered a source of crime and a burden on the welfare systems of their host countries. As a victim of the Holocaust George Soros sees past this rhetoric and wants to help these migrants integrate into Europe. The 500 million euro donation he made this summer is going specially towards creating educational programs and business investments for the Syrian migrant community in hopes of creating a better future for them.

He’s Looking To Overhaul The Justice System
This year there was one area where Soros seemed to have some success: reforming the justice system. Advocating for African American and Hispanic candidates George Soros has spent 2016 advocating for changes to American criminal policy. In particular he has targeted district attorney campaigns through the country. Key states of interest for Soros include Florida, New Mexico, and Texas where large numbers of nonwhites and large prison populations coexist. Although most of these district attorneys have not met George Soros that find his support incredibly helpful for their campaigns.

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