Organo Gold Says Sharing Is Caring

Known for its healthy coffee, Organo Gold has partnered with a non-profit organization that empowers impoverished women. The company is using recycled items from their Organo Gold empty sachets to produce innovative “Bags for Life” products, with proceeds returned back to those involved in manufacturing them: women.

Sustainability Pays Off

Organo Gold is introducing their “sharing and caring” initiative around the world with high, ecological production standards and showing responsibility in giving back. The company has set a goal to manufacture 5,000 bags this year.

For decades, sustainability has often been used as a buzzword – and yet not always used correctly. It means a use of resources that does not go beyond the level of natural regeneration capacity. Sustainability in companies is increasingly important because economical handling of resources reduces costs and it can secure the future viability of our planet.

About The Company

The company has been developing, manufacturing and selling neutracetical beverages for a decade now. Taking the world’s favorite drink and enriching it with healthy components like Ganoderma lucidum mushrooms, is what Organo Gold began doing in 2008. From coffee to tea and hot cocoa, they developed full line of products that has grown to now include personal care and weight management items.

Organo Gold has also kept in the mind the solution for the consumer: how can the consumer prosper? how can we help with longevity? Their solution began with healthy beverages and now they’ve placed a high priority on helping an impoverished crowd. Producing recycled, innovative products means taking on responsibility, and every piece created incorporates a piece of lifeblood. This commitment is reflected in all areas of the company.

To keep up with current events and immerse yourself in Organo Gold and their new sustainability efforts, visit them on Crunchbase to see all the latest news.

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KOI IXS Uses Edwin Miranda’s Vision To Be Successful

KOI IXS is not like other marketing agencies.

One of the problems with most marketing agencies is that they promise that they can have full access to a client’s customer base. It turns that they are actually a technological tool to do what they promise. They are just an intermediary between the technology and the client. It would be good to find a marketing agency that will keep their technological promise.

KOI IXS does fulfill their promises. They do it with a large, passionate, talented group of thinkers,
designers, strategists, and creators, Whatever KOI IXS, it makes sure that ir does with passion. With this passion, this company has become a leader in marketing sector in Puerto Rico.

Edwin Miranda, a founder of KOI IXS, had a vision when he started the company. This agency is based on an idea that he had when he was 21 years old. The company has passion and desire to bring his idea to reality. This passion still exists today.

Edwin Miranda believes that the company uses its creative talents to develop work that is worthwhile. With its creative talent, it has a rich history and still has a passion for marketing technology. He thinks that companies have an edge when they use their services.

A marketing company today should have many parts that work successfully together. Technology makes it impossible for just one person to deal with it. There are just too many platforms and too many marketing strategies. It is almost impossible for one person to do all the tasks.

Edwin admits that he could not be successful with his staff. He knows that a person should surround himself or herself with a staff that a person can trust. A business cannot grow with just one person. A person should delegate duties to other people.

Good staff and passion is what makes KOI IXS different form other marketing agencies.

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Steve Lesnard’s Keys To Product Marketing Success

Steve Lesnard has been seen as somewhat of an innovator in the integrated marketing and consumer field for the last several years. Because of that, he’s been able to successfully market some products across digital media in a variety of niches. Due to this success, he’s developed a keen eye for how to properly and effectively market products online; his success has led him to focus on two key principles to make sure a companies product marketing is as successful as possible.

The first of these is keeping the message simple. When it comes to the likes of social media and other digital advertising, many people only pay a fraction of attention to ads unless their attention is grabbed. A simple, attractive message not only grabs their attention but doesn’t waste their time; having an overly detailed ad will put off many potential customers which is why companies desperately need to avoid it. Because of that, a simple message focusing on the core benefit of the product that you’re selling is essential. Companies may be able to get away with two or three benefits, depending on how they’re able to craft the overall message. The main point Steve Lesnard makes, however, is to keep it as simple as possible.

Steve Lesnard’s second fundamental principle of online product marketing is to show off your product in action. Words will only get you so far, but videos and images will go a lot farther than the written word could. A picture is worth a thousand words, so the appropriate use of media can be extremely effective. Many customers want to see a product in action before they buy, especially if they’re going to be purchasing it online. Once you’ve crafted your core marketing message and singled out the benefits of your product that you’ll be focusing on, it’s time to create some high-quality images and videos in order to properly show the product off.

With digital media, companies have all the tools they need to take advantage of the likes of images and videos. Using the right blend mixed in with other content can prove to be extremely effective in marketing your product.


A man who Directed two Banks at the same time, Michael Nierenberg

Michael Nierenberg is a very passionate and hardworking man holding several positions in several high profile companies. He is the head of the board of directors, the current president and the Chief Executive Officer at the New Residential Investment Co-operation.Besides being top personnel in this company Michael Nierenberg is also a managing director at the famous Fortress Investment Group. at this company, he plays significant roles to see the company succeed in all its endeavors.

Michael Nierenberg has also worked in many other companies before working for these high-end companies. He served the Bank of America Merrill Lynch as a managing director and in charge of mortgage and the product securitization. He was responsible for all the sells activities in the entire Division. He started to work in this bank from 2008 November.

He has also worked for JP Morgan as the head of the Global securitized products. He was also a member of the management committee of this investment bank. This is a position he took based on his performance in the previous posts with Bear Steams.

At Bear Steams he worked as the head of interest rates plus the operation of the exchange rates, the member of the company’s board. He also co-headed mortgage-backed security business and the structured products.

He was also a member of the board of directors at Bear Stearns for two years from 2006 to 2008. He was very instrumental in the building the adjustments of mortgage of the company which later prompted the company to declare him the company’s director at Lehman Brothers. This skill has made him feature in various media houses as a person with tremendous leadership skills.


Michael Nierenberg is well known for his exceptional leadership skills. He has climbed the ladders of leadership in high profile companies over a short period. It is even unusual to find that he worked as the director of two different firms at the same time yet the banks realize great profits simultaneously. He also served ass the board member OF Lehman Brothers and on seeing his advanced and professional leadership skills, he was wholeheartedly declared their director.

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Shervin Pishevar Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar immigrated to the United States when he was young. His family moved from Iran to pursue various economic opportunities.

Shervin is one of the most prominent investors in Silicon Valley. Throughout his career, he has made wise investments in new companies. He was an early investor in both Uber and Airbnb. He made millions of dollars from these investments. His latest success occurred when Unilever purchased Dollar Shave Club. Shervin had a significant investment stake in Dollar Shave Club.

Shervin recently made the news when he predicted various aspects of the future. Most of the predictions were grim. He tweeted for nearly an entire day about various economic issues facing the United States.


Shervin Pishevar believes that the United States is headed for a massive financial crisis. He thinks the primary contributor of the next recession will be the debt levels of the United States government. He tweeted about how much debt the United States adds each year. He has no hope that any politician will make tough decisions to reduce the annual deficit.

Consumer debt levels are also rising. After the recession in 2008, many people paid down debt and increased their savings. However, consumers have returned to spending a large percentage of their income.


Another major issue facing the United States is young people moving to other countries in search of jobs. Shervin Pishevar believes that automation will destroy multiple industries in the United States. He concludes that millions of young people will move to other nations in search of jobs. If this prediction starts coming true, it could signal a substantial economic problem in the United States.


Shervin Pishevar thinks that the education system in the United States is ineffective. As a result, he proposed various changes to government leaders. He believes that technology should be a much larger emphasis in schools than it is today. He also suggested making coding classes mandatory for anyone attending high school.

Cloudwick Employs Open Source Adaptive Security as Protection Against Data Breaches

Data breaches have become a significant threat to companies and their customers alike in the last few years. With personal information being stolen as a result of these breaches, corporations are faulted for their failure to protect consumers. One tech company is offering corporations their expertise in data security.

As a business, Cloudwick is focused on providing data analytics and cybersecurity to large companies such as Comcast, JP Morgan, and Target (among others). A primary goal of theirs is to combat “malware, ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), insider threats, denial of service, botnets and nation state attacks.” With this goal in mind, Cloudwick utilizes Open Source Adaptive Security (OSAS).

Many security systems rely on analysis of event-driven architecture (EDA), examining changes within a system (such as a customer’s account changing from “logged out” to “logged in”), otherwise known as “events.” Some of these events are benign, such as legitimate transactions, while others indicate foul play. Cloudwick claims that while most cybersecurity options for businesses can only analyze millions of events daily, OSAS allows them to analyze billions of events each day. Furthermore, OSAS is designed to reduce the number of “false positives” produced by analysis, ideally ensuring that companies spend less time dealing with erroneously-reported attacks and more time addressing genuine threats. OSAS is meant to be a more powerful, more efficient cybersecurity solution.

As the information age continues to advance rapidly, such measures are becoming increasingly necessary. For the sake of consumers, corporations need to beef up their cybersecurity in order to maintain pace with the kind of threats they are likely to encounter. Failure to do so has aroused the ire of customers, and rightfully so. When people give money to a company, and they trust that company with their personal information, they should be assured that such a choice will not result in disaster. Accordingly, tech companies are competing to provide corporations and their customers that peace of mind. Cloudwick strives to be at the forefront of that competition.


Rick Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides & InnovaCare Health

Receiving high-quality healthcare is something that everyone should have access to no matter the age, race or creed. InnovaCare Health, a leader in managed-healthcare services, specializes in meeting the demands of its clients. This particular company has been around for more than 20 years, and it has set a new precedent in managed healthcare services. In totality, InnovaCare Health has up to 120 years of experience in this exclusive field. Expertise in healthcare is what this company is all about, and it definitely lives up to the hype. InnovaCare Health does a great job of creating value-based models for the most complex populations.

When it comes to supreme leadership, InnovaCare is no slouch in this department. Rick Shinto, the company’s president and CEO, has been here since the inception of the business. Shinto has a proven track record of success. This man has more than 20 years of operational and clinical-healthcare experience. His excellence in the topic at hand has caused an increase in patient satisfaction as well as much better financial performance. Shinto has held down many prominent positions, and he has worked for numerous high-profile companies that are healthcare-related. This man was the CEO of Aveta Healthcare for at least four years, and he was the CMO for Medical Pathways Management Company between 1995 – 1997. Earlier in 2018, he was recognized as one the Top 25 Minority Executive in Healthcare. “It’s an honor to be recognized alongside of a diverse group of healthcare leaders,” said Shinto.

InnovaCare Health has another fine professional at the top of the ranks, and her name is Penelope Kokkinides. This particular woman has also put in up to 20 years of hard work at a number of prominent positions. Kokkinides is this company’s Chief Administrative Officer. Before she held down this particular position, she was the company’s Chief Operating Officer. She also has a knack for improving efficiencies and organizational infrastructure thanks to her extensive knowledge in clinical programs. InnovaCare Health has basically set the bar extremely high in managed-healthcare services, but who knows what’s next for this New Jersey-based healthcare provider.

Stream Cares is a Huge Part of Stream Energy

Stream Energy and its new philanthropic wing were recently featured on Stream Energy is a Dallas based company that provides their associates with energy, who then market it to various companies. Stream Energy, its employees, and its associates are passionate about the communities they work in, and they want to be involved in charitable causes. For that reason, Stream Energy has set up a foundation called Stream Cares to help causes around Texas.

They were moved to action after seeing the devastation from Hurricane Harvey in Houston, but they have been giving to charities for over a decade. They are focused on issues that affect Texas, but they are most focused on the problems faced by the Dallas community. They have formed a partnership with Hope Supply Co to offer help throughout Texas. Stream Energy is using its profits to give back some much needed help to their customers.

They see homelessness as a huge problem in Dallas, and it is one that has only become worse in the last few years. They are particularly moved by the plight of homeless children in Dallas. Stream Cares raises money for everything from diapers to school supplies for children, but they do much more than just donate money. They and their employees want to give up their time to help the children, and they recently took a group of kids to a water park. For children like this it is a rare opportunity to have some fun. Stream Energy’s employees also enjoyed the experience, and they are always looking for ways to help those less fortunate. They know that donating time and effort is just as important as the money they give.

Stream Cares has also done work with veterans and their families, and they recently invited ten daughters of veterans to a function in which they all received toys.

How Peter Briger is Redefining the Alternative Investment Market

Assets management is a unique niche in the financial world. For more than 20 years, Peter Briger has been a trendsetter in this particular field due to his unmatched leadership skills and approach to work. Due to his experience and approach to this niche, he has worked for the best organizations in this financial field. As the person in charge of the Fortress oversees business expansion, Briger has proved that alternative investments in overseas market is a variable business idea. Thanks to his leadership, the company currently has active functional entities in more than three continents now. This expansion is currently one of the most interesting business venture Fortress is currently pursuing. Read the article at Wikipedia to learn more.

The Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania (MBA) graduate is, however, more synonymous with his contributions to the growth of the credit section (at Fortress). As the person in charge of this important section of Fortress, he has been instrumental in shielding the company from losses and bad business. Peter Briger has remarkably protected the company from the recent financial crisis in Asia and around the world. This success is, however, possible with the help of over 500 trained and qualified professionals under his leadership. In addition to managing one of the biggest sections of Fortress, he has been in charge of more than $100 billion worth of investment for the last 16 years.

Due to his outstanding contributions at Fortress, he is currently one of the most sorts after professionals in financial regulatory bodies in the USA. As part of the vast Global Control and Compliance Committee, he has been able to contribute to financial issues at a global level. The trust these bodies have on Peter Briger cements his position in the investment world.

Apart from excellent work in the world of numbers, he is also passionate about human-oriented projects. Tipping Point has been an organization where Peter Briger contributes to the wellbeing of many families, which do not have stable incomes. In addition to working on projects for families from lower income, he is also a believer that education is important. Through Caliber Schools, he has been able to contribute to this dream of quality education.

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Recap of Information on HGGC

HGGC hired Dan Stanko as principal and also hired three executive directors: Chad Clawson, Bennett Nussbaum and Scott St. Clair. Matt Roesch got promoted to Vice President. The company merged its portfolio with General Atlantic in 2018 in order to counteract the “Amazon effect”. HGGC had a direct dialogue with the companies under General Atlantic instead of an auction process. Under General Atlantic is the company Mi9 Retail, who they will merge with its portfolio company, MyWebGrocer. As companies such as Sears keep filing for bankruptcy protection, HGGC found it imperative to find a solution to the Amazon effect that brick and mortar stores are experiencing. According to Pitchbook, HGGC is taking over HelpSystems for $1.2 billion and was in talks to complete a $555 million patent purchase of RPX, before it closed the deal.

HGGC was co-founded by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young. HGGC is a leading middle-market private equity firm and has more than $4.3 billion in cumulative capital commitments. It’s based in Palo Alto, California and believes in an “Advantaged Investing” approach. The company has completed more than 90 investments and acquisitions. THey typically invest between $50 and $100 million into its new investments.

Colin Phinisey has joined the team to lead capital market efforts and Christopher Guinn joined as Executive director. These additions to their team come from financial and business brands, which they believe will help it to execute its investment strategy that has helped the company to become so successful in recent years. The company has tripled its revenue and EBITDA, and doubled its staff since July 2016. They have plans to continue to build their team with excellent people that will have the ability to help the company execute its business model.