The Abilities of Agera Industry

As time goes by more and more states are deregulating the business industry. This means customers are being given the ability to shop and select their energy source. This is mostly a good thing. The bad thing is that now customers have to wade through the increasingly complicated marketplace.

That’s where Agera Energy comes in. Agera takes this burden off its customers and does the shopping for you, providing the very best options according to your specifics. Along the way, they also help educate their customers about the energy industry. They take everything they do extremely seriously because they know it is one of the primary needs of the average American family.

WorkVille: New York Offices For Rent With A Twist


Much to our surprise, researchers have found that employees who share office space actually outperform their peers who work in regular offices. Workers who share office space were rated a six on a seven-point scale placing them at least a full point above regular office workers. Coworking spaces are membership-based workspaces where many different types of jobs are performed in a community setting. Is there something to be learned here for traditional offices? Let’s further analyze what the researchers found.

Coworking spaces members work for a variety of different companies. People who work in a shared office space don’t feel under nearly as much pressure as a traditional office worker. There is little direct competition, if any, internal politics is almost non-existent and they don’t feel the need to put on a work persona. Working among people who are doing different jobs will make a person’s own work seem more meaningful.

It is not uncommon for workers sharing office space to help one another out. Because they are such a diverse group of people, with different skill sets, they can share with other community workers which naturally leads to more harmony in the workplace.

Coworking spaces are almost always accessible 24/7, meaning a person can work when it is most convenient for them. This person can work extra hours if they choose, leave early for a round of golf, attend events that a traditional office worker is often forced to miss, they even work from home if they want to. This kind of flexibility is very appealing to most office workers.

If you live in New York City and would like to work in a coworking space Workville NYC is the place for you. Conveniently located in downtown New York City Workville is steps away from Times Square, Bryant Park and close to major transportation. Workville offers sun-drenched co-working spaces in a luxurious setting creating a friendly environment.

Workville members are not crowded, they can work, hold meetings and make private phone calls from the café, lounge or one of three outdoor terraces. Workville members also enjoy 24-hour access to their workplace, mail service, high-speed internet, daily cleaning, coffee and office equipment such as printers.

Workville provides a work environment that can change the way you see your job, enhance your quality of life and make going to work a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Brian Bonar Goes For The Best Food In San Diego

Brian Bonar has a taste for the best food in the world, and he wanted to bring that food to San Diego when he opened Bellamy’s in Escondido. The area in Escondido is one of the most chic in the country because it is a large downtown that has all these old places to eat where Bellamy’s fits right in.

It is all European food that people will love, and it is the perfect place for people to come when they are trying to get something new. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

There is a really nice bar in the place that will help people have their favorite drinks at any time, and the place is one of the best lunch spots in all of San Diego. People can still drive up there any time if they want to try some very interesting food, and they will notice that they have a chance to see the different parts of San Diego they have not seen. Escondido is a nice little town, and it is a good place to go when people want to get away.

Brian Bonar also wants to be sure that everyone who comes to see his restaurants will enjoy it, and he also wants them to have new places to go that are fun for them.

According to Spokeo, the career of Brian Bonar started in the business world, but now he is all about food. He is trying to make sure that people who are going to want better food can get it. He wants all these people to feel like they have found their favorite new lunch or dinner spot.

Kyle Bass Makes Sure He Looks Right At The Expense Of Others

There are a lot of people who are going to try to make themselves look good even if it hurts other people, and that is a major problem for someone who wants to get their investment advice online. There are many people who are watching Kyle Bass online, and there are even more people who are going to take him seriously even though he is not fit to give advice at all. The people that are going to have the worst time are those who do not have much money to spend, and they do not check out how wrong Kyle Bass is most of the time.

The people who are going to make the most money are the ones who look into what Kyle Bass says, and then they will learn what can be done with the information that they get instead of just taking him at his word. They will learn why he has been called a desperate gambler, and they will see that what he says does not work for normal people. A normal person cannot sue a drug company or bet against a whole country. There is no moderation in what Kyle Bass says, and it is hard for people to get success when they are struggling against the bad advice Kyle Bass gives.

Everyone who is trying to make the most money on the stock market should look for other places to make money, and they need to find someone else to listen to. It would make more sense for these people to check out alternatives instead of just watching the same shows that Kyle Bass is on. He gets a lot of ratings, and that is why he gets asked back. Anyone who works in analytics will show that he is very wrong, and they will be able to show that the advice he gives helps him more than it helps other people.  If you’re interested in more on Kyle Bass, make sure to read the following story:

Changing Your Coffee for Healthier Choices and Bernardo Chua

Who is Bernardo Chua?

Bernardo Chua is a businessman from the Philippines. He has worked for years to develop a brand of coffee that is healthier to consume than other coffee brands. His vision: people that want to drink coffee can do so while staying healthy and active in the process.

Chua began working in marketing when he worked with his adviser Leow Soon Seng,where he was introduced into the world of health and physical and mental wellness. Together, they founded the Gano Excel Philippines in July of 199. Chua worked there for a few years, expanding the company from the Philippines to locations in Hong Kong, Canada, and even the United States in a span of less than four years. His hard work at this company and working with Seng earned him the title of President of Gano Excel in the United States in the year of 2003. However, he later decided to start up his own company, so he packed up at that company and started Organo Gold.

Chua is known for earning various award nominations for his business endeavors. His most well known award was his receiving of the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business Industry that he won during the 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards in the year of 2014. It was the development of his company, Organo Gold, that really got him started in the career of coffee that has earned him his success today.

Organo Gold Coffee

Chua founded the company Organo Gold in 2008. Providing healthier choices for coffee, the company has been majorly successful since its founding. They don’t just provide coffee either, as in recent years, they have expanded to many other hot beverages for customers to enjoy while staying active on their lives. They have been so successful that in 2013, the Direct Selling News ranked Organo Gold as the 55th largest marketing company in the entire world!

Making healthier choices

Chua has a method to making his coffee so healthy for many to enjoy. At the beginning of 2016, Organo Gold started to mix their beverages with a certain herb, titled by the Chinese over 4,000 years ago as the, “Kind of Herbs.” This name sounds a whole lot better than its more commonly known name, Ganoderma Lucidum. This delicious tasting herb adds a unique flavor to the beverage, and it has its own unique health benefits as well. Nutritionists claim that it has so many benefits that it is no wonder how it got its nickname. From providing the body with necessary alkali to adding the amount of oxygen delivered to the body, many see the benefits of this herb essential to their daily lifestyles. Organo Gold has provided the herb in a wide variety of their products to increase the amount of people that would want to try it without having them drink something that they don’t prefer, as customer happiness is something that is very important to the success of any company.

Chief Compliance Officers Like Helane Morrison Are Faced With Regulatory Dilemma

Chief Compliance Officer group stated that their members are feeling vulnerable and are ready for more investigation and possible enforcement actions this year. Opposing to this development, SEC members argued that there is totally no change in the way they view compliance officers at money management companies. The founder and CEO of the Regulatory Fundamentals Group LLC, New York, said that regulators are not changing compliance officers’ role; they are instead willing to articulate their expectations about the role of compliance officers, which is to identify risks and facilitate the organization’s response. 

Karen Barr, the President and CEO of the Investment Advisor Association in Washington, also had the same view as CCO Group’s. She said compliance officers are being skeptical. When a BlackRock (BLK) LLC compliance officers failed to disclose a top performing portfolio managers’ in April 2015, SEC charged them and they were fined $12 million. They also charged SFX Financial Advisory Management Enterprise Inc. with its compliance officer in June for failing to implement prevention policies on misappropriation of client assets. SFX and CCO Eugene Mason paid $150,000 and $25,000 respectively. Daniel Gallegher, the then commissioner, said things should have been done differently. 

SEC enforcement director, Andrew Ceresney, justified their move by saying that most of the cases that SEC brings involve CCO’s that engage in affirmative misconduct or obstructing regulators, which is unacceptable. He said this in November during the National Society of Compliance Professionals. He added that the enforcement actions should in fact be appreciated because they demonstrate the need for cooperation and transparency within CCO firms but Mr. Gallagher did not agree with this position. 

Ms. Prutzman indicated that the increasing scrutiny of money managers’ compliance programs will leave problems unchecked, as the upcoming investors will focus more on how to deal with the compliance program. Ms. Barr and Todd Cipperman of Cipperman Compliance Services in Wayne agreed to this position. This information was originally reported on PI Online as explained in the following link:

Helane Morrison is the managing director, general counsel and chief compliance officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. Before joining the firm in 2007, where she was also a member of Executive Committee, she had headed the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) from 1999 to 2007. She was in charge of securities enforcement, litigation and regulatory matters. 

Morrison practiced law at the San Francisco law firm from 1986 to 1996. She was promoted to be a partner in 1991. Her studies focused on business litigation and defense of private securities. She is also a board member of the Regional Parks and a member of the hedge fund subcommittee of the American Bar Association. This information was mentioned on SF Gate.

The death of the penny.

A recent article on the subject of money, low value currency especially, was written by The U.S money reserve president Philip Diehl gave a perspective on the efficiency of certain coins. He talks about how, “nobody uses the penny anymore…if you bend over and pick it up in the street, then you’re getting paid less than minimum wage for your trouble”. He points out that it costs more to make the penny than it’s worth and suggest discontinuing it. Opponents to this are the zinc lobbyists because of the amount of zinc used in pennies. Today’s pennies are ninety-seven point five percent zinc and the rest is a copper alloy.

It costs millions of dollars to produce them annually, money straight from taxpayers, and they aren’t useful or efficient anymore. Again opponents argue against this by saying that it will distort prices and lower confidence in U.S money. The truth is that neither of these things would actually happen. The majority of money moved around today is moved electronically. Physical transactions are less and less common. Venders and salespeople could easily round down and give consumers a break without losing significant revenue. Losing the penny might actually entice people to buy more. There is also talk about removing or altering the nickel in order to make it cost less to produce.
The U.S money reserve is the largest distributor of U.S gold, silver, and platinum products. They sell a long list of historic coins, coins made by the U.S mint, and all the coins are considered legal tender. They guarantee their compositional percentages on their coins.

Investment Advisory with Brad Reifler

Investment advisers perform noble duties of guiding investors to profitable ventures. Advisory requires wit, experience and a touch of magic. Brad Reifler is one of the great investment advisers in America today.

Brad is the current CEO of the Forefront Capital Management group. This firm operates in the forex and stock markets. Here, Brad’s wealth of experience spanning over three decades comes in handy especially in meeting client needs. Before Forefront Capital, Brad has helped establish and run a few other companies.

Brad Reifler founded a namesake trading company back in 1982 immediately after graduating from Bowdoin College as his CrunchBase shows. Not long before, he had started trading derivatives from the comfort of his hotel room. At Bowdoin, he studied Economics and Political Science, a course that expanded his knowledge of the global economy.

As his reputation grew, the young graduate continued to endear himself to investors. Eventually, Brad Reifler branched out and founded Pali Capital, which would make him a household name. He led the company as its CEO and Chairman for thirteen solid years as the firm realized profits of over $200 million.

In the year 2000, Brad sold the Refco Trading Company to his grandfather’s firm and focused wholly on his other establishments. His passion for entrepreneurship led him to form yet another company, the Forefront Advisory. At Forefront, investors come for expert advice on commodity and equity markets. Remember, we live in times of economic volatility and uncertainty hence the demand for experts like Brad Reifler.

Investment in stocks and commodities is viewed as a long-run game that tests one’s patience and intelligence. In Brad’s experience, anybody can invest for future returns regardless of their position on the economic strata. He speaks passionately about the need to include all people in the investment arena. The focus of his lectures lately has been the lower and middle-income households.

Traditionally, the upper class in society is the primary or accredited investors. However, they account for just 1% of the population while the potential of the 99% remains untapped. If anything, the poverty gap can be closed by engaging the non-accredited investor into the loop. Brad has been incubating the idea and seeking ways to implement it.

A Name Change And A Vision Is All It Takes

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is a uniquely thought out company. It works with the objective of bettering the city of Newark, NJ. This is a company that is all about growing the community as a whole, to stimulate the economy and grow jobs. It is also looking to help develop small businesses with the hope of eventually those family run businesses turning into large companies, When they are able to succeed. It is not about if but,when, as the idea of putting the future into a negative perspective can stop progress just as driving positive attitudes can drive change for the betterment of all. This company used to go by the name of Brick City Development Corporation but has changed the name along with the focus.

The company was previously focused on other goals but, they were not as focused on bettering the community. This is one of the reasons they brought in Kevin Seawright, as one of their leaders. He has led teams on the east side of the United States to promote growth and development in areas that were struggling, to help them gain financial traction. They are now seen as growing instead of struggling. Kevin also worked as the director within the homeless service division and within the housing authority arena as well. Both of these speak well for his interest in helping struggling areas of the population.

Kevin Seawright has great expertise when handling large budgets. In fact they have gone as high as over 400 million dollars. Kevin has a MBA which is hugely important and besides being someone trying to help others, he does it through his educational example. Even though he does have an MBA he continues to go to school through Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business in Executive Leadership. This can be seen as a unique was to add to the companies ability to pursue growth. If the people struggling in the town of Newark see’s others who have come up the ranks, to do great thing, it pushes those struggling to succeed through examples that he sets through Twitter and other social media.

The Community Economic Development Corporation of Newark, strives to lead in specific areas. One is attracting business to the city as well as retaining the business which is the most important piece. Real estate, small business growth, neighborhood development.  Living wage jobs are jobs geared at making sure that those who work them can afford to live off of their income, instead of needing to go on well fare programs and other government aid.