How Eucatex Group has gradually grown

Being a President of a multi-billion company and an executive entrepreneur, Flavio Maluf has been able to make a name for himself as one of the best business minded individuals in Brazil. Flavio Maluf is the President of Eucatex, which is an innovative organization responsible for using unique materials to bring about unique products such as tiles.

Ever since he was young, Flavio was always enticed by the manufacturing business, and this got him through all the ups and downs he went through before being the President of Eucatex. His interest in the construction business made him enroll at FAAP where he earned his degree in mechanical engineering. He now had the knowledge of all things manufacturing but now had to learn how to administer a business according to Thus, he went to New York and enrolled at the New York University where he studied administration.

After he had graduated from the New York University and earned his administration degree, he went back to Brazil to implement what he had learned. With a good education background, he was not afraid to face the business world at In 1987, he started working Eucatex Group working hard with the same passion and dedication. His first job was under the trade sector but later moved to the industrial sector. He worked in the industry sector before being appointed an executive position. He had been employed in the enterprise for more than twenty years, and in those years, he rose from the bottom to the top. He was able to become the president of the firm, and this didn’t astonish people. Flavio was known for his hard work and passion when it came to success on

Being the president of Eucatex Group, he has put it his
priority to ensure the organization continues expanding and dominate the business industry in Brazil. He has been able to achieve this by creating new products and still modernize Eucatex facilities. The company on has also increased its profits through building new products and upgrading the facilities. What has enabled Flavio to handle the Eucatex team is the fact that he had worked under different departments before becoming the president. He is now in a position of understanding every operation and believes with the help of his knowledge and experience; he will continue taking Eucatex places.

Rick Shinto Proves His Capabilities By Promoting InnovaCare Health To Achieve Goals

In the competitive world of business rarely to companies achieve their goals in the absence of proper leadership. Many of the leaders who work in companies are individuals who have served for many years in their positions and with the achievements they have earned over the years they managed to build up skills that they use to push the companies to achieve their goals. Being a difficult industry, the healthcare sector requires leadership that is backed by proper service delivery methods, which is what Rick Shinto proved to offer to InnovaCare Health.

InnovaCare Health is a managed healthcare provider that has developed over many years and ranked as one of the best providers of managed healthcare services across Puerto Rico. Since the company started implementing ideas to push for change in 2012, it has grown big and is now one of the most established providers of Medicare Advantage. Some of the changes that came with these reforms included getting new leaders, who could bring about the installation of an efficient service delivery system. In the process, Rick Shinto was appointed as their CEO and President, a position he holds to date.

Rick Shinto

As a revolutionary leader and an executive who has been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, Rick Shinto is one of the individuals who helped to build InnovaCare Health to become the great provider of managed healthcare services it is today. He worked with professionals who also share his ideas and before he was called to lead InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto was the CEO/President of Aveta Inc. He also worked with NAMM California and several other government institutions while building his career.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokknides, highlighted as one of the best leaders at InnovaCare Health, is an individual who has helped the company to grow by offering ideas for the development of a seamless system of service delivery. She drafted ideas that helped to enhance the quality of services and products, one of the reasons InnovaCare Health has been serving many users across North America.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a company that grew from a struggling level to a leader and since 2012, it saw its biggest growth and development. InnovaCare Health deals with many forms of healthcare services, some of the most preferred being Medicare Advantage plans. Through the great plans the company offers, they have managed to record more than 250,000 members in this category alone.

A New Take On Fashion From Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg knows what it is like to design a new concept and introduce it to the business world. He launched Gamers Alliance as a teenager. Adam eventually sold it to Intermix three years after its creation. Gamers Alliance opened the door for Adam to enter Corporate America. Adam Goldenberg became the youngest Chief Operations Officer in the country at the age of 20. Adam met another young business mind at Intermix. His name was Don Ressler. Adam and Don quickly learned that they would have to go out on their own if they wanted to make an impact in business. Intermix sold to another large corporation. This gave Adam and Don the opportunity they needed to pave their own path. They chose women’s fashion as their platform. It was an unlikely venture. However, Adam saw the opportunity that his internet marketing skills could bring to the fashion industry at

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler joined forces with actress Kate Hudson to launch Fabletics. Fabletics is a line of women’s athletic wear. The items are sold online through the company’s website. Anyone can browse the site. However, a membership is required to purchase the merchandise at a discounted price.

Having a profile with the Fabletics website also has other benefits. There is a fashion quiz offered. The quiz is designed to develop a shopping model that is unique to each customer. It then suggests products that the consumer may be interested in. The online profiles also provides critical information on to the Fabletics organization. It shows the trends and customer buying habits that allow them to maintain the most desired items in stock. This keeps the company from over purchasing products that are not going to be sold. The technique saves the customers money in the long run.

The success of fabletics online business model has led to the opening of brick-and-mortar location. Adam and his team has been able to expand the company’s reach Beyond online marketing on Fabletics has begun to carve out a tremendous share of a very competitive industry. The customer shopping experience in the retail stores is model 2 provide the same experience as shopping online.

Arthur Becker: Supporting Technology

When it comes to investing in technology, Arthur Becker knows the game too well. Being involved with the investment industry for more than a decade, Arthur knows exactly how to predict which companies and technological ideas are going to make it big. Currently, Arthur is the CEO of Zino, an app available for Android and Apple devices which let users have access to an extensive range of newspapers, journals, and magazines from all around the world.

Zino is a platform for news sharing. People can browse through a selection of news articles and publications from countries like USA, Canada, and the UK. Zino updates itself regularly and has over 3000 new articles available to users to read every single day. Currently, the app can be downloaded and transferred onto any viewing device like a phone or your television, so long as you are connected to the internet.

Arthur attended Bennington College in Vermont and pursued a bachelor’s degree in arts. He then went on to Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth where he received a degree in Business Administration. It was here that Arthur got a glimpse of the world of investing, which spiked a keen interest in him.

Arthur is also known on NY Mag for his extensive dedication and hard work towards NaviSite. He was the CEO and member of the board of directors for the tech company for an extremely long period of time. Under his guidance, NaviSite grew to great heights and became one of the leading companies in cloud computing and hosting. According to the new York Time, NaviSite has also worked with numerous IT giants like Microsoft and Oracle to give its customers the best services they could ask for. The company had a wide range of clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations, all of who came to NaviSite to seek their expertise in cloud computing, virtualization colocation, and website hosting.

Besides technology, another one of Arthur’s keen investing passions lies in real estate. He is currently the owner of three luxurious townhouses in the heart of New York, estimated at a total of $20 million. He was able to acquire these townhouses through an exchange of property under his company which was being constructed nearby. For more news on Mr. Becker, visit

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Jim Hunt of VTA Publications Discusses Popular Product

VTA Publications is a non-fiction publishing company that has developed a reputation for creating informative financial courses and literature that help to improve the lives of citizens around the world. Jim Hunt VTA Publications, the company’s founder and CEO, has recently discussed his development of VTA Publications’ most popular products. Thousands of customers have discovered the information in Jim Hunt’s latest project, Make Mum a Millionaire. Hunt developed this project out of frustration with the mainstream trading industry.

After developing several key principals that he believes are essential to the stock trading process, Jim Hunt VTA Publications vowed that he couldmake his mother a millionaire by using his own developed steps. Hunt even stated that he would document his mother’s progress by creating videos of her development at each stage of the trading process. After seeing the progress of Jim Hunts mother, customers flocked to the program. During an interview with a local business review magazine, Hunt stated that he developed the Millionaire course to encourage average citizens to consider investment strategies on Street Wise to raise their income and standard of living, to show the inconsistency of the current banking and stock trading systems, and to show consumers that finance degrees are not required to win in the financial industry.

Encouraging Everyday Citizens
During his interview, Jim Hunt stated that the most significant problem he faces in process of educating average citizens about stock trading practices on Crunchbase is the fact that they often feel discouraged about the entire process. The VTA Publications executive stated that he looked forward to the day when individuals did not feel inadequate in the area of stock trading simply because they did not possess banking or finance degrees. Hunt stated that one of his chief goals as CEO of the publishing company is to encourage average working adults to become involved in stock trading in an effort to improve lives. Hunt is also passionate about revealing the true nature of the banking industry on YouTube and helping consumers to become financially independent and wealthy. After the success of the company’s latest course, VTA Publications is expected to release a course about the publishing industry in the near future.

4 Ways George Soros Is Helping The Left Recover

2016 has not given George Soros much to cheer about. In America Republican nominee Donald Trump has won the presidential election and Congress remains under Republican control. In Europe political inflammation has promoted the rise of nativists and other conservative movements popular support. However Soros sees a way to help the left recover and protect its legacy. Although there aren’t many direct means of defending themselves available, Soros will find a way to help liberals survive.

He Is Leading The Progressive Donors
As the world’s most successful hedge fund manager George Soros is perhaps the most important donor to progressive causes. This year he used his $25 billion dollar fortune to its fullest. He donated more than $8 million dollars to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton and $500 million to aid the integration of recent Syrian migrants into European society. The former donations were ultimately in vain as her rival Trump managed to secure an electoral college victory despite spending less money. With the success of Brexit and the potential victories of Marie Le Pen and others of the European Right it remains unknown if his efforts in Europe will pay off.

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Finding A Way To Stop Trump
George Soros has made it clear he is opposed to the political goals of Donald Trump. Ever since Trump secured the nomination in July Soros has made speaking out against him a past time. He has called the president elect of the United States a fascist and compares his proposed policies to a dictatorship. Working with the Democratic Alliance, an organization consisting of progressive donors, George Soros now seeks to find ways to support Democrats seeking to fight against current the currently Republican controlled federal government and conservative goals such as stricter immigration laws.

Supporting The Refugee Migration
Due to the recent civil war in Syria many Syrians have left their country for the safety of Europe. Unfortunately their reception in Europe is to say the least lukewarm. Migrants are often considered a source of crime and a burden on the welfare systems of their host countries. As a victim of the Holocaust George Soros sees past this rhetoric and wants to help these migrants integrate into Europe. The 500 million euro donation he made this summer is going specially towards creating educational programs and business investments for the Syrian migrant community in hopes of creating a better future for them.

He’s Looking To Overhaul The Justice System
This year there was one area where Soros seemed to have some success: reforming the justice system. Advocating for African American and Hispanic candidates George Soros has spent 2016 advocating for changes to American criminal policy. In particular he has targeted district attorney campaigns through the country. Key states of interest for Soros include Florida, New Mexico, and Texas where large numbers of nonwhites and large prison populations coexist. Although most of these district attorneys have not met George Soros that find his support incredibly helpful for their campaigns.

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Chris Burch: More Than An Investor

Chris Burch has had plenty of experience in different industries. He has started a few successful businesses and is able to use his wisdom in order to let people know how it is done. He is also someone who values creativity and believe that it can go hand in hand with productivity. He is very knowledgeable of many topics which include fashion and technology. These two are both creative topics. In fact, he is someone that could make connections between unlikely subjects and concepts. As a result, he has managed to help people make innovative decisions when it comes to their careers and lives.

While Chris Burch is currently an investor, he is also someone that has worked in other industries. One of the reasons that Chris Burch is currently working as an investor is that he understands the value of money management. He has a lot of knowledge of the markets and uses it to his advantage in order to make the right investments. He can help other businesses build and expand. He also can help people when it comes to creativity and productivity. While they are often treated as mutually exclusive, Chris actually sees how well they can work together in order to bring something that the company can work with.

One thing that could inspire creativity and productivity is doing the type of work that is desired. If one is able to find the type of work that he is passionate about, then he will be able to do this type of work with his whole heart. As a result, his job will bring him a greater quality of life. Therefore, he will be able to get ahead and make support himself. Chris Burch (Huffington Post) will also be able to expand his business to further activities that he is passionate about.