Wengie And Her Wonderful Life Hacks!

The beauty blogger, Wengie, recently posted a Youtube video full of awesome life hacks, some of which could save your life!

You’re driving down the road, and what do you know, you’re phone is dead. The first hack that Wengie shows us is how to make a phone charger from a car charger, a 9 volt battery and a key. You simply touch the end of the charger and the key to the battery, tape them together, and plug your phone charger in! Wengie definitely suggest keeping a 9 volt battery in the car for emergencies like this!

Next, Wengie shows us how to make a water filter, in case you’re lost in the wild and need clean drinking water. For this hack you need two containers and a piece of cloth. Fill one container with the dirty water and set the empty container beside it. Wring the piece of cloth up and stick one end in the dirty water, with the other end in the clean container. The water will eventually soak through the cloth, filtering clean water into the container. She also shows us how to make a rain water catcher using a plastic 2 liter bottle.

Wengie then shows us a little trick to make sure you have spare change. She suggest popping off your phone case and stashing extra cash inside it. Then you always have extra money on you for emergencies. She also shows us how to make a dust mask out of a bra by wrapping the strap around your head and using the cup to cover your nose and mouth. This would prove very useful in the case of a fire.

She shows us how chips, such as Doritos can serve as great kindling for a fire in a pinch. In case you don’t have access to a lighter, she shows us how to use a water bottle, or plastic bag filled with water, to catch the suns reflection and start a fire.

She informs her viewers how to give themselves the Heimlich Maneuver in case they’re ever choking without someone else around.

She then shows how to make a compass from a leaf, cup and needle, and how to make a spear shooter from a plastic bottle, a balloon and a sharp stick. She then shows us that you can use a crayon like a candle and how to make a battery from folded aluminum foil.

Finally, Wengie shows us how to hold your keys between your fingers to use as weapon when walking alone.

Hair Care Answers: Wen by Chaz

Women’s hair care is a multi-billion dollar industry. That’s because women of all ages feel it’s important to make sure their hair looks the very best it can. They understand the power of strong, beautiful, healthy hair and the impact it can have on their personal and professional relationships. Most women long to find a hair care product that is easy to use, offers deep down cleaning and leaves their hair looking and feeling great. Most women have to combine several products to get the results they want. But now there is an all in one cleansing conditioner from WEN by Chaz that has women raving.

WEN is a line of hair care products created by hairstylist to the stars Chaz Dean, https://chazdean.com/store.aspx. After spending years creating great products for others, Chaz Dean decided a few years ago he would developing a hair care line of his own. Some of the most popular products in that line are the WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioners. They offer a revolutionary new way to make sure hair is properly cleansed and hydrated. Chaz Dean is always developing new products to better meet the needs of his A-list clients and WEN by Chaz offers the regular consumer the same high-quality products.

The WEN Cleansing conditioners have helped to give many clients to get the soft, smooth, manageable hair they’ve long desired. The thing that makes WEN® Cleansing Conditioner unique is its innovative 5-in-1 formula that replaces shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner and de-tangler for all types and textures of hair. The Sephora endorsed product thoroughly cleanses the hair without the lather or harsh sulfates that are found in many other shampoos. Plus does not strip the hair’s natural oils. The result of using it is stronger, moist, more manageable hair that has shine, body and bounce. For more product information, visit crunchbase.com.