Dr. Mark Mckenna Founder of OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna attended Tulane University Medical school in New Orleans. He is licensed to perform surgery and practice medicine in both Florida and Georgia. After Graduating from Tulane, he went directly into practice with his father, who is also a doctor.

Before starting OVME, Dr. Mark McKenna sharpened his entrepreneurial skills as a real estate investor. He ran his business, McKenna Venture Investments, very successfully until hurricane Katrina wiped out most of the real estate in New Orleans, where the business was located. Dr. Mark McKenna’s strong desire to help people drove him back to medicine after the hurricane devastation. He also went back to school to earn an MBA with a concentration on entrepreneurship.

Using the same business model as Uber, OVME was created. OVME, pronounced,(“Of Me”) is an aesthetics company that helps to connect people with healthcare providers. Still in its preliminary stages, patients are matched according to what their aesthetic needs would be. Dr. Mark McKenna is very aware of the growing industry of aesthetics for both men and women. His new OVME platform is designed to help busy individuals who desire these treatments to schedule appointments via an OVME app. Then, when the procedure permits, a nurse practitioner would be dispatched to the patients location for procedures to be done in the comfort of their home or office. Currently, these procedures would still need to be done at Dr. McKenna’s clinic. However, the future of OVME is a virtual consultation where concerns are addresses and any questions are answered before a doctor or treatment plan is advised.

Dr. McKenna’s vision and success with past businesses has not gone unnoticed. An Atlanta bases venture capitalist firm has invested $4 million dollars into the OVME business and marketing plan. OVME is well on its way to becoming another successful business for Dr. Mark McKenna.


Lime Crime Doesn’t Mess Around When it Comes to Makeup

With the arrival of spring, Lime Crime is swinging into full gear and as always has all the fun and exciting colors you need to express yourself.

If you are wanting to draw some extra attention to the best features of your face or simply want to highlight your cheekbones, ridge of your nose, or under your brows, you will want to grab a highlighter. Lime Crime has so many color choices to choose from, and their opalescent highlighter pallets offer three fun choices. You can use them solo or together for a great look. You can apply lightly or go all out-the choice is yours.

Lime Crime also now has a foundation that cleverly combines SPF protection with your face smoothing foundation. If you want a long-lasting lip color, then you will love the Plushies line. There are over ten vibrant colors to choose from, and they are soft and will last for the entire day.

The company has three Venus palettes that are all the rage and have a big color spectrum to choose from. There’s the Grunge Palette that features colors like Aura, Creation, and Icon. Then there’s the Venus II palette that features eight colors such as Fly, Pigeon, and Filter. The Venus III palette is a softer collection of colors such as lilac, rose, and gold hues. It is also mixed with browns and mauve shades. The Venus XL palette features 18 shades that include reds, roses, pinks, and berries. There are mattes, metallic, and shades to offer a soft glow all in one convenient and classy mirrored gilded box.

If you want your lips to be luscious and moisturized in the hot weather, you will love the lightweight, lightly-tinted glosses and their wet cherry line that has colors such as naked cherry, diet cherry, baby cherry, and cherry pie which range from rich purples to bright pinks.

As usual, Lime Crime’s products are cruelty-free and vegan and do not contain any ingredients such as beeswax, lanolin, carmine, or whey. You can stay glam without harming animals or using makeup that came for animal sources.