Taking a Look at the Career of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian native that has managed to succeed in the banking industry as an investment banker. Igor has years of experience in the exchange of funds and managing stock. His experience dates back to 1971 when he began his career as an investment banker. Igor Cornelsen has helped millions of people throughout his career to acquire good business ideas regarding banking. Igor was born in 1947, and he grew up and schooled in Brazil. He joined the Federal University for his degree, and he pursued a course in engineering. During the time that Igor was studying engineering, he realized that the course was a bit tasking and required more effort and time from him. Igor decided after that to major in economics, and finally, in 1970 he finished his studies and began his career as an investment banker. He acquired his first job at a bank, and this was something normal for engineers as they had the skills to execute computing skills. The technology was not significantly advanced, and therefore banking had to be done manually.

Igor Cornelsen worked for four years as an investment banker before finally being promoted to the Board of Directors at the Multibanco. After this, Igor was promoted as the CEO of the bank, but his career was cut short in 1978 when Multibanco was bought by another bank. Igor Cornelsen was forced to leave Multibanco and find other opportunities. At the time he was leaving Multibanco, Unibanco was making a lot of waves in the banking industry, and he joined them but left in 1985 when the inflation rates went up. Igor’s career did not stop here and soon after he joined Libra PLC where he was paid in dollars. Igor and his associates worked here for years, but they finally left to join another bank. Igor Cornelsen founded his firm in 1995.