Clay Siegall Believes In Innovative Cancer Treatments

Very few researchers are as passionate as Clay Siegall about finding new, more effective cancer therapies. Since he graduated from George Washington University and up until co-founding Seattle Genetics in 1998, Siegall’s career has been devoted to cancer research. As CEO of Seattle Genetics, Siegall ensured that funding was available to develop the first FDA approved antibody-drug conjugates, Adcetris. Siegall also arranged a lucrative licensing agreement with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, which allows Seattle Genetics to develop additional cancer therapies.

In a Seattle Times article dated December 17, 2016 calls Seattle Genetics the largest biotechnology company in the region with 1,000 employees. Right now, Adcetris is a third line treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma; however, Siegall says he hopes that Adcetris will become a front-line therapy in 2017. The patient’s physician decides which drug to try first; typically the doctor makes the determination based the drug’s results in clinical trials. Adcetris is the first new drug for Hodgkin lymphoma patients to gain FDA approval in over 30 years.

Seattle Business recently announced that Seattle Genetics won the gold for The 2017 Leaders in Health Care Awards: Achievement in Medical Technology. With Siegall at the helm, Seattle Genetics is becoming one of the most important biotechnology companies in the Pacific Northwest. Siegall probably would not have founded Seattle Genetics in Bothell, Washington, which is just outside of Seattle, if he had not moved to the area to work for Bristol Meyers. When the company closed their Seattle office, Siegall decided to stay, starting Seattle Genetics.