Meet Peter Briger: A Titan In The Investment And Finance World

Peter Briger is one of the famous and well-repudiated businessmen. It won’t be wrong if he’s called as the titan in the sector or world of business and finance. He is considered to be among the elite 400 top businessmen and professionals throughout the world. Pete Briger is serving as a Chairman and the President of the famous, renowned investing company known as Fortress Investment Group. Once he was a partner of another company which is known as Goldman Sachs and Co, Briger. The company had played a very important role by creating and crediting to make the Investment Group bloom in every aspect. Peter Briger has served more than 15 years in Goldman Sachs. After which Briger joined this investing company known as Fortress Investment Group in the year 2002.

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Briger is looking and supervising the real estate business regarding the credit fund within the divisions of the Fortress Investment Group. The main hit and the primary concern of the company are with the miserable and distressed debt. It also shows more significant interest with illiquid installment and investment.

Peter Briger has done his Bachelors from the University of Princeton and has perused his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania and their renowned school of business known as Wharton School of Business. He gained a lot of experience and was a dedicated and a die heart professional. He was able to polish his skills and his expertise during his stay in the investment company. He is financially very stable that somewhat shows that he was able to be a partner at the renown and reputable band, as a Chief Executive Officer in the Fortress.

Peter Briger played a very important and credible role by kicking the Fortress Investment Company to the level of growth and prosperity. Fortress Investment Company is a large and huge company that manages investments in the form of assets. The assets are of more than $65 billion worth. Peter Briger being the CEO enjoys an important seat at the company.



TMS Health Solution’s Effective Approach to Treating Clinical Depression

TMS Health Solutions is a California-based Health provider focused on helping patients overcome mental related illnesses through a specially designed psychiatric treatment. The company is headed by Richard Bermudes and Dr. Karl Lanocha, both of whom are specialists of TMS Therapy. It was co-founded by entrepreneur Ara Chackerian to improve health outcomes for mentally ill patients.

Health professionals are specialists trained to help patients recover from anxiety, clinical depression, especially those that have difficulty responding to the traditional medication. Since its inception, TMS has helped thousands of patients with Mood Disorders and Treatment-Resistant Depression to get relief through the application of effective therapies under Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) model. It is designed to attend to patients not responsive to antidepressants and other conventional treatment methods.

How TMS Therapy Works.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is designed to correct certain brain malfunctions typical of clinical depression. The affected areas of the brain are exposed to electromagnetic stimulation as a corrective action to the irregularities. Compared to antidepressants, TMS therapy has minimal side effects on patients and has a high success rate among patients. Psychiatrists at TMS Health Solutions take a patient-centered approach TMS designing treatments that are individualized and customized to suit each patient’s symptoms and condition.

TMS Health Solutions was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2008, after meeting a set of requirements as set by the federal agency, giving way to a medical tool that has since then transformed the lives of many patients.

Commitment to Service

According to Richard Bermudes, the Managing Director of TMS Health Solutions, the company has a team of experienced and qualified and compassionate practitioners dedicated to helping patients achieve their health goals. The staff focuses on better understanding patients’ symptoms and history to better design their treatment plan. The company has been successful with many clients combining innovative strategies with their patient-centered approach to help the affected lead fulfilling lives. The company has centers throughout Northern California.

TMS Health Solution is utilizing technology to transform patients with clinical depression recover. With the proof of advantage over conventional treatment methods, more and more patients are in pursuit of the technique that is slowly but surely gaining momentum across the United States.


The Expansion of Jump Design Group by Glenn Schlossberg

The businessman is the pioneer of the firm and has played a vital role in expanding its operations over the years. Under Glenn Schlossberg’s leadership, Jump Design Group has adopted innovative techniques and that has earned it a competitive edge in the fashion industry. The company was established in 1990 and was previously known as Jump Apparel.

Glenn Schlossberg believes in teamwork in the organization and has strived to achieve that to ensure higher productivity for high-quality products for its clients who are mainly organizations. One of his reasons for venturing into the fashion industry was the passion he had to make a difference in the area. Earlier in his life, he worked closely with his father who was a dressmaker.

To improve his skills in the fashion sector, Glenn joined the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology which is based in New York. After his graduation, the businessman focused on making unique garments for his different clients using faster and cheaper techniques and that helped him to gain a competitive edge among the other players in the sector.

Currently, Jump Design Group is ranked highly among the other players in the fashion industry due to its logistical capabilities in New York and other parts of the world. Its products are available on various platforms including Nordstrom and Macy’s and that has helped its customers to access them more conveniently.

Jump Design Group recently acquired a popular brand in the fashion industry known as Cathy Daniels. Glenn Schlossberg’s company will now control all the assets under Cathy Daniels. According to the acquisition deal, the sales team at the acquired organization will remain intact and its factories will continue running. Jerry Passaretti was tasked with product development in the new firm due to his expertise in the sector for more than four decades now.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Jump Design, the company is focusing on the acquisition of firms with a good portfolio to improve their performance through its innovative marketing strategies and access to its wide customer base. Some of the core values at Jump Design include integrity and honesty. Learn more about Glenn Schlossberg on LinkedIn.


Rally Them Up: Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is a professional rally driver from Brazil. He was born in 1979 and began racing cars at the age of 23. His tremendous talent in this motorsport event has gained him recognition all around the globe. His career began in 2002 through the motorcycle sector. He transitioned to car racing and founded Bulls Sertoes Racing Team, which is a joint effort with his brother Rodrigo Terpins. Michel has partnered with his brother Rodrigo many times for competition, often resulting in high ranking victory for the pair. The Terpins family are deeply rooted sports people, and not just as spectators. Michel’s father was one of the best basketball players in area. Michel has had many monumental moments along his career. During the 25th Sertoes Rally, Michel Terpins and his partner placed in the top 5 for the competition. While in the third stage of the race, the pair’s car broke down and they somehow still secured the fourth position. All of the rally competitions he races in, he ranks high. The history of his performance shows that he has continuously improved over time. When he is partnered with someone then they generally finish in the top two contestants of the race. Throughout all of the rally race car divisions, Michel Terpins is the best Brazilian rally champion in prototypes T1. He continues to set the bar high and push himself. In a recent interview he stated that the accolades are no comparison to the fun and joy that racing the rally cars bring him.


Adam Milstein supporting philanthropy in Jewish Community

Adam Milstein is a prominent pro-Jewish activist living in the United States. He is the co-founder and chairman of the largest organization that brings together Jews living in the diaspora known as the Israeli-American Council. He’s also a prominent business person as he’s the managing partner of a real estate company known as Hager Pacific Properties. Through the Israeli American organization, he holds different national programs aimed at bringing together people of Jewish origin. This organization supports the education of young Jews born and living in the diaspora with the aim of helping them understand the true Jewish identity.

Adam Milstein together with his wife, Gila, run a family foundation known as Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This foundation is known for its philanthropic initiatives such as offering subsidies to high school students who attend the annual American Israeli Public Affairs Conference. Every year, Adam is donating millions to various organizations that are working together with his foundation.

Adam Milstein was born in the mid-1960s in Haifa, Israel and arrived in the United States in 1980s to pursue further education. He obtained her Masters in Business Administration at the University of South Carolina before starting the business journey. It is after finding success in the real estate business that he found it right to fulfill one of these biggest dreams which is offering support to charitable causes which improve the lives of Israelis.

Adam Milstein believes that charity plays a vital role in the lives of the Jews. When he was growing up, there are very few organizations which offered philanthropic services to Israelis. It was deemed that the government was providing everything for the community and therefore there was no need for extra support. However, Adam Milstein believes that there was so much that philanthropic organizations would do to help improve the lives of the Jews. This was the main reason why he came up with a plan to set up organizations such as the Israeli-American Council and the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Adam believes initiatives that support the unity of the jews will likely lead to a more stronger Jewish nation in the future.

Talos Energy Knows The 5th Law

Do you? In a nutshell, the 5th law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created, or destroyed. It simply exists in one form or another. This pretty much means that every little bit of energy mankind has ever used, is still here – right?

Whatever the case may be, Talos Energy is getting energy. Seeking out and retrieving the best source of energy know to man is no easy task, however. And by the way, it’s crude oil. It takes the finest, hardest working people walking the Earth to get oil for the masses. As a leader in energy production, Talos Energy has been attracting the finest professionals, and has become one of the top places around to work, to date. This too is no small task. Success isn’t simply handed out to anyone, and reaching such levels is invariably a Herculean effort. Talos Energy has succeeded.

Talos Energy is not sitting still. The energy business is fierce and very competitive. What gives Talos Energy an edge in the oil exploration and recovery business is the top-level skill, combined with years of experience, which has been brought to the table. Superior knowledge and expertise is absolutely necessary in order to even locate productive oil fields, particularly in Gulf of Mexico. Talos has such knowledge and experience, which has been brought to bear in one of the most promising areas of the Gulf.

With a promising future in energy production, Talos is poised to take full advantage of new directions in oil industry. America has taken the lead, worldwide, in energy production, and Talos is on point. This necessitates the acquisition of more and more skilled people who are seeking great careers and a great future. Oil is the future, but it’s not going to come quietly on its own. Therefore, becoming a part of a team of energy explorers could be one of the greatest decisions anyone could make. If one has what it takes, of course.

The world needs crude oil, and it is there for the taking.

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Wes Edens Is Passionate About Being A Co-Owner Of The Milwaukee Bucks

Wes Edens studied at Oregon State University in the 1980s to prepare himself for a career in business. His degrees helped him to land his first job, and the education along with his natural talent for business helped him to be quite successful in each business venture that he took on. He has worked for many large corporations, and all through the years of his business work, he has been an avid sports fan. He wanted to take on a different type of investment, and eventually, he was able to do that. More about of Wes Edens at

Wes Edens became the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, and he promised to build them a new stadium and to keep them in the state of Wisconsin. Wes Edens fulfilled a dream by becoming co-owner because he loves basketball. He did all of this in 2014, and he is passionate about being an investor of the NBA team. He is also still working on several other projects and having success with them.

Wes Edens has made several private passenger trains in the United States that run from one city to another, and one of the more recent projects that he has been considering is making a train go out from Chicago. It isn’t likely that it will run from Chicago to Milwaukee, where his NBA team is located, though, because there is already a train that goes that route. Wes Edens is careful about each investment and business decision that he makes so that he will find success with it. And, he only does the things that he is passionate about, which is why he became involved with the Bucks and why he has chosen each of the many business jobs he has had through the years. His corporate headquarters are located in New York City, New York.

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Jeremy Goldstein’s Involvement In Supporting The Fountain House

A refreshing blend of savvy and benevolent, Jeremy Goldstein is hallmarked for his philanthropic essence and business acumen. He’s combined these coveted traits in hopes of becoming an illustrious businessman of virtuous roots. Though Goldstein currently holds an elite title, his entrepreneurial journey began much like any other. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein: and

Goldstein’s extensive college career was accompanied by a wealth of opportunities and unknowns. Unperturbed by the challenges that awaited him, Goldstein dove head first into his endeavors. Law was his desired line of work, and he was determined to make a name for himself in this trade.

After dipping his toes in the water, Goldstein honed his enterprising skills, subsequently reaching the pinnacle of his career after founding the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates firm. A boutique law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates seeks to educate committees, management teams, and CEOs on compensation and corporate governance affairs. Read more: Jeremiah Goldstein Hosts Wine Dinner Supporting Fountain House and Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein | PR Newswire

Since its inception, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates has become a household name in the legal domain. While this feat alone would be fulfilling enough for most, Goldstein is a textbook overachiever. It’s for this reason why he dons many hats. Some of which include chairman, director, and benefactor.

The latter is a role he holds most proudly, and it’s in large part why Goldstein’s become such a valued contributor to the Fountain House. The Fountain House is an organization that strives to curtail the stigmas and hardships that surround mental illness.

Goldstein, a fervent admirer of the Fountain House mission, aims to propagate the program’s message. As an attempt to do so, Goldstein, alongside two of his colleagues, hosted a posh dinner this past May.

Goldstein used this opportunity to raise funds for the Fountain House while lessening the controversy that mental health is so often mired in. No doubt a noble deed, Goldstein continually makes efforts to raise awareness and bolster the Fountain House.

Dr. Villanueva Founded A Dynamic Dentistry Company Called MB2 Dental

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is revolutionizing the world of dentistry with his company MB2 Dental. Not only does he combine the integrity of a sole-practitioner, but also brings it to a whole new level like a corporate company. They are dedicated to excellence and care in their 70 locations around the United States. This includes over 533 employees working together to help patients with all their dental needs. With an innovative spirit Dr. Chris Villanueva and his team of experts create an atmosphere of personal growth, autonomy, and support so patients can have the best possible care and experience at the growing practice. MB2 Dental pride themselves on being a young, technologically-advanced company that are progressive and up-to-date with advancements in the dentistry industry. They also create a nourishing environment for dentists to learn and grow with each other while empowering them with the confidence on how they run their office. Dr. Villanueva provides the dentists with a team of experts who can give them the legal, marketing, human resources, and other help they need at any point.

The thriving Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva came up with this idea for a unique dentistry company out of his schooling. He was told there were only two career options to pursue. With his innovative and forward-thinking spirit, he had an idea to combine the both. This way patients and dentists get the best of the two company mindsets. That is how MB2 Dental was created. The doctor surrounds himself with really smart people so he can grow as a person. His ideas are brought to life by collaborating with other people. He is most productive at night. He has a busy home life with four children. Once everything is quite and there is no distraction, Chris can think creatively. On the other hand, Dr. Villanueva does not take himself too seriously and uses humor in his everyday life. This translates into his work life. He likes to keep a light and open environment so his dentists do their best work. It is also very beneficial for patients, and they will keep coming back for more. One thing Villanueva recommends to other and does himself is to give time to self-reflect. It’s about doing something simple that makes him appreciate his life on a whole new level. Another passion of his in the tech industry. He foresees it having many possible benefits in the near future. It can also benefit the world of dentistry too.

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The legend Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick was born in 1913 in Rutherglen, Scotland. At the age of 16, he dropped out of school and joined the evening times a tabloid newspaper in Glasgow before joining Glasgow Herald.

In 1935 Alastair Borthwick went to London to work with the mirror for a year. After which he explored other media opportunities among them running the press club at the empire exhibition before moving to BBC as a scriptwriter.

While at the Herald he discovered rock climbing an activity which had been reserved for the elite of Scotland. However, there was an outdoor culture that was springing up but was not known by many people. He published his first book in 1939. The book; always a little further. It was classic that never ran out of print.

During the world war, Alastair joined the army as an infantry soldier but was later made captain as a battalion intelligence officer. His most outstanding work in the army was when he led 600 men past the Germans front line in complete darkness and by use of dead reckoning navigation.

His colonel then gave him the task of making an account of the 3 years of battle. He then wrote his second book: sans peur. The book never saw a large print run until 1994 when it was republished as; battalion. After the war, he took his wife, Anne and moved to the Isle of Jura.

James Ferguson gave him his first radio opportunity when he brought him in to talk about his rock climbing in 15 min show. He worked on radio with BBC talking about topics he was familiar with until he got a 3-year contract to talk about post-war Scotland. He ventured into television in the 1960s where he shows for the Scottish Grampian network.

Alastair continued to write even in his old age. He had a weekly column for the News Chronicle as well as writing scripts for television shows. He and Anne eventually moved to Ayrshire before they finally moved to a nursing home. After five years in the nursing home, Alastair passed on in 2003.