Role of Michael Nierenberg at New Residential Investment Corp

Michael Nierenberg is a well-known business professional in the United States. He has a holder of bachelor’s degree in business administration and has worked with investment companies in the country which are of high profile. He is dedicated to delivering quality and professional services, and that is what makes him be a highly prolific person in the business sector. Michael is now the Chief Executive Officer of the New Residential Investment Corp which is an in=vestment company based in the USA, and it deals with investing in Real Estates.

Michael was named the CEO of the company in 2016, and he doubles as the Presidents. He is also the chairperson of the board of directors and the one responsible for the growth and development of the fir. Michael works in conjunction with the logistics team to ensure the prosperity of the company.

As an entrepreneur, Michael Nierenberg has a partnership with the company, and he is recognized as a millionaire by Forbes with his net worth being $ 16.5 million. He owns 60 000 units of the New Residential Investment Corp. The highly experienced businessman sells more than 360 000 units in every 129 days as he struggles to leverage the productivity of the firm.

Before New Residential, Michael used to work as the Head of Securitized products at Bank of America Merrill Lynch as well as at JP Morgan. He has also worked at Bear Stearns and Fortress Capital where he still works as the Managing Director.

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Equities First Holdings has Good News for customers

The future is bright for stock-based loans and companies who provide quality service. Equities First Holdings is the leading competitor in the stock-based industry. Helping people gain access to the money they need and complete their dreams is a great business service. Stock-based loan companies allow their customers a chance to gain access to a low-interest loan. The ability to use stocks as collateral is a great way for anyone who needs a quick injection of capital. Equities First Holdings has been expanding its operation around the globe due to the companies recent success. Traditional banking loans have been on the decline in recent years, and people are looking for alternatives ways to obtain a loan. The process is quick, and stock-based loan companies such as Equities First Holdings do not judge your financial back round when it comes to accessing rather or not you may obtain a loan.

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Sandy Chin And Her Work At Tidal Bore

Sandy Chin has done incredible work in the field of investment, and she has found that there are many places where no one ever focuses not he staples for he consumer market. These companies are not often included in the largest hedge funds because they are reserved for massive corporations that make things like electronics. She created Tidal Bore as a place where people could come so that they could in something that impacts their every day life. Learn what Sandy chin has done to make people rethink investment.

  1. What Are Consumer Staples?

Consumer staples are anything that people buy every day. These products are things that are made companies that serve the household market. Soaps and shampoos are a big part of this market, and there are other consumer staples that include cleaning supplies. Also, there are companies that sell those staples like grocery stores. Sandy Chin wanted to tap into the market so that she could avoid all the volatility that she saw in he regular markets. By doing this, she was able to start her own hedge fund that has become a very powerful force on the market. Someone who is trying to learn about investing needs to be sure that they have looked at consumer staples even if they do not invest with Sandy.

  1. What Is Tidal Bore?

Tidal Bore is the company that Sandy created so that she could focus on consumer staples. She wanted to be sure that she could keep her company going on the course that she thought was best. This was a way for her to serve her customers, and she was able to build a customer base because she had this unique take on investment. Someone who is looking what Sandy Chin has been able to do might be inspired because they could try to start their own company.

  1. This Changes How People Make Decisions

The consumer staples market is now open for business, and people who want to invest in it can see that it has worked for someone like Sandy Chin. She is an expert who has made it look easy, but people will try to follow after her and find that they need to make their own mix of companies that would work best for them. Sandy Chin has worked miracles with the people that she does business with, and she has shown them that there are better ways to make money.

  1. Conclusion

Sandy Chin has used a very simple idea of changing her own investment profile and turned it into a brand new company called Tidal Bore. She is showing people how they can invest for the future using her simple consumer staples system.


A Glimpse of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua, also known as Bernie, diligently built a successful brand that spans more than thirty-five countries over six continents. He started his journey building Gano Excel in the Philippines, his hometown, and helped in the organization of expanding that company to Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States in the short amount of time of three years. That hard work earned him the prestigious title of President of Gano Excel USA in 2003. Ready to achieve more success, he founded Organo Gold in 2008, which he has continued to build the brand that is more than just coffee and tea, it promotes healthy lifestyle living. His key ingredient is Ganaderma Lucidem, which is a mushroom used in traditional Asian medicine for its amazing healing qualities. Funding research on his key ingredient also enables him to stay ahead of competitors and discover new uses to present to consumers. Learn more about Bernardo  Chua at

Seeing the benefits of direct sales for his business model, it allowed him to quickly grow and expand globally. This has also aided in Bernardo receiving several awards, including the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry from the Joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards in 2014. On five different occasions, he has received the Direct Sales Company of the Year award as well. Also, The National Shoppers Choice recognized the company as the top direct selling company in the food supplements section. He has certainly deserved the recognition in the industry that he passionately works toward building and gaining more knowledge.

On social media, you can find Bernardo Chua giving warm holiday wishes to his Organo Gold family as well as giving engaging and enlightening messages at the company’s seminars. He not only motivates, but teaches and encourages the Organo Gold family to mingle and get to know each other.

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Isabel dos Santos Enlightens EU Officials As To The Difficulties That Currently Exist In Africa Today

Of all the world’s continents, Africa remains a place that faces unique challenges in the 21st Century. These issues were a major topic of the Africa Summit 2019 that was recently held in the European Union capital of Brussels, Belgium. One of the highlighted speakers at the summit was famed Angolan businesswoman Isabel dos Santos. The major focus of the talk that Isabel dos Santos gave to European Union leaders was in regard to the need for a revolution of a digital and technological type in the continent. She also highlighted the unique challenges that Africa faces and that must be overcome in order for this to happen. The reality is that the development of a better technological infrastructure is critical in order to encourage growth as well as diversification in various parts of the continent.

Among the areas that Isabel dos Santos has pointed to is the agricultural sector. Revolutionary new technology is one of the primary ways that Isabel dos Santos believes in Africa can become more competitive in the agricultural sector from a global perspective. Technology can go a long way toward helping to optimize the costs associated with doing business in the African agricultural industry. Education plays a crucial role in this because it will help to convince people to embrace these new concepts rather than fearing them.

Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan philanthropist and businesswoman of Angolan and Russian descent who currently holds the distinction of being the wealthiest woman in the continent of Africa. She is also the first woman from Africa to ascend to the status of billionaire. Isabel dos Santos is known for her passion that she has in helping to empower women and the underprivileged of the world. She commits a great deal of her time to charitable work and is known for her investments that she is involved in globally. Her work has also included a number of positions in the managerial sector of companies that trade on the stock exchanges of Europe. Isabel dos Santos comes from one of the locations most well-known political traditions and her father was Angola’s President for many years.

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Dick DeVos Has Been a Reformer and Activist Since the 1990s

Known as a CEO interested in progress, CEO Dick DeVos has always sought to change the world for the better. This is a personality trait that has followed him throughout his adult life, with one of his most notable actions being instilling the change brought to the Grand Rapids, Michigan airport a few years ago.




This wasn’t the only thing that Dick DeVos took action for in Grand Rapids, though. For example, in 1991 DeVos was vocal about a potential plan to build a convention center north of downtown. DeVos opposed the building of the center due to his ambivalence over whether or not it would provide a positive change for the area’s culture.




Having seen the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills affect the city of Detroit so drastically in the 70s, DeVos took it upon himself to ensure that such an event would not happen again in Michigan.




None of these actions are contradictory to what Dick DeVos stands for as a person and political figure. In partnership with his wife Betsy, the DeVos family have focused many of their efforts over the years to providing residents of Michigan with successful public infrastructure and systems to regulate labor costs. For example, the couple’s generous donation of $12.5 million to a children’s hospital in 2006 shows that they are interested in helping communities to improve in whichever way possible.




This is where the family’s prioritization of education reform comes in—Betsy and Dick DeVos have always been interested in philanthropy and improving educational circumstances, believing that making education accessible is the way to improve society.




In the early 2000s, this drive caused the DeVoses to sponsor a proposed amendment to allow students to benefit from tax-funded vouchers for private schools, something that was repeatedly rejected. However, it’s not necessarily in the DeVos ethos to simply give up after having facing a dilemma. Instead, they continued their push for the tax-funded vouchers, eventually getting some form of this in 24 different states around the country.




Though the political landscape is always changing, the initiative present in the actions of the DeVos family will continue to stay consistent and strong.


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Michael Nierenberg and His Knowledge in Mortgage REITs

Long-time investors will know that mortgage REITs are required by law to empty give back a minimum of more than 89% of their income to their shareholders. This means that shareholders who accumulate positions over time are able to participate in the income of the corporation over time. Prominent investors will also know that mortgage REITs have their own benefits such as being able to provide investors with a larger slice of the dividend pie due to the way they are set up. Of course, not everything is rosy in this particular investment vehicle. Investors will have to make sure they understand the risks of investing in a mortgage REIT.

For instance, mortgage REITs are able to make money through the origination of mortgages, the acquisition of mortgages, MBS products, and other financial products related to mortgages. Certain issues in regard to interest rate changes and other issues that may take place in housing may affect the profits and the firm in a disadvantageous fashion. For instance, a REIT may have its acquisitions or its assets decrease in value when interest rates experience an increase. They may also see a decline in some of their assets if interest rates decrease and if mortgages are prematurely finalized. Concerns that may also arise may be present in the types of mortgages that are chosen by the managers of the firm, sub-prime mortgages may see higher chances of failure and this has to priced in and accounted for to have long-term success.

Managers without the necessary experience may not be able to weather the different storms and changes issued by the Federal Reserve. As such, it is wise for investors to turn to a solid team such as the one led by Michael Nierenberg and his team at New Residential Investment Corporation. Michael Nierenberg and his team have the correct experience and knowledge in the housing market to navigate the variety of tempests that may be present in the volatile markets. Learn more about why Michael Nierenberg and his team have the knowledge to provide individuals with the right returns in a variety of different market climates and how they have fared in the past. They have conducted the right preparation for different interest rate changes that may be taking place in the markets in the present and in the future as well.

FlávioMaluf’s Take On Brazil’s Food Wastage

FlávioMaluf is one of the reputable entrepreneurs and businesspersons in Brazil. Maluf was born on December 2, 1961, in São Paulo to a business and political family. Having been raised in such a family put him in a clear lane of success in business. He currently operates Eucatex, a business venture started by his father. The Engineer turned entrepreneur obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree at Armando ÁlvaresPenteado Foundation. However, Maluf did not put all his effort into engineering but instead chose to diversify his skills to entrepreneurship. He acquired his business administration degree from New York University. Before settling to work in the Eucatex, the family business, Maluf worked in different Brazilian companies like Citicorp in business management. The exposure from such companies strengthened his skills to run Eucatex professionally from 1987. Learn more at about Flavio Maluf

According to Flavio Maluf, Eucatex comes from the name eucalyptus, the raw material used by the company for making civil construction products and slabs for the furniture industry. Apart from Eucatex, Maluf owns Grandfood, a supermarket that specializes in foodstuffs. Through his experience in the two companies, Maluf has a keen eye in studying agricultural waste in Brazil as he continues to produce environmentally friendly and sustainable products. He notes that food in Brazil is wasted at an alarming rate. According to Maluf, the daily wastage of food is equivalent to three times a meal for one person daily.

Additionally, the European Union found out that 73% of the wasted food consists of beans, rice, chicken, and meat, the most expensive foods. To address this problem, FlávioMaluf is working closely with the environment ministry to educate Brazilians on food wastage. The training will primarily touch on the buying habits of the Brazilians. Additionally, they will learn about the dietary value of foods because many of them consume junk. Maluf is also working on ways to reduce the wastage of other resources like energy, water, and labor.

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Rebel Wilson Shines Once More In “Isn’t It Romantic”

Most movies are created with the aim of telling a story that will lose the audience in a world of fantasy. But some films break the fourth wall and engage the audience by clever use of tongue in cheek. If you are after the latter, Isn’t It Romantic is a must-watch. The movie “Isn’t It Romantic,” stars comedy heavyweight Rebel Wilson is a romantic comedy that tells the tale of being stuck in a romantic comedy.


In the movie, Rebel plays an ambitious young architect going by the name Natalie who is always marred by bad luck at work. Natalie has also has a pessimistic view on love and romance. While trying to stop a mugger in a NYC subway, Natalie accidentally hits her head and what happens next is jaw dropping, as she wakes up in a parallel (alternate) reality. In this reality, Natalie’s life events become similar to those present in cheesy romantic films.

Compared to other movies that Rebel Wilson has starred in, Isn’t It Romantic is slightly different. Unlike in film where Rebel steals scenes thanks to her comedic force, Isn’t It Romantic provides Rebel with a chance to play the leading role. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

In the Pitch Perfect series, Rebel plays a comedic supporting role and is always able to steal the spotlight by pure comedic force. It is worth noting that her roles in Pitch Perfect skyrocketed her status in Hollywood while also earning numerous awards and nominations. Rebel might be soon saying goodbye to comedic supporting roles. “Isn’t it Romantic,” casts Rebel Wilson as both comedienne and the lead lady in a captivating romantic plot.

Other Hollywood A-lists in the movie Isn’t It Romantic include.; Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra, and Adam DeVine. Liam plays the romantic interest, while Adam plays the competing love interest and best friend. Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra plays the role of a yoga ambassador from India.

Playing romantic lead roles comes with its sets of challenges, but Rebel Wilson makes it look easy. Wilson additionally shows off her dancing skills. While it’s easy to assume that Wilson is a naturally bold person, the assumption is far from being true.

Rebel Wilson admits to being painfully shy as child and teenager. Her boldness comes from a change in personality that saw Rebel reinvent herself. Before moving to NYC, Rebel began her career in the Australia where she often picked up acting roles in local theaters.

When in NYC, Rebel Wilson points out that people could break in laughter every time she was performing, this made her know what career path she had to pursue. She later began plying her trade as a comedienne under the talent agency “William Morris Endeavor,” the agency providing her with a platform for mainstream success.

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Dr saad saad and his contributions to pediatric surgery

Dr Saad Saad is a highly successful and innovative pediatric surgeon who has had a prestigious career. He was born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait. He earned his medical degree from Cairo University, Egypt and ranked second in his class. He then went to England for a medical internship and later to the US 45 years ago. He completed his residency in surgery and pediatric surgery in the USA Board of Certified surgery. He is one of the most instrumental surgeons in pediatric surgery.

He has developed numerous pediatric surgical procedures and has patented two innovations in pediatric surgery. His two inventions are the sophisticated endoscope apparatus and the catheter with integral Electromagnetic location identification device. Over the last four decades, Dr saad saad has performed thousands of complex pediatric surgeries for kids ranging from teenagers to infants. His expertise have served the community across the US as well as children across the world.

Before retiring, Dr Saad Saad was the surgeon-in-chief and the Medical Director of Hovnanian children hospital. He has done numerous medical missions to Jerusalem where he performed free complex surgeries on children from low-income families and even carried some to the US for more medical care.

While he retired, he still contributes to websites and journals, relaying information on the basics of raising a child. He primarily focuses on the topics about the importance of vaccinations children and how to treat concussions in children.

From the prestigious career of Dr saad saad, we can learn numerous lessons from influence on innovation, selfless service, and sacrifice to humanity. One life lesson we can learn from him is to work hard for the success we seek in life and careers. Born in Palestine, in an era that the country experienced rapid and dramatic revolutions, he did not give up on the dreams he had in bringing a change to the world. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

According to Dr saad saad, daily habit is a significant determinant of his exemplary success. He termed procrastination as a significant hindrance and a killer for many bright dreams. He lived by a rule of accomplishing all the tasks he set for a day. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

He set his goal to become a certified pediatric surgeon by US board, an achievement that was very rare during his time in the US especially for the immigrants. He developed a drive and a passion for improving advancing his career and improving his knowledge which led to a very prestigious career path and opened the door to a myriad of opportunities for him.

Also, Dr Saad Saad had a deep passion for innovation which led him to his two innovations which have saved and improved the lives of millions of children across the world. This is a goal he had ever since he was a student.