Everyone Loves Rebel Wilson

You’re a fan of Rebel Wilson, I’m a fan of Rebel Wilson, we’re all fans of Rebel Wilson.

Why are we all fans of Rebel Wilson? Well, she has a great personality and she’s in movies that we all love. Best of all, Rebel Wilson makes us laugh and helps us escape from our troubles and the banality of life.

Let’s learn a little bit more about Rebel Wilson and where she is from.

Rebel Wilson: A History

Rebel Wilson was born in the first half of 1980. She was born in the great city of Sydney, New South Wales, in the country that is down under, Australia. Her mother has an interesting profession, she handles dogs for a living, she handles dogs in a very professional manner.

Wilson, by all accounts, had a comfortable life, she was able to grow up in the suburbs and was able to have stability throughout her life. She was a bright and curious girl who would attend different schools and would win awards and have accomplishments under her belt.

She wasn’t the only child, she had company. She had more than two sibling growing up, she was blessed with two sisters and one brother. She also has connections to the animation industry, her great aunt was married to Walt Disney! Pretty cool right?

A few of her siblings are somewhat famous, two of them teamed up and appeared on the Amazing Race.

Her Career

Was Rebel Wilson always interested in the arts? Not really, she won awards for food science in the past and always thought she would end in up in the field of maths. She was not your average student, she always was interested in learning more about the world and found comfort in numbers.

She loved numbers so much that she went to the University of New South Wales and pursued an Arts Degree. She wanted to do something different and graduated with an arts degree in 2009. She was also able to graduate with a bachelor of law degree. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

At one point in her life, she contracted malaria. How? Well, she was a Rotary International Youth Ambassador for the country and she stationed in South Africa for a year. It was there, in South Africa, where she contracted the disease. Thankfully, she made it out alright. Interestingly, she says, because of malaria, she had these hallucinations.

These hallucinations showed her that she was a famous actress and she believed in these hallucinations and chose to pursue a career within the field. She saw herself winning awards and and being a successful actress, she knew she couldn’t say not to becoming an actress and she knew that she had to pursue it.

So pursue it she did.

One common theme throughout her life is the fact that she worked. Rebel Wilson worked all throughout her school life and also through her career as well. She studies tat ATYP and then was able to move to New York because of a scholarship she got from her school.

This was the first step in her career to fame and glory.

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