Edwin Miranda: Passion in Business

Edwin Miranda started KOI IXS, which is a full-time performance-driven marketing agency, based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida. Edwin is also proudly KOI IXS’ CEO. It is an idea that he brought into reality at the age of 21, and it runs successfully till date, with passion being his main driving force.

Sense of Purpose

A typical day for Mr. Edwin Miranda begins at 5:30 am as he is an early riser who has his day clearly planned out. He has a list of things to do in the course of the day, and also the people involved in the carrying out of those things, which he cross-checks to see what he accomplishes by the day. Such purpose and personal discipline are what has led to the success of KOI IXS today, with the team at KOI IXS working passionately towards delivering results to clients. Edwin Miranda prides himself in delivering to clients what they need to stand out in the market space and in producing work that is worth creating.

Team Spirit

He recognizes that success is not a one-man show, and takes pride in his team which he describes as a team of passionate and talented designers, strategists and thinkers. As a team, they recognize that to achieve maximum success, they must align their visions, and they strive for that every day. Edwin Miranda also recognizes the importance of delegation when expanding a business or starting out. Working with a team of like-minded individuals towards a common goal has been one of the pillars of KOI IXS.


His success in the marketing industry has definitely not been without setbacks. One of the most memorable setbacks for Edwin Miranda was the category five hurricane in Puerto Rico. However, owing to a strong support system and his team, he was able to rise through it. This further emphasizes the significance of not working alone but working with a team. The team makes the comeback feel easier as compared to when working in a stand-alone environment. Such setbacks in business, according to Mr. Edwin Miranda, build resilience which is required in business, as it is not always going to be a smooth ride.

Edwin Miranda strongly believes that a goal is a dream with a deadline and that whatever the mind conceives, can be achieved. Planning is therefore of an essence to beat the deadlines, and one has to take risks for growth and maturity and to achieve the goals.

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