Talkspace and Online Therapy

What Kind of App is Talkspace?

Talkspace is an app that matches you with a counselor and you receive one to one sessions via text messages. The first session is a question and answer session, which allows Talkspace to match you with a therapist to fit your individual needs. Of course, the main concern of the Talkspace is to make sure that the therapist that they match you with will fit your individual needs.

Weighing in the Factors

Many users of Talkspace find what the app has to offer appealing. For one reason therapist sessions can range anywhere from $50-250, which can be out of many people’s range. Secondly, there is a lack of appeal in spending so much time traveling to and from a bonafide therapist for the sessions. Talkspace begins at $49-79 per week, the range of cost depends upon whether a person chooses 0-5 live sessions per month.

Meeting the Therapist for the First Time

It can be a daunting task meeting a psychological counselor at any place or at anytime, but it takes a certain amount of adjustment in meeting a person via an app. People who have used Talkspace were at first apprehensive and wanted to be assured of sharing things so personal with others, so they did a bit of googling to gain some knowledge of their assigned counselor. After being assured of the reputability of their therapist they were more comforted. Read this article at

First Sessions

When the first session was initiated those who used Talkspace were surprised at how easy it was to use and also how easy it was to talk with their matched therapist. They had no difficulty in getting a response, In fact, the session, which took place by texting went on at times for half an hour or more and at an unscheduled time. Lastly, the therapist was giving very detailed and insightful responses to their issues, which gained the confidence of those who used the app.

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