Rebel Wilson’s New Workout “The Catzercise”

It is true that finding a workout routine that works can be challenging. But according to Rebel Wilson, with a little motivation, nothing is impossible. Rebel Wilson recently shared her new working routine with her fans. Yes, you read it right! Wilson has a new workout routine that’s fun to watch and also seems fun to try.

The A-list star turned 39 on Saturday, March 2nd and let her fans in on the celebrations, by documenting and sharing her birthday celebration on her Instagram page. Wilson’s birthday celebrations featured a cake making class and a unique exercise routine, the catzercise.

Rebel Wilson the star behind Isn’t It Romantic will be starring in this year’s Cats movie. The celebrity shares with her friends two videos that are highlighting dance moves she and her friends learned during a thirty-minute rehearsal. Rebel Wilson and her friends were performing while donning cat costumes. In the video, Rebel Wilson accessorizes her look with cat ears and pink furry armbands.

In a series of Instagram post, Wilson tells her shares how the surprise birthday party culminated in a Catzercise in the middle of Beverly Hills. In a different post, Rebel Wilson states that she and her pals only rehearsed for 30 minutes before creating the workout routine.

According to Rebel Wilson, the new workout or exercise routine is a great way to get the hot summer bod, after which she sang praises for the workout. She also didn’t forget to encourage her fans and followers to try the routine. For her 39th birthday, Wilson went to a Milk Bar and took a cake-making class. The Isn’t It Romantic star and her friends called the cake a celebratory birthday cake. In an Instagram post, Wilson states that her birthday was a cake walk. Besides creating a workout routine and taking a cake making class, Rebel Wilson ate four Pizzas with her pals before proceeding to burn it off using the Catzercise routine. She ended her series of posts by writing, “that’s how you do a surprise birthday.” Rebel Wilson will be starring in the Cats movie as Jennyanydots with co-stars that include Taylor Swift and Idris Elba. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair Other A-list celebrities that will be appearing on the Cats movie include Ian McKellen, Judi Dench, James Corden, and Jennifer Hudson. Rebel Wilson, the actress who made Pitch Perfect incredibly funny recently spoke about her experience working with pop icon Taylor Swift whose 29.  

In an Interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rebel Wilson terms Taylor Swift as “delicate” while also mentioning that the singer “Swift” brings in a sultry and unique vibe to her character known as Bombalurina in the Cats movie musical adaptation. Wilson showers Taylor Swift in the interview, terming Taylor as incredible.

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