Nick Vertucci: Sharing Personal Experiences to Help Entrepreneurs in the Real Estate Industry

Nick Vertucci is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Nick started the academy in 2014 to provide training and advisory services on real estate. The academy has locations in Nevada, California and many more throughout the United States. Nick has a great passion for real estate and together with his experiences, has acquired enough knowledge. He shares with people interested in the field to help them become financially independent. Before getting into real estate, Nick Vertucci had an established computer accessories business. The 2000 economic downfall cost him his business. This was his first step into getting in real estate. He gave a lot of attention into the real estate business and it helped him move from being broke to a millionaire in only a few years.

Nick owes his success to having a mentor, continuous learning, constant involvement in the market and learning from his mistakes and those of others. It is this knowledge and more that he shares through the academy. In 2018, Nick published a book called Seven Figure Decisions: Having the balls to Succeed. In the book is the story of success. He intends to use this story to educate entrepreneurs in the real estate on the tips and lessons to become successful.

Life has not always been smooth and successful for Nick Vertucci. He was born of a middle-class family and at the age of 10, his father passed on. Life became difficult for him and his family, being raised by a single mother. At the age of 18 years, Nick was broke and was sleeping out in his car. This motivated him to rise beyond his challenges and he established his computer accessories company.

In 2000, when his company failed, he spent 18 months down and about trying to figure out how to get back into a better financial position. He was then invited for a real estate seminar by one of his friends. This seminar would then change his life. He committed himself to get a share of this American dream and build a successful real estate company. Time spent on studying, learning and understanding the market make him successful and was back into a good financial position.

Nick Vertucci has utilized the aspects of persistence and dedicated to getting over the hardships he comes across in his entrepreneurship journey. While establishing the real estate academy, Nick would also experience some challenges. He faced dishonest partnerships but was still able to establish it in 2014.

In his book, Nick shares the lessons he has faced in his journey. Confidence is one of the main keys to success. He describes it as visualizing an idea, believing in it, mapping it out and then executing. Flipping a home investment strategy and using 401(K) to execute it are also important in succeeding in the field. Most of all, Nick teaches his success-driven mindset of failing and learning from it. People should also be open to change and continuously improve their skills to succeed in real estate.

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