Summary of the organizations Victoria Doramus supports

Victoria Doramus supports many charitable organizations that resonate with her in her community. One of them she actively supports the “Amy Winehouse foundation”, which is focused on steering adolescence and younger adults away from drugs and heavy alcohol use through prevention and education. This foundation aims to enrich individual development by way of music.

Another organization she supports is the“Women’s Prison Association”, which rehabs women with substance abuse issues and helps keep them out of the prison system. Instead of incriminating them and locking them up, they are given the chance to reform their lives by utilizing constructive strategies such as affordable housing, mental health services and keeping the families of these women involved in their recovery as well. This organization also has a focus on preventing the issue at hand and keeping these women out of the system.

Victoria Doramus also supports the “Room to Read” foundation which fights for female children all over the world and their right to education and equality regarding that education. Victoria Doramus helps these young women by giving them the mastery they need for skills to live productive and fulfilling lives. Over 20,000 communities around the world have gained enrichment in their faction from this foundation since it began in 2000.

Victoria Doramus also involved herself in animal welfare by supporting “The Best Friends Animal Society”, which was founded in 1980 and aims to get rid of shelters all over the country that get rid of animals by euthanizing them. She advocates to find forever and loving homes for these animals and provide safe housing for ones in need of finding homes.

These are some of the many diverse organizations Doramus supports. Their unique mission appeals to and drives her to continue her part in making the world a better place.

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