The Best Law Firm in Ohio Kisling, Nestico and Redick-KNR

Kisling, Nestico and Redick (KNR), is a private law firm company based in Columbus, Ohio, United States. The law firm company majorly deals with personal injuries resulting from someone else doings and it was founded in the year 2005 initially over personal frustration. Mr. Rob Nestico, who is the managing director of the firm, had earlier on had an accident over a reckless car driver and he suffered several injuries and with this, the insurance firm failed to cover him due to communication barrier since they were Italians residing in US. Later on, he decided to set up a law firm with his colleagues so as to ensure that justice is gained to the injured person as well as ensure that the insurance firms do not take advantage of their clients in providing insurance covers.

The law firm helps in seeking justice to their clients as well as adequate compensation to them basing on how the injury extended by the doer. The law firm has employed more attorneys and advocates who work closely with their clients to ensure quality law services satisfy the client as required. Over the recent past years, the company has been able to gain recognition basing on how well and composed in undertaking justice actions as required by the clients. With this, it has enabled its expansion in different cities within the United States such as Toledo, Youngstown and Akron.

Major Fields that KNR law firm deals with range widely from road accidents, dangerous drugs and malpractices on medical field. Also, on workers compensation by the insurance firms, the firm does seek adequate justice to workers in need of compensation. With this consideration, most of the attorneys hired by KNR law firm as well as the subordinate staffs have been into the insurance companies as employees and this do help them in seeking compensation since they fully understand various tactics on insurance firms. Since its foundation, the firm has helped many who seek justice in their law firm recover so much to their satisfaction in settlements and verdicts. The law firm is one of the best in US when it comes to justice seek.

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