The Expansion of Jump Design Group by Glenn Schlossberg

The businessman is the pioneer of the firm and has played a vital role in expanding its operations over the years. Under Glenn Schlossberg’s leadership, Jump Design Group has adopted innovative techniques and that has earned it a competitive edge in the fashion industry. The company was established in 1990 and was previously known as Jump Apparel.

Glenn Schlossberg believes in teamwork in the organization and has strived to achieve that to ensure higher productivity for high-quality products for its clients who are mainly organizations. One of his reasons for venturing into the fashion industry was the passion he had to make a difference in the area. Earlier in his life, he worked closely with his father who was a dressmaker.

To improve his skills in the fashion sector, Glenn joined the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology which is based in New York. After his graduation, the businessman focused on making unique garments for his different clients using faster and cheaper techniques and that helped him to gain a competitive edge among the other players in the sector.

Currently, Jump Design Group is ranked highly among the other players in the fashion industry due to its logistical capabilities in New York and other parts of the world. Its products are available on various platforms including Nordstrom and Macy’s and that has helped its customers to access them more conveniently.

Jump Design Group recently acquired a popular brand in the fashion industry known as Cathy Daniels. Glenn Schlossberg’s company will now control all the assets under Cathy Daniels. According to the acquisition deal, the sales team at the acquired organization will remain intact and its factories will continue running. Jerry Passaretti was tasked with product development in the new firm due to his expertise in the sector for more than four decades now.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Jump Design, the company is focusing on the acquisition of firms with a good portfolio to improve their performance through its innovative marketing strategies and access to its wide customer base. Some of the core values at Jump Design include integrity and honesty. Learn more about Glenn Schlossberg on LinkedIn.


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