Meet Peter Briger: A Titan In The Investment And Finance World

Peter Briger is one of the famous and well-repudiated businessmen. It won’t be wrong if he’s called as the titan in the sector or world of business and finance. He is considered to be among the elite 400 top businessmen and professionals throughout the world. Pete Briger is serving as a Chairman and the President of the famous, renowned investing company known as Fortress Investment Group. Once he was a partner of another company which is known as Goldman Sachs and Co, Briger. The company had played a very important role by creating and crediting to make the Investment Group bloom in every aspect. Peter Briger has served more than 15 years in Goldman Sachs. After which Briger joined this investing company known as Fortress Investment Group in the year 2002.

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Briger is looking and supervising the real estate business regarding the credit fund within the divisions of the Fortress Investment Group. The main hit and the primary concern of the company are with the miserable and distressed debt. It also shows more significant interest with illiquid installment and investment.

Peter Briger has done his Bachelors from the University of Princeton and has perused his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania and their renowned school of business known as Wharton School of Business. He gained a lot of experience and was a dedicated and a die heart professional. He was able to polish his skills and his expertise during his stay in the investment company. He is financially very stable that somewhat shows that he was able to be a partner at the renown and reputable band, as a Chief Executive Officer in the Fortress.

Peter Briger played a very important and credible role by kicking the Fortress Investment Company to the level of growth and prosperity. Fortress Investment Company is a large and huge company that manages investments in the form of assets. The assets are of more than $65 billion worth. Peter Briger being the CEO enjoys an important seat at the company.



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