Agera Energy: An Energy Supplier Worth Noting

Founded in 2014, Agera Energy, an electricity provider, opened its doors with hopes of being the change the industry so desperately needed. During its infancy, Agera Energy fell victim to one of the harshest winters in America. No doubt an ill-fated reality for a natural gas and energy provider, Agera Energy’s services were rendered ineffectual due to budget constraints. However, in a stunning turn of events, Agera Energy managed to overcome the stumbling blocks and remain profitable. Agera Energy attributes their success to their ability to embrace and adapt to change.

For instance, though other companies of a similar nature simply increased their prices to avoid going belly-up, Agera Energy instituted revolutionary paradigms that catered to more clients. As a result, steady cash flow was stabilized. These days, Agera Energy aims to remain a stalwart in their domain via client-driven efforts. By putting the customer first, Agera Energy intends to align interests with their valued clients. Above all else, Agera Energy is an organization of noble values. Their Agera Cares initiative confirms this. Driven by their desire to give back to local communities, Agera Energy created their Agera Cares program as an attempt to encourage others to get involved and donate where they can.

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New Residential Investment Corp is a leading firm in real estate investments. It is a company based in the United States and listed in the stock market. This company helps identify and seize investment opportunities in the market. It has a stock portfolio that is diversified and consists of financial assets and mortgages. It helps minimize risks and consequently provide high returns to the investors.

Since New Residential Investment Corp became publicly traded firm in 2013; the company has managed many real estate investments. Its primary objective is to grow its dividends and maximize the returns of its shareholders. Initially, New Residential Investment Corp was a subsidiary of the Newcastle Investment Corp.

New Residential Investment Corp has a highly diversified and qualified management team. It has contributed immensely in identifying opportunities in the real estate and mortgages industry. One of the key strategies employed by the company is providing risk-adjusted rates and projects with stable cash flows.

Over the years, New Residential investment corp has enjoyed tremendous growth and expansion — this due to investing and managing profitable ventures in the real estate industry. Currently, New Residential Investment Corp is a top employer with a qualified pool of trained financial analysts and experts.

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KOI IXS Uses Edwin Miranda’s Vision To Be Successful

KOI IXS is not like other marketing agencies.

One of the problems with most marketing agencies is that they promise that they can have full access to a client’s customer base. It turns that they are actually a technological tool to do what they promise. They are just an intermediary between the technology and the client. It would be good to find a marketing agency that will keep their technological promise.

KOI IXS does fulfill their promises. They do it with a large, passionate, talented group of thinkers,
designers, strategists, and creators, Whatever KOI IXS, it makes sure that ir does with passion. With this passion, this company has become a leader in marketing sector in Puerto Rico.

Edwin Miranda, a founder of KOI IXS, had a vision when he started the company. This agency is based on an idea that he had when he was 21 years old. The company has passion and desire to bring his idea to reality. This passion still exists today.

Edwin Miranda believes that the company uses its creative talents to develop work that is worthwhile. With its creative talent, it has a rich history and still has a passion for marketing technology. He thinks that companies have an edge when they use their services.

A marketing company today should have many parts that work successfully together. Technology makes it impossible for just one person to deal with it. There are just too many platforms and too many marketing strategies. It is almost impossible for one person to do all the tasks.

Edwin admits that he could not be successful with his staff. He knows that a person should surround himself or herself with a staff that a person can trust. A business cannot grow with just one person. A person should delegate duties to other people.

Good staff and passion is what makes KOI IXS different form other marketing agencies.

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Summary of the organizations Victoria Doramus supports

Victoria Doramus supports many charitable organizations that resonate with her in her community. One of them she actively supports the “Amy Winehouse foundation”, which is focused on steering adolescence and younger adults away from drugs and heavy alcohol use through prevention and education. This foundation aims to enrich individual development by way of music.

Another organization she supports is the“Women’s Prison Association”, which rehabs women with substance abuse issues and helps keep them out of the prison system. Instead of incriminating them and locking them up, they are given the chance to reform their lives by utilizing constructive strategies such as affordable housing, mental health services and keeping the families of these women involved in their recovery as well. This organization also has a focus on preventing the issue at hand and keeping these women out of the system.

Victoria Doramus also supports the “Room to Read” foundation which fights for female children all over the world and their right to education and equality regarding that education. Victoria Doramus helps these young women by giving them the mastery they need for skills to live productive and fulfilling lives. Over 20,000 communities around the world have gained enrichment in their faction from this foundation since it began in 2000.

Victoria Doramus also involved herself in animal welfare by supporting “The Best Friends Animal Society”, which was founded in 1980 and aims to get rid of shelters all over the country that get rid of animals by euthanizing them. She advocates to find forever and loving homes for these animals and provide safe housing for ones in need of finding homes.

These are some of the many diverse organizations Doramus supports. Their unique mission appeals to and drives her to continue her part in making the world a better place.

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Ryan Seacrest: Radio Role Model

Ryan Seacrest is one of the biggest names in media today. He has conquered all kinds of media including TV, radio, and social media. All of this success can be attributed to Ryan’s great work ethic and amazing dedication to keeping a schedule. Every day Ryan is pushing the boundaries of what he is able to fit into his schedule. Ryan starts his weekdays with his radio show On Air With Ryan Seacrest, then he heads to the television studio to co-host Live With Kelly and Ryan. This is just the beginning of the day for Mr. Seacrest as well.


Ryan Seacrest is well known for respecting where he came up from and giving back to the community that has supported him so vehemently over the years. Ryan has had several forays into different forms of media, helping him diversify his time and investments. He has become a popular host for large events like the Oscars, Golden Globes and even for tv shows like American Idol. Ryan Seacrest is always working and never turns down an offer to branch out.


One of the many ways Ryan has branched out recently is by launching his new menswear lifestyle brand called Ryan Seacrest Distinction. Ryan truly cares about his fans as they are the people who support him through all his trials and tribulations. You can see him interacting with fans on all the major social media sites. This helps Ryan to be a more relatable guy and an even better role model for people to look up to.


Ryan Seacrest also makes a point to be philanthropic as he has set up his own non-profit organization called The Ryan Seacrest Foundation. RSF goes to pediatric hospitals and builds broadcast media centers so the patients can learn about radio, television, and new media. The goal of the RSF is to inspire children through education and entertainment.


Ryan Seacrest makes a point to keep busy, but he has also created a mold which others can follow to be more successful in their everyday life. Ryan proves that hard work, dedication, and consistency will lead to a profitable and fulfilling life. He never turns down an offer and never turns away from his community.


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The Best Law Firm in Ohio Kisling, Nestico and Redick-KNR

Kisling, Nestico and Redick (KNR), is a private law firm company based in Columbus, Ohio, United States. The law firm company majorly deals with personal injuries resulting from someone else doings and it was founded in the year 2005 initially over personal frustration. Mr. Rob Nestico, who is the managing director of the firm, had earlier on had an accident over a reckless car driver and he suffered several injuries and with this, the insurance firm failed to cover him due to communication barrier since they were Italians residing in US. Later on, he decided to set up a law firm with his colleagues so as to ensure that justice is gained to the injured person as well as ensure that the insurance firms do not take advantage of their clients in providing insurance covers.

The law firm helps in seeking justice to their clients as well as adequate compensation to them basing on how the injury extended by the doer. The law firm has employed more attorneys and advocates who work closely with their clients to ensure quality law services satisfy the client as required. Over the recent past years, the company has been able to gain recognition basing on how well and composed in undertaking justice actions as required by the clients. With this, it has enabled its expansion in different cities within the United States such as Toledo, Youngstown and Akron.

Major Fields that KNR law firm deals with range widely from road accidents, dangerous drugs and malpractices on medical field. Also, on workers compensation by the insurance firms, the firm does seek adequate justice to workers in need of compensation. With this consideration, most of the attorneys hired by KNR law firm as well as the subordinate staffs have been into the insurance companies as employees and this do help them in seeking compensation since they fully understand various tactics on insurance firms. Since its foundation, the firm has helped many who seek justice in their law firm recover so much to their satisfaction in settlements and verdicts. The law firm is one of the best in US when it comes to justice seek.

The Abilities of Agera Industry

As time goes by more and more states are deregulating the business industry. This means customers are being given the ability to shop and select their energy source. This is mostly a good thing. The bad thing is that now customers have to wade through the increasingly complicated marketplace.

That’s where Agera Energy comes in. Agera takes this burden off its customers and does the shopping for you, providing the very best options according to your specifics. Along the way, they also help educate their customers about the energy industry. They take everything they do extremely seriously because they know it is one of the primary needs of the average American family.

Sujit Choudary Expert in Constitutional Building

Sujit Choudary is an academic, professor and current director as well as founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. The center supports collective research efforts by international constitutional experts that is evidence-based in nature. The conclusions from research projects recommend policy options that are in keeping with constitutional ideals.

Sujit Choudary has held professorial positions at New York University and the University of Toronto. He is currently a faculty member at Berkley University in California. Sujit Choudary has published many papers and is also on Medium. He is a noted expert in comparative constitutional law and politics where he has devoted much of his professional effort.

As there has been much interest of recent surrounding President Donald Trump and the investigation of possible Russian influence on the 2016 US general election, Sujit Choudary addresses the question of whether or not the constitution grants power to an acting President to grant pardon or reprieve to himself or herself. Choudary is quick to note the issue has lively debate among scholars. One federal judge during the time President Clinton was facing a legal hearing surrounding his scandal with Monica Lewinsky, commented that he felt a President could pardon himself according to the constitution. Sujit Choudary references Article II Section 2 and makes the observance that the statements concerning pardon powers granted are mute concerning this question. They do reference power to pardon someone for federal crimes or offenses committed.

Sujit Choudary references some examples of pardons granted by President Trump during his first term. Boxer Jack Johnson, author Dinesh Souza, alleged drug user Alice Johnson and former sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona. All of these examples were for non-violent crimes or offenses. Sujit Choudary asserts that the implied message from these pardons may be that if in the end, the federal investigators are found guilty for a falsified investigation, President Trump would perhaps pardon the involved parties. If on the other hand, President Trump is found guilty, self pardon may lead to impeachment and eventual settlement by the US Supreme Court.

Victoria Doramus Gives Back

Victoria Doramus is a compassionate, giving person and has given much of her time to many different good causes including to The Amy Winehouse Foundation and Room to Read. She’s also a volunteer for the Woman’s Prison Association.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation is a charity that educates young people about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse and also helps who are addicted to break free from their addictions. Many artists such as Nas and record executive Monte Lipman support the foundation as well. Drug and alcohol abuse is a real problem not only in the United States but all over the world. It may even be a bigger problem than many people realize. The foundation has done a lot of good and has even launched a program in schools in et United Kingdom to educate children in secondary schools about substance abuse. Victoria Doramus is a recovery expert which is why this foundation really hits home with her, and she’s able to support it so wholeheartedly.

Room to Read is all about empowering children with knowledge through reading. They are a nonprofit organization and is focused on achieving equal education for all genders. So far Room to Read has over 12,000 libraries and almost 1,500 schools in ten different countries including Vietnam, Zambia, South Africa, and India, to name a few. The program has provided E to almost 14,000 girls and has been awarded many awards and has gotten recognition from prestigious organizations such as Reader’s Digest and UNESCO.

Victoria Doramus supports Best Friends Animal Society where she volunteers her time. The society is the biggest no-kill shelter in the United States and around many regional programs. Because of its efforts and the efforts of its volunteers it has been possible to reduce the number of animals that are killed in shelters across America.

The Woman’s Prison Association runs many projects to help find solutions to problems. They provide mentoring services and legal services to incarcerated women who would otherwise not have any help. They have helped women throughout in the United States over the past 15 years.

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Ryan Seacrest- A Man On a Mission

Most people recognize Ryan Seacrest as the handsome face co-starring alongside Kelly Ripa every morning on Live! With Kelly & Ryan, or even for his early morning syndicated radio show. He certainly entertains us with his calming voice and dreamy presence on both of these platforms and many people look forward to seeing them on their television screens and hearing his voice each morning. But, there is another side to Seacrest that is just as admirable and lovable as his roles in the spotlight. Do you really know Ryan Seacrest and what a busy man he is?

Did you know that Ryan Seacrest has his own menswear line sold exclusively at Macy’s? Every man needs clothes but not every piece will help him look his very best. The Macy’s spokesperson says that it is their best-selling line to date. Seacrest knows how to dress and his phenomenal flair is easily seen in his stylish clothing line. There is little wonder that it is so popular for men who enjoy style. Also sold at Macy’s is the men’s skincare line that Seacrest created with the help of Dr. Lancer. The skincare line includes several dermatology products that help keep his skin looking its best.

These ventures are just a few of the many that Ryan Seacrest enjoys on a daily basis. There is little doubt that he lives a full life with plenty taking place each and every day. He also enjoys giving back to other people. Founder of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which supports broadcast journalism for underprivileged children, Seacrest always goes above and beyond to help the organization in any possible way that he can. But, that’s just one of his many philanthropic efforts. He serves as an honorary committee member on the Grammy Foundation and is on the board of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.