Jeremy Goldstein’s Involvement In Supporting The Fountain House

A refreshing blend of savvy and benevolent, Jeremy Goldstein is hallmarked for his philanthropic essence and business acumen. He’s combined these coveted traits in hopes of becoming an illustrious businessman of virtuous roots. Though Goldstein currently holds an elite title, his entrepreneurial journey began much like any other. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein: and

Goldstein’s extensive college career was accompanied by a wealth of opportunities and unknowns. Unperturbed by the challenges that awaited him, Goldstein dove head first into his endeavors. Law was his desired line of work, and he was determined to make a name for himself in this trade.

After dipping his toes in the water, Goldstein honed his enterprising skills, subsequently reaching the pinnacle of his career after founding the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates firm. A boutique law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates seeks to educate committees, management teams, and CEOs on compensation and corporate governance affairs. Read more: Jeremiah Goldstein Hosts Wine Dinner Supporting Fountain House and Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein | PR Newswire

Since its inception, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates has become a household name in the legal domain. While this feat alone would be fulfilling enough for most, Goldstein is a textbook overachiever. It’s for this reason why he dons many hats. Some of which include chairman, director, and benefactor.

The latter is a role he holds most proudly, and it’s in large part why Goldstein’s become such a valued contributor to the Fountain House. The Fountain House is an organization that strives to curtail the stigmas and hardships that surround mental illness.

Goldstein, a fervent admirer of the Fountain House mission, aims to propagate the program’s message. As an attempt to do so, Goldstein, alongside two of his colleagues, hosted a posh dinner this past May.

Goldstein used this opportunity to raise funds for the Fountain House while lessening the controversy that mental health is so often mired in. No doubt a noble deed, Goldstein continually makes efforts to raise awareness and bolster the Fountain House.

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