Dr. Villanueva Founded A Dynamic Dentistry Company Called MB2 Dental

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is revolutionizing the world of dentistry with his company MB2 Dental. Not only does he combine the integrity of a sole-practitioner, but also brings it to a whole new level like a corporate company. They are dedicated to excellence and care in their 70 locations around the United States. This includes over 533 employees working together to help patients with all their dental needs. With an innovative spirit Dr. Chris Villanueva and his team of experts create an atmosphere of personal growth, autonomy, and support so patients can have the best possible care and experience at the growing practice. MB2 Dental pride themselves on being a young, technologically-advanced company that are progressive and up-to-date with advancements in the dentistry industry. They also create a nourishing environment for dentists to learn and grow with each other while empowering them with the confidence on how they run their office. Dr. Villanueva provides the dentists with a team of experts who can give them the legal, marketing, human resources, and other help they need at any point.

The thriving Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva came up with this idea for a unique dentistry company out of his schooling. He was told there were only two career options to pursue. With his innovative and forward-thinking spirit, he had an idea to combine the both. This way patients and dentists get the best of the two company mindsets. That is how MB2 Dental was created. The doctor surrounds himself with really smart people so he can grow as a person. His ideas are brought to life by collaborating with other people. He is most productive at night. He has a busy home life with four children. Once everything is quite and there is no distraction, Chris can think creatively. On the other hand, Dr. Villanueva does not take himself too seriously and uses humor in his everyday life. This translates into his work life. He likes to keep a light and open environment so his dentists do their best work. It is also very beneficial for patients, and they will keep coming back for more. One thing Villanueva recommends to other and does himself is to give time to self-reflect. It’s about doing something simple that makes him appreciate his life on a whole new level. Another passion of his in the tech industry. He foresees it having many possible benefits in the near future. It can also benefit the world of dentistry too.

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