Education Secretary Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos has led an interesting life to this point, and she never expected it to lead her to the White House. As the Secretary of Education under Donald Trump, Devos has been in charge of leading the administration’s policy on a host of issues, from student loan debt to school choice. While politics might seem like a strange landing spot for Devos, her passion for education actually makes the position a good fit. She might be new to the political swamp in which she has to operate, but she has been thinking and talking about education policy for many years.


Devos and her husband Dick have a history of philanthropy, lifting up entire cities and helping to support initiatives for young people. They are also parents. Like most parents, one of their most difficult decisions came when it was time to send their children to school. To their chagrin, none of the public school choices at their disposal were good enough to provide their children with a solid future. At the end of the day, Dick and Betsy Devos felt that if they sent their child to a standard public school, then the child would miss out on significant growth opportunities.


With this in mind, Devos started talking to more families in Michigan. She found out that parents felt the same way she did. They were struggling and just wanted their kids to be able to have a strong future. Unfortunately, those parents did not have the ability to just send their kids off to boarding school. They had to take what the government gave them. Devos recognized then that it was not fair that just because she had money, her children would have a head start over other kids. It was then that she decided her next move. She would work hard to bring about school choice to the parents she had talked to.


Getting into politics was never her mission. She worked outside of the political game, speaking on school choice and spending her money to make it happen. Her husband Dick, the founder of Amway, had the resources to help her with this. Together, they poured their time, energy and money into the effort. While they made some progress, she did come to realize that if real change was going to happen, it had to go through Washington. Because of this, when an opportunity arose to work with Donald Trump, she jumped at the chance.


Devos has been all over the country speaking on the virtues of school choice. She has spoken with parents from Louisiana to New York and everywhere in-between. Many have told her that school choice has given their children a new lease on life. This has given Devos the energy she has needed to fight the political battles in Washington and elsewhere. Her goal has always been to provide parents with the ability to help their children succeed. Now, in her new political role, she has multiplied her impact.


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