The Real Real: Your Own Luxury Item for Less

Fashion is the third most wasteful industry in the world. Fast fashion is also one of the industries that contributes most of the environmental damage in the Earth: through miles and miles of landfill because of unused clothing that is just thrown away and not upcycled. In a time and age that we have now, we must be aware and alert of the little things that we are doing to save the Earth little by little.

Every one has a dream of living the rich life, with a rich lifestyle with rich material things. But for some of us, it would take multiple lifetimes of working out butts off just to even try to afford luxury items. Luxury fashion items can go ridiculously overpriced, but the brand and the quality makes up for it. And for luxury fashion enthusiasts, some would go miles and miles just to get the fashion items that they want, even if it costs most of their lives’ fortune.

Some luxury fashion enthusiasts can get pretty desperate on trying to own their own fashion luxury items – some might result into buying counterfeits (which is illegal by the way), and buying counterfeits isn’t really helping anyone, or the economy ultimately. Also, some consumers are fooled and scammed by these sellers, selling these counterfeits as real, but then turning out as the opposite.

The Real Real is a platform for luxury fashion enthusiasts to get their hands on real, authentic, luxury items for less the price. The Real Real connects the original owners of the fashion luxury items to buyers. The original owners are probably tired of the items, or they don’t have any more space for these fashion luxury items that they have to dispose of them – The Real Real acts as a platform for these two parties to interact. And then, they gain their revenue by collecting commissions from the consignment that they had with the buyer.

This way, if you support second-hand items, you do not contribute to the weight of unused clothes that end up in land fills – two birds with one stone: your own luxury item and you helped the Earth!

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